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Xiaomi SU7 Reached 50,000 Firm Orders In 27 Minutes After The Launch

Xiaomi’s debut in the electric vehicle (EV) market got off with flying colours. The SU7 EV becoming available in three versions at an appealing starting price tag of around €28000. This was an event to highlight Xiaomi’s company foundation, and also the company introduced a limited edition Founders Edition of 5000 units. This particular edition of stringer bags will be shipped on April 3rd, and in reality, it is the same price as that of the standard and Max models.

Xiaomi SU7 Reached A Unique Record Of 50,000 Firm Orders In 27 Minutes After The Launch

Further to this, Xiaomi announced that its stocks are accepting 50,000 firm orders in only 27 minutes upon opening pre-orders for their SU7 car. This is a very positive upshot which shows a successful launch campaign, especially since the Chinese market response. Apart from just crowning the Chinese leader in the high-end EV market in its own country, it has reinforced the dreams of the SU7 making it to the international stage to upset the current model of the EV industry.

This great feedback is a reflection of a very successful launch which is all the more admirable in a very Chinese context. This absolutely event is running fire to the expectations of the world debut of the SU7 which has the strength to reshuffle the presently overloaded car market dominated by the EVs. Non-Founder’s Edition car deliveries are set to begin at the end of April. Quite a remarkable occurrence nowadays, when it comes to electric vehicles. Normally, the shift from kickoff to delivery will be a long period of many months, or years, respectively, for some brands.

On the other hand, Xiaomi is confidently going to be a game changer within this market by deploying a strategy that is synonymous with the smartphone market. The time of a product announcement delivered in the automobile industry is usually expressed in weeks, which Xiaomi plans to use to make innovation and accelerate its electric vehicles development process. This strategy might as well be a major benefit for the establishment.

Sabbir Hossain
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