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Suzuki Bike Price in Bangladesh

Suzuki Brands History

The road to Suzuki’s success began in 1909 when Michio Suzuki, a great entrepreneur, founded the Suzuki Loom Works in a small coastal hamlet Hamamatsu in Japan. At the outset it engaged in making looms for the country’s growing silk sector. Later it branched out into other things such as motorcycle production.

From the leadership of Osamu Suzuki (chairman) and Yasuhito Harayama (vice chairman), under the guidance of a current President, Toshihiro Suzuki, Suzuki transformed into a global automotive player, based on its strong spirit of innovation and the commitment to excellence.

Suzuki’s world headquarters is located at Takatsuka, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan, which is one of the cities where Suzuki traces its history and traditions. From this strategic base, Suzuki broadens its worldwide span, serving the customers not only on different continents but also a wide variety of vehicles ranging from motorcycles and beyond.

Suzuki’s motorcycles gained popularity worldwide, including in a large number of countries; their bikes resound almost everywhere. From the hustle and bustle of Asia and Europe to the endless ride of the Americas and beyond, Suzuki bikes are a reliable partner for the motorcyclists seeking adventure, efficiency and above all, reliability on the road.

Suzuki Motorcycles in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the Suzuki motorcycles are distributed and marketed through a legally registered company and the most trusted partner of them – the Rankon Motorbikes Ltd, which has undoubtedly opened the market for the distribution of the Suzuki’s products. Rankon Motorbikes Ltd has created solid commitment of customer satisfaction apart from a widespread network of dealerships and service centres across the country with a view to ensuring that Suzuki bikes are available readily as well as well supported for the bike riders in Bangladesh.

Most Popular Suzuki Bikes in Bangladesh

Japanese marque Suzuki’s motorcycle fleet in Bangladesh ubiquitously shows the company’s versatility to suit various consumer demands. Starting with the sporty and agile first to the comfortable and efficient second, Suzuki brings a vast choice to the user. Here Are Some Popular Bikes:

Suzuki Bike Price in Bangladesh

Suzuki GSX-R150 ABS

The Suzuki GSX-R150 ABS with ABS is the one which represents all about sporting legacy from Suzuki. This motorcycle with a powerful 147.3cc liquid-cooled engine is able to provide an adrenaline rush while also incorporating swift handling for a ready to go road experience. The word ‘GSX-R150 ABS’ which is stylishly aggressive in its touch, and some interesting features like Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) have appealed to the bikers who admire speed and thrill.

New Suzuki Gixxer SF

The latest Suzuki Gixxer SF claims to be one of its kind in the country as it has combined sleek design with an agile riding experience. This engine is energy efficient( which means it delivers the right mix of performance and convenience). As a result, it attracts both urban commuters and those weekend fighters.

Suzuki Bike Price in Bangladesh

Suzuki Gixxer Monotone

For the ones who love an aesthetic dopamine rush from the minimalism with the boldness, the Suzuki Gixxer Monotone is a no brainer. This bike has a gray unicolour scheme that brings out a sense of simple stylishness. It is equally agile and quick in the city traffic and on open roads because of its good handling and fast engine response. Loving to be on this motorcycle is possible for both of these activities.

Suzuki Access 125

The Suzuki Access 125 is a scooter, which is economical and practical. Nevertheless, this scooter is such a popular one – it has many enthusiasts in Bangladesh. Efficiency and convenience are the fundamentals of this scooter, which features a fuel-economy 125cc engine, roomy storage compartment, and bazily riding position. Its contemporary design, combined with a modest tag, draws a crowd of tactful riders who want a quick and fault-free ride within the city.

The roaring victory of Suzuki in Bangladesh illustrates the true resolution of the manufacturer to satisfy consumer needs and produce the best quality motorcycles. Whether it is the speed and performance of their sport bikes or the economy of the commuters, there is something for every budget and every life stage. The brand still maintains its strong position in the motorcycle market of Bangladesh by a remarkable heritage, advanced technology application and a thorough understanding of the local need and demand. Suzuki kind of becomes the best mix of variety, performance, reliability and best value of money for the riders.

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