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Royal Enfield Bike Price in Bangladesh: 2024 (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Royal Enfield History:

The Royal Enfield is a brand which is entrenched in the classic motorcycles brand and its history can be traced back to as far back as 1898. The first production cycle of Norton was bicycles, which also belonged to Enfield Cycle Company, located in Redditch, England.

Early Days (1898-1914): In 1898 Enfield Cycle Company, its first motorized vehicle, named it a quadricycle as its frame design was similar to a bicycle. In 1901 The very first Royal Enfield motorcycle left the company’s gates with a Swiss-built engine. To everybody’s surprise in 1909, the pioneer Royal Enfield company presented a small travel bike which had the 2 ¼-HP engine installed. In 1912, The JAP 6 HP 770 cc V-twin with the option of side-car design, Royal Enfield became the most recognised brand for its bikes. In 195 – Royal Enfield introduced the 3 HP motorcycles with their own engines, in the same year standardized paint schemes were started for Royal Enfield.

World Wars and Evolution (1914-1955):

WWI & WWII: Military service is another factor that greatly affects Royal Enfield reputation, their image has become even more trustworthy and dependable. After five years, in 1932 Thomas came up with a marvelous bike “Bullet”, which had a sloper engine, twin-ported cylinder heads, and foot-operated gear change. The next year by 1907, this was the benchmark design of the company, which survived its longest.

Post-WWII: the widespread appeal of Royal Enfield motorcycles across the globe, mainly civilian population who are

A New Era for Bangladeshi Riders (2023-Present):

Bangladesh Royal Enfield market entry is a fresh and exciting industry growth dynamics that needs to be watched closely.

Limited History: Royal Enfield motorcycles were not allowed to be imported in Bangladesh unofficially before the government approved the entrance of such vehicles due to the engine capacity limit.

Shifting Gears: In the later half of 2023, the Bangladeshi government had removed the cap of the engine size of the Motorcycles, and thus brought in the 350 cc (cubic centimeters) of Royal Enfield.

Upcoming Launch: IFAD Motors holds position as the official dealer and manufacturer for Royal Enfield motorcycles in Bangladesh plans to go live with their makeup in July 2024. The arrival of Royal Enfield in Bangladesh denotes a new era for all motorbike lovers not only in the country. As the legendary models like the Bullet and Classic are returning to be ridden, enthusiasts can truly appreciate the majestic mix of power, heritage, and timeless designs that Royal Enfield gives.

Royal Enfield Popular Model:

Bullet 350: 

This recognizable bike has been equipped with a 350cc engine which is capable of producing the force up to 19.80 bhp and 28 Newton meters of torque. With 5-speed transmission and 13.5 L fuel tank it is suitable for cruising. Weight only 191 kg provides excellent maneuverability (kerb weight).

Bullet 350 bike price in Bangladesh

Bullet 500:

The Bullet is famous for its 500cc engine producing 27.2 bhp/ 41.3 Nm of torque. It had 5-speed gearbox and 13.5L capacity fuel tank which shared with the famous Bullet 350 motorcycle, resulting in more than 196 kg in the weight (kerb weight).

Bullet 500 bike price in Bangladesh

Continental GT 650:

With the 650cc twin-cylinder power plant producing 47 hp and 52 Nm of torque, this cafe racer comes to observe. The 6-speed gearbox guarantees smooth transition from gear to gear and also boasts a 12.5L fuel tank for those long rides.

Continental GT 650 bike price in Bangladesh

This bike has disc brakes on the front & rear, along with a total weight of 198 kg(kerb weight).This makes for good confidence on the twisty roads.

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