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Yamaha brand Overview:

Everyone thinks about Yamaha motorcycles, the company actually was created far before that, and in 1887 it appeared on the market as a producer of organs and pianos. Although they made a living by being farmers, they turned to their metalworking skills by building their first motorcycle, the YA-1, in the latter stage of the World War. Through awards and victories, Yamaha bikes earned fame as fast and winning bikes, so today they are a big hit among those looking for a high-speed motorcycle.

Yamaha Rich History:

Yamaha tale is one of breaking boundaries, constantly evolving and a tenacious quest for quality. Born in 1887 as a simple harmonica maker, in time the company has become a worldwide industrial giant encompassing music, motorcycles and so much more. undefined

1887: Torakusu Yamaha, an avid fan of Western technology, starts his small shop of Nippon Gakki Company, Limited in Hamamatsu of Japan. They have started off restoring the medical apparatus as well as reed organs.

1890s: In this instance, the narrative reaches a turning point as Torakusu’s ability to fix a defective reed organ in a local school sets him apart. He is amazed by the possibility and makes his own organ design and further into the manufacturing.

1900: A milestone year! Yamaha produces its first and upright piano, the beginning of its long-lasted career with world’s pianos and success.

1902: They also deepened their status by designing the upright, his first grand piano, which demonstrates his growing prowess and intent.

1908: The birth of logo design is traced back to Yamaha motorcycle factory, featuring three interlocking tuning forks which are famous nowadays. This logo is a reflection of harmony, tune, and the commitment of the organization in the field of music

1950s: On the tails of the war, the company incorporates further its newly learned strategies related to engines thereby pursuing a more auspicious enterprise. In 1954 they had released the first audio product, the high fidelity player, that was an indicator of the overall willingness of the brand to embrace the modern trends.

1955: A historic year! The Yamaha Motor Company was officially established in order to start leading its production and distribution. What came out of Vampa’s factory in the form of their first motorcycle with features heavily borrowed from German designs appeared in 1958 and was called the YA-1.

Global Recognition and Soaring Success (1960s onwards): Better quality and new products of Yamaha start winning people’s hearts. They are being internationalized depending on music instruments they produce, particularly pianos, guitars, and audio equipment. In a word, the core value of their brand is quality and their emphasis on design and craftsmanship raise it to premium grade.

Motorcycles Take Center Stage: Next you can see Yamaha motorcycles in the international market with a wide range of approval. Due to their parochial insistence on efficiency, reliability, and technical innovations, such superbikes obtain high achievements at famous competitions like Daytona 200 and the Isle of Man TT race. Those bikes like the XS650 and RD series establish new meanings of power and speed and become the symbols of power and speed instead of the previous empires.

Yamaha Motorcycles in Bangladesh

The partners, the ACI Motors, in 2016, became the only company that was importing Yamaha bikes in the country, where their official journey began. ACI Motors is getting active and going all out to establish Yamaha dealerships in Bangladesh. Yamaha has over 116 shops active where you can get a bike nowadays. Customer satisfaction is one of the main priorities for both ACI Motors and Yamaha Bangladesh. Alternatively, the club members are in charge of teaching individuals how to ride safely and provide training courses for those willing to join. Yamaha and ACI Motors’ had their 7th year celebration of opening their business in Bangladesh (November 2023). This durable collaboration reflects Yamaha’s commitment and we’ll keep spotting the Yamaha bikes very soon.

Yamaha some Popular model 

Due to the popularity of different motorcycle types and budgets, Yamaha offers several strong contenders in Bangladesh. Here are some popular model:

Yamaha R15M BS7

The Yamaha R15M has a street presence with its snazzy finish and comes with the latest technology that packs a punch in a compact body. Its 155cc engine with throttle liquid cooling system produces an exciting performance (18.1 bhp / 14.2 Nm), which is excellent for the hearts beating for speed.

Yamaha R15M BS7 bike price in Bangladesh

The dual-channel ABS on its roadway results in brake performance that is effective and capable of guaranteeing confident stopping. This bike is engineered not only for the sake of comfort, but also for security and style, therefore, it will be fun to ride it.

Yamaha R15 V4 BS7:

The Yamaha R15 V4 BS6 is a pocket bike that can cater and appeal to people who are into high-performance-oriented two wheelers on a budget. Thanks to the 155cc liquid-cooled engine, it delivers 18.1 bhp of power at 8000 rpm and 14.2 ft. lb of torque at 6500 rpm, which ensures smooth acceleration and brings a sporty ride. On one hand, some variants are equipped with single-channel ABS that not only gives a rider superior braking power but even keeps the price at a competitive level while on the other hand, being stripped off with the ABS helps the cycle owners save on the price tag. Furthermore, the fact that you can select the type of doors that best match your level of comfort and personal economy becomes possible.

Yamaha R15M:

the Yamaha R15M. With a powerful 155cc, liquid cooled engine (likely water-jet cooled) this machine is capable of delivering 18.1 bhp at 10,000rpm, for a terrific thrilling experience. Its new triangular shape and the of-the-art two-channel ABS allow both autonomous driving and risk-free trips.

Yamaha R15M bike price in Bangladesh

Fun, power, and style are the main winning factors of this Yamaha R15M model. This bike will become the ultimate excitement for auto lovers.

Yamaha MT-15

with an obvious reference to the Monkey Tail Yamaha MT-15 is a streetfighter designed for breath-taking trips. The 155cc, liquid-cooled engine produces high torque, exceeding the 18 horsepower mark. The machine’s performance is awesome. Featuring an intimidating design and agile handling, the MT-15 puts you firmly in the driver’s seat.

Yamaha MT-15 bike price in Bangladesh

The more sophisticated models include ABS which gives you that extra bit of confidence when stopping too. This lighthearted motorcycle and the associated dynamic riding posture is conveniently suitable for the job of weaving through the traffic and the taking of the corners.

Yamaha FZs Fi Deluxe:

The Yamaha FZs Fi Deluxe is a reliable and a thrifty fuel economy motorcycle. Its air-cooled, 149 cc engine is very strong on city traffic, offering reliable performance to any driver, while at the same time providing enough power to make cruising enjoyable. The lightweight built as well as disc brakes on both wheels help with the bike responsiveness and provide great stopping power.

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