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Hero Bike Price in Bangladesh

Hero Brands History

The name of ‘Hero MotoCorp’ which is famous for reliability and fuel efficiency is now a household name in Bangladesh because of the two-wheeler market where it has acquired a niche. Started in 1984 by Brijmohan Lall Munjal; this is a visionary, and proudly led by the dynamic leadership of Executive Chairman Pawan Munjal. This has expanded into a global player with over 40 countries having its presence.

Hero MotorCorp story starts in 1984 with a licence agreement from the great motorcycle brand Honda. This partnership kicked off Hero’s rise as one of the leaders in producing two-wheelers that are fuel-efficient and dependable. As the years passed, Hero MotoCorp has experienced tremendously high growth, becoming the world largest-volume producer of motorcycles in 2001, a position which they have held to date. The brand’s consistency in innovation and technological improvements has created a diverse motorcycle and scooter range, serving many types of riders all over the country.

The Bangladesh operations of Hero MotoCorp are looked after by HMCL Niloy Motors Ltd. This plays an important role in delivering a smooth and hassle-free experience for riders from all corners of the country.

Through this in-depth guide we will take you on a journey into the world of Hero Bikes in Bangladesh covering the intricate patterns of its history, why just the name is enough to make one yearn for these, and the unique collection of motorcycles and scooters that they have in store.

Why Choose Hero Bikes in Bangladesh?

Unmatched Reliability: The strength of characters lie in the fact that they are best known for their solid construction and trustworthy engines. They are developed to tolerate the hiccups of the traffic in Bangladesh. giving our customers a guts-free and complication-free experience.

Fuel Efficiency: Hero is the agitator of the fuel-efficiency issue. Their engines are very innovative and make the cars fuel efficient, apt for both short and lengthy travels due to their pricing. In a nation where fuel costs are a core issue, Bike Hero is the solution.

Wide Range of Options: Hero offers motorcycles and scooters that match customer’s varying tastes, under one umbrella. From the renowned Splendor that is for its economy to the muscle and super sports motorcycles like the Karizma XMR that are for enthusiasts of performance, there is a Hero bike for every rider’s pocket and style.

Extensive Service Network: Niloy Motors Ltd. has designed a service network of HMCL which extends all over Bangladesh. Which assures the availability of true spares, regular servicing, and trained experts for repairs saves riders’ worries.

Exceptional Value for Money: Saving additionally Hero Bikes is a true delight. They are fused together relatively cheaply, but still provide a very high level of quality so they become a smart investment either for personal or even for commercial use.

Most Popular Hero Bikes in Bangladesh

Hero Bike Price in Bangladesh

Hero Karizma XMR 210: As Karizma XMR is the ultimate fusion of power and efficiency, it personifies power and performance. Her 210cc engine gives a very fun ride, while this model has lots of other advanced features providing the opportunity to ride comfortably and in a controlled manner.

Hero Thriller 160R 4V: The thrilling 160R 4V is a wonderful bike with an aggression to suit riders who are looking for a plentiful thrill. Again, the 160cc engine provides an amazing speed while the sporty features and spectacular design of the Chaos are making it a magnet for every moment of your ride.

Hero Bike Price in Bangladesh

Hero Hunk Glossy: The Hero Hunk sleek motorcycle is all rounded that will make your short commutes a very pleasant endeavour. This bike’s engine features 150cc, and it has better mileage performance than many other motorcycles which run on in the city.

Hero Passion Xpro Xtec: The way the Hero Passion Xtec is a preferred option by daily riders that want to combine attraction with functionality is very obvious. Its 100cc engine is renowned for having the best fuel consumption, while its sharp and smart design and modern features adds the elegance of a rich person.

Hero Bike Price in Bangladesh

Hero Pleasure: The Hero Pleasure is our sleek and practical scooter meant to allow riders to move around a crowded city environment with minimal inconveniences. The fact that it is designed to be lightweight and the automatic transmission is a prominent reason for making most women and the rookie riders prefer such motorcycles in their everyday riding.

Hero Splendor iSmart Plus: Splendor, the pivotal one is a myth of the country of Bangladesh. The Splendor iSmart Plus as a world-class model, that excels in its bullet-proof reliability and fuel economy, is built to stay on the road.

Hero HF Deluxe: The fourth line is for HF Deluxe and the daily users. It is comfortable on the road, offers low fuel consumption, and has an excellent reputation for serviceability, making it considerably competitive in the segment.

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