Loan For Hyundai Car Purchase Within Three Days

A groundbreaking opportunity has emerged for car enthusiasts in Bangladesh as leading banks and financial institutions have come together with Fair Technology to offer hassle-free and quick loans for purchasing Hyundai cars. If you want to see Hyundai car details you can check our Hyundai Car Price in Bangladesh article.

Loan for Hyundai Car Purchase Within Three Days

In an unprecedented move, customers can now secure a loan of up to Tk40 lakh or 50% of the car’s purchase price, with an assurance of approval within just three days from the submission of their application and required documentation.

The announcement was made during a momentous event held on June 12 at the Hyundai Experience Center, located on Tejgaon Link Road in the capital city. This landmark auto finance agreement, signed between Fair Technology and six esteemed commercial banks, highlights their commitment to prioritizing loan applications from individuals seeking to buy Hyundai cars.

This dedicated focus ensures that customers receive their loan approvals promptly, reinforcing the banks’ determination to facilitate a seamless car-buying experience. To avail of this incredible opportunity, prospective buyers can rely on the support and guidance of their designated Hyundai relationship managers within specific banks.

These professionals possess a comprehensive understanding of the loan process and will assist customers in navigating the necessary procedures, further expediting the loan approval timeline. Several prominent figures from the financial and automotive industries attended the event, including Zahidul Kabir, the Head of Treasury at Fair Group. During the event, valuable insights and perspectives were shared by notable individuals from the banking industry.

These individuals included Mohammad Monirul Islam, who serves as the Head of Retail Deposit and Lending at Brac Bank; Mohammad Salekeen Ibrahim, the Head of Assets at Eastern Bank; Sabbir Ahmed, the Head of Retail Products at United Commercial Bank; MD Jalal Mia, the Head of Auto Loan at Dhaka Bank; Tahsin Shahid, the Head of Retail New Business in the Retail Banking Division at Mutual Trust Bank; and Tamim Marzan Huda, the Deputy Managing Director of Strategic Finance and Investment and Director and Business Head of Fair Technology Limited, Arindam Chakraborty.

These esteemed professionals brought forth their unique perspectives, sharing their expertise and knowledge with the audience. Their contributions during the event provided valuable insights into various aspects of the banking industry. By bringing together a diverse range of experiences and expertise, the event fostered a rich exchange of ideas and facilitated a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the banking sector.

During his speech, Zahidul Kabir emphasized that approximately 80% of global car sales are facilitated through auto finance. In line with this industry trend, Fair Group has successfully ensured the availability of this facility for Hyundai car customers in Bangladesh. For all brand car check the Car Price in Bangladesh article.

Consequently, the collaboration between the six commercial banks and financial institutions will enable the provision of low-interest loans to Hyundai customers, significantly reducing the burden of upfront payment. This remarkable initiative empowers customers to acquire their preferred Hyundai vehicles swiftly and efficiently.

The event also witnessed the presence of key personnel from Fair Group, including the Head of Communication, Hasnain Khurshed, the Head of Marketing, JM Taslim Kabir, and other senior officials from Fair Technology. Their involvement further solidifies the commitment to facilitating this exceptional opportunity for car enthusiasts in Bangladesh.

Moreover, it was revealed during the event that the EBL fleet finance scheme intends to offer loans of up to Tk5 crore to corporate entities interested in acquiring ten or fewer Hyundai vehicles. Similarly, SFIL will offer loans of any amount to individuals seeking to buy a Hyundai car, showcasing the flexibility and diversity of the financing options available.

This revolutionary collaboration between Fair Technology and prominent commercial banks and financial institutions is set to reshape the car-buying landscape in Bangladesh. With streamlined loan processes, competitive interest rates, and an expedited approval timeframe, customers can now actualize their dream of owning a Hyundai car promptly and effortlessly.

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