Energypac Aims For Leadership In Mobility Revolution With JAC Collaboration

Energypac is committed to spearheading the mobility revolution in Bangladesh by introducing advanced automotive technologies and embracing the research and development practices of Jianghuai Automobile Co Ltd (JAC), a prominent Chinese company.

Energypac Aims For Leadership In Mobility Revolution With JAC Collaboration

A delegation from Energypac recently embarked on a visit to JAC Motors’ Xingang factory, leaving them profoundly impressed by the remarkable sophistication and innovation exhibited by the Chinese manufacturer.

The visit served as an eye-opener, revealing the extent to which JAC has incorporated cutting-edge technology and embraced innovation in line with the dynamic global automotive industry. If you want to see JAC car details you can check our JAC Car Price in Bangladesh article.

Energypac is thrilled about the prospects of bringing these advancements to Bangladesh, firmly believing that their partnership with JAC will revolutionize the promising automobile industry in their country.

Since 2006, Energypac has served as the sole distributor of JAC motors in Bangladesh. In 2014, they took a significant step forward by initiating the assembly of light commercial and double cabin pickups at their cutting-edge Energypac industrial park located in Gazipur.

With a focus on building upon their fruitful collaboration, Energypac strives to introduce JAC Motor’s state-of-the-art technologies and groundbreaking products to the thriving Bangladeshi automotive sector.

Situated along the banks of the Paihe River, JAC Motors’ Xingang factory stands as a global exemplar of intelligent and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Spanning an expansive total area of 123,000 square meters, the factory embraces the utilization of state-of-the-art techniques, prioritizing energy conservation and environmental preservation measures.

The plant boasts two fully-automated press lines, along with 38 other production lines responsible for diverse tasks. Moreover, within its premises, the facility accommodates a remarkable assembly of 12 cutting-edge stamping robots alongside a highly advanced fire detection and alarm system.

With an unwavering commitment to manufacturing excellence, the factory is furnished with an automated system for cleaning, oiling, and transportation to guarantee impeccable production standards.

The technologies embraced within the facility are meticulously tailored to amplify efficiency, quality, and safety. Facilitating uninterrupted real-time data collection and analysis, a comprehensive wireless communication system seamlessly covers the entirety of the plant.

This advanced network empowers the efficient flow of information, allowing for timely insights and analysis of critical data throughout the facility. For all brand car check the Car Price in Bangladesh article.

This facilitates prompt identification and resolution of any potential concerns or challenges that may arise, further bolstering the overall operational effectiveness.

In summary, Energypac’s collaboration with JAC Motors and their recent visit to the impressive Xingang factory has provided them with a unique opportunity to embrace the forefront of automotive innovation.

By leveraging JAC’s advanced technologies and manufacturing practices, Energypac aims to revolutionize the Bangladeshi automotive industry and contribute to the country’s promising future in the mobility sector.

Sabbir Hossain
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