Honda Bike Price In Bangladesh 2023

Below you’ll find the official Honda bike price in Bangladesh (BD list 2023) from the only brand Bangladesh Honda Pvt Ltd showroom locations. Honda is well-known for making commuting motorbikes in Asia.

Bangladesh Honda Pvt Ltd has been selling Honda bikes in Bangladesh since 2013. Honda Livo bike, which is known for its comfort, balance, & fuel economy, is one of Bangladesh’s most loved bikes. The Honda CBR150R is a popular sport bike in Bangladesh.

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Honda Brand Profile

HONDA, a motorcycle brand that is very popular in Bangladesh and the rest of the world, is HONDA. Honda Motor Company Limited, also known as Honda Motor Company Limited in Japan, is a multinational Japanese company that operates around the world under the massive brand Honda. Honda is known for making power equipment and motorcycles. Honda is also a well-known corporation that has an unrestrained presence in many other sectors, such as robotics, marine, aviation, or robotics.

Soichirohonda Founder of the Dream

Honda Motor Company Limited was created in Japan October 1946 by Soichiro Honda (2nd November 1906 – 5th September 1991). The company was formed on 24 September 1948. Honda is now the largest manufacturer of motorcycles, starting with the 1959 manufacturing year. In 1955 they began producing motorcycles.

Soichiro had worked in Japan in the early years as a mechanic at the Art Shokai Garage in Tokai. He worked there to modify car engines so they could run faster in motor races. Soichiro secured financial support through Kato Shichiro (one of his most well-known persons) and established his own workshop Tokai Seiki to produce piston rings.

Soichiro worked alongside the Art Shokai garage to produce piston rings. After several failed attempts and many failures, he eventually managed to win a contract to supply Toyota’s piston rings. However, this contract was lost due to the poor quality of his piston rings. Soichiro then went back to study deeply and attended engineering school in order to expand his knowledge.

To discover the secrets to quality manufacturing and to observe the quality control process standardized at Toyota, he visited the factories. Soichiro was able, by 1941 to produce high-quality piston rings and ones that Toyota accepted. Tokai Seiki became his manufacturing company. He was able to use automated processes as well as some unskilled labor.

Honda Motor Company Limited

Soichiro’s Tokai Seiki Manufacturing Company was taken over by the Japanese Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Toyota then took a 40% ownership stake in Tokai Seiki. Soichiro was then promoted to the role of senior managing directors and made president.

Soichiro still maintained good relationships with the technical personnel at Toyota and Nakajima Aircraft Company. In addition to his assistance in automating the production system and making military aircraft propellers, he also helped other manufacturing companies.

Later, Soichiro Seiki of Tokai Seiki saw his Yamashita Yamashita facility destroyed by a US B-29 plane attack. In January 1945, another Itawa plant was razed by the Mikawa Earthquake. Soichiro Honda, his friend Takeo and Takeo Fujisawa sold all the plants left to Toyota. HONDA, an automobile maker, begins at this point.

Honda is currently the world’s largest motorcycle producer, having achieved this feat in 1959. Their annual production volume makes them the world’s largest producer of internal combustion motors. Honda was the world’s eighth-largest automobile maker in 2015 and 2011 as well as being the second largest Japanese auto manufacturer.

Honda Motorcycle is now operational worldwide. With a wide range of motorcycle and motorcycle engines, they can reach more people. Honda has a strong position in the global market due to its localized manufacturing process and distribution system. Honda was also able to expand their market presence in Bangladesh by opening an office in Bangladesh in December 2012 with the title Bangladesh Honda Private Limited, (BHL).

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL)

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited or BHL is a joint venture between Honda Motorcycle (Japan) and the Bangladesh Government. This joint venture agreement is between Honda Motor Company Limited of Japan and Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation (“State Own Corporation”) under The Ministry of Industry in Bangladesh.

The companies entered into a joint venture. On September 27, 2012, the company signed the agreement. Bangladesh Honda Private Limited was created on December 4, 2012. BHL began its commercial production on November 1. 2013. BHL initially started its business operation in Tangail and Jamalpur with the support from two dedicated dealer homes and service centers.

BHL began selling Honda motorcycles & scooters in Bangladesh in December 2013 to support these two dealer houses. Honda first displayed five models of motorcycles and one scooter in Bangladesh. BHL offers nationwide coverage and has over 125 dedicated service support points.

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited – Manufacturing & Assembling Center

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited thus started its business operation in January 2005. BHL sourced products from India and Vietnam as its closest countries. They developed a product range that offered various models of scooters or motorcycles in CBU conditions and CKD.

BHL had initially limited assembly facilities. However, later they opened up the possibility to transport motorcycles in CKD mode instead of the CBU. BHL gained the initial stage as a local manufacturer of motorcycles and was entitled to import tax rebates under Bangladesh Government regulations.

Bangladesh Honda could therefore maintain lower prices for scooters or motorcycles starting at the beginning. BHL is currently Bangladesh’s only manufacturer. They have a factory in Bangladesh with full facilitation.

The majority of Honda scooters and motorcycles on display in Bangladesh are produced and assembled in Bangladesh. Only a few of the newer models and some premium motorcycle models can be imported in CKD & BU condition. This country is also in process to manufacture or assemble these models.

BHL Product, Sales, Service, Dealers, & Distribution

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (“BHL”) is the official distributor of Honda scooters & motorcycles in Bangladesh. BHL is solely responsible for all sales and after-sales services, spare support, and the countrywide Honda scooter & motorcycle sales. So, all of the Honda motorcycle events in Bangladesh, including promotion and sales offers, are handled by BHL.

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL) currently displays a greater product range on the Bangladeshi marketplace. They are now offering dedicated motorcycle models within different categories. They showcase Sport, Naked Sport models, Commuter, Scooters and Commuter models in their product lines. Their product range is continually updated.

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited now operates a nationwide network of distributors with over 125 points of service and sales support. A positive flow is also evident in the increase in dealer numbers.

BHL dealer houses all over the country are fully equipped to handle Honda’s 3S services. Honda customers are able to enjoy hassle-free support in all aspects of their purchase, maintenance, and spare part needs.

Contact: Bangladesh Honda Private Ltd.

Crystal Palace (12th Floor), Road # 140, Gulshan-1
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
Phone: +882 985 8361
Helpline: 08000 430430
(9 AM – 4:00 PM)

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. Who is the founder of Honda Motor Company?

Ans- Honda Motor Company Limited is founded by the self-learned Japanese engineer and industrialist Soichiro Honda (November 17, 1906 – August 5, 1991).  

2. When Honda has established?

Ans- Honda Motor Company Limited formed in October 1946 in Japan and incorporated on 24th September 1948.

3.What is the slogan of Honda?

Ans- “The Power of Dreams” is the core slogan of HONDA. 

4. Where is the Honda manufacturing plant in Bangladesh?

Ans- Honda manufacturing plant in Bangladesh located in Abdul Monem Economic Zone, Char Baushia, Gazaria, Munshiganj, Bangladesh.

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