Toyota Corolla Returns To The Market With New Design

Corolla is a model that has become most popular from the car-making company Toyota of Japan. It attracted a lot of hype and was highly anticipated since it was released in 1966 for the first time. In these long decades, there have been more versions of the Corolla. But right now it is under discontinuation of production. The positive news is that coming back with a new design Toyota Corolla is waiting for you.


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The Corolla hybrid SUV crossover is coming soon to the car market. Several years prior, the Corolla was sold under the category of Toyota Altis in the car market. Nonetheless, this particular car somewhat abruptly ceased. On the other end, there is a chance that this car can return to the market again. Alongside Altis, Monica and the new Corolla model could sit in a row with the Innova Hycross. Like hybrid SUVs or crossovers, the two models have almost everything in common.

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Both models are given the role of hybrid SUVs or crossovers, and they provide many common features. Corolla is like a crossover in the sense that it has a tough appearance but you will sense it like driving a sedan when in this car. While the Corolla Cross car has an improved exterior it looks glamorous on the outside; however, its look is much more aggressive inside.

Toyota Corolla returns To The Market With New Design (2)

The interior is designed in a somewhat ordinary way. But the new model gets a new-look touchscreen and a digital instrument cluster this time. Other features are the ADAS system, panoramic sunroof, etc. While terming the new model as roomy, the noteworthy aspects are a decent rear seat and ample luggage space.

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This is a hybrid car which comes with a 1.8 litre unit engine and also an ECVT powertrain. Moreover, a 1.8 litre petrol one including CVT auto transmission, will also be introduced. The Corolla has what it takes to be a leading choice among hybrid SUV buyers. Pricing serves as a crucial factor in determining the brand’s competitive status against other models and its potential success in the market.

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