The Next-Gen Ford Everest Released In The Bangladeshi Market By Ford With M & U Motors

On Wednesday, 18 January 2023 – The sole authorized dealer of Ford Motors in Bangladesh, M&U Motors Limited, inaugurated their brand-new Ford showroom. Ford has unveiled the new flagship 7-seater Everest with increased power, efficiency, and advanced technology. To know the latest price click on Ford Everest Price in Bangladesh.

The Next-Gen Ford Everest Released In The Bangladeshi Market By Ford With M & U Motors

Ford has issued a press release announcing their next generation SUV, the Everest. This SUV’s next-generation Ford Everest expands Ford’s SUV offerings in Bangladesh.

Officials of M&U Motors Limited said they are very proud to be the only authorized Ford dealership in Bangladesh. If you want to see Ford car details you can check our Ford Car Price in Bangladesh article, or for all brand cars check the Car Price in BD page.

With a unique blend of ruggedness, capability, and exceptional on-road comfort, the next-generation Everest is designed to expand its reach into the market, with the Everest SUV demanding the most comfortable ride possible.

The car comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission, which delivers 210PS at 3,500 RPM, 500 NM from 1,750-2,000 RPM, and the ability to use biodiesel.

Ford Everest is a reliable SUV with good fuel economy. It can handle difficult terrain well.

The bi-turbo option for the Everest Tow Truck increases its towing capacity to 3,100 kilograms. Combined with a class-leading 800mm water wading capacity and terrain management system, it has an aggressive approach and departure angle that enhances its towing capacity.

The Everest remains a capable SUV thanks to its advanced technology, including features such as driver assistance. This technology makes driving the SUV easier and safer, keeping you safe on the road.

Most cars now come with front and rear parking sensors. When you park, sensors calculate what’s behind your car and steer it accordingly to help it stay in place. APA is an additional feature that helps you parallel park in semi-automatic mode.

The Ford Everest is packed with driver assistance features, such as lane keeping assist and blind spot warning. Off-road capabilities are also enhanced with new features such as a torque vectoring system.

A collision warning system is a type of safety technology that helps drivers avoid accidents. Different types of collision warning systems with different features can improve safety differently. For example, some systems include adaptive cruise control and driver alert systems to help drivers stay safe while driving.

In contrast, others, such as electronic stability control and blind spot information systems with cross-traffic alerts, can prevent accidents or minimize their consequences.

The interior of Everest is designed with comfort and quality in mind. Soft-touch surfaces make interaction easy, while the theme provides a deep level of detail and vibrancy to various cabin parts.

The third-row seats of this SUV can be folded to create extra space when needed. The SUV has plenty of space for parking and carrying cargo.

The Ford Everest has a variety of airbags to protect passengers in the event of an accident. Both front seat driver and passenger airbags are included side airbags on each side of the vehicle and an airbag for the driver’s knee.

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