Tata Motors Launched ‘Tata Guru’ Service In Bangladesh

Tata Motors and its distributor Nitol Motors, have launched a new after-sales service called “Tata Guru” in the Bangladesh market. If you want to see Tata car details you can check our Tata Car Price in Bangladesh article or for all brand cars check the Car Price in BD page.

Tata Motors Launched 'Tata Guru' Service In Bangladesh

Tata Guru is a program that rewards mechanics for servicing Tata commercial vehicles and fitting genuine Tata parts. Mechanics registered in the program become “Guru” and receive certificates, ID cards, and other benefits.

Tata Motors and Nitol Motors are teaming up to create a loyalty program to help the companies grow. The program’s goals include increasing profits, staying current with technology, supporting families, and recognizing Tata Gurus for their contributions. Mechanics can earn loyalty points by fitting Tata’s genuine parts and then using those points to buy gifts for their family members. Families will be taken along on the company’s path to prosperity.

Tata Guru is a program that encourages mechanics to use genuine Tata parts to improve vehicle performance. In turn, this will lead to increased service intervals and overall vehicle reliability. Additionally, Tata car owners will indirectly benefit from this program as their vehicles will require less maintenance.

According to Mr. Abdul Matlub Ahmad, Chairman of Nitol Niloy Group, Tata is currently the leading automobile supplier company. Tata has maintained this position by providing high-quality products and services that have continuously impressed its customers. The most important aspect of their success is their strong after-sales service network – they want to take it to a whole new level with the introduction of Tata Guru.

At Tata Guru, Mr. Rakesh Mittal (Head of Customer Care for International Business of Tata Motors), Mr. Abdul Marib Ahmed (Vice Chairman of the Board of Nitol Niloy Group), Mr. Venkatesh Albal (Regional Manager of Customer Care of Tata Motors), and Mr. SAH Ismail of Nitel Motors, Executive Director was attended.

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