Tata LPK 1618 Is Running On Attractive Offers

Tata Tipper is running attractive offers! Up to Tk. 1,50,000 cashback on the purchase of a more economical and high load capacity LPK 1618. To revolutionize the world of heavy-duty transport, Tata Motors is making waves in the industry with its latest offering in this tipper. If you want to see Tata truck details, you can check our Tata Truck Price in BD article, or for all brand trucks, check the Truck Price in Bangladesh article.

Tata LPK 1618 Is Running On Attractive Offers

Prospective buyers can now enjoy significant benefits up to TK. 1,50,000 cashback to purchase this economical and high-load capacity workhorse, strengthening its position as the top choice in the tipper market. LPK 1618 boasts many powerful features that make it an undisputed leader in the segment.

Heavy duty with robust features, this tipper has-

1) Power-Packed Performance: Under the hood, this tipper is equipped with a Tata Cummins engine, renowned for its reliability and performance. With 183 horsepower and an impressive 680 Nm of torque, it ensures power delivery when it’s needed most.

2) Efficient Gearbox: The Tata G 750 heavy-duty gearbox guarantees high efficiency and smooth gear shifts, enhancing the overall driving experience and optimizing fuel consumption.

3) Clutch Efficiency: Featuring a substantial 380 mm diameter clutch, the LPK 1618 ensures efficient torque transmission, which further contributes to its exceptional performance on the road.

4) Superior Suspension: The semi-elliptical suspension system combined with front and rear shock absorbers provides unmatched load-carrying capacity while ensuring a comfortable and stable ride for the driver and crew.

5) Heavy-Duty Axle: The strong 109 RX heavy-duty axle can handle even the most demanding payloads, providing reliability and durability under heavy workloads.

6) Safety and Comfort: The LPK 1618 is equipped with a robust and secure cabin, prioritizing the driver’s safety and well-being, making it an ideal choice for long-distance transport.

Tata Motors is constantly at the forefront of innovation in the commercial vehicle industry and the LPK 1618 is a testament to its commitment to deliver high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of businesses.

So, for those looking for the ultimate combination of power, performance, and economy in the tipper market, the Tata LPK 1618 is undoubtedly the top choice. Don’t miss out on this great cashback opportunity, so visit your nearest Tata Motors dealership today to avail this attractive offer.

Sabbir Hossain
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