Rangs Motors Introduces Eicher Skyline 20.15 Bus in Bangladesh

Rangs Motors, one of the leading companies in the automobile sector of the country, has recently launched the new Eicher Skyline bus with advanced features. It has a capacity of about 50 passengers. It has the most powerful inline engine available today. It is expected to help in safe and comfortable travel on intercity bus routes in the country.

Rangs Motors Introduces Eicher Skyline 20.15 Bus in Bangladesh

The grand launching ceremony took place in Dhaka, marking a momentous occasion for the transportation industry in Bangladesh. Sohana Rauf Chowdhury, Managing Director of Rangs Motors, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ahmed Shahriar Anwar and SS Gill, Executive Vice President of Eicher Brand Company VE Commercial Vehicles were present at the time.

It was informed at the event that this bus of India’s Eicher brand has in-line fuel injection systems and a powerful 180 horsepower engine, which will help bus owners ensure more trips. If you want to see Eicher Bus details you can check our Eicher Bus Price in Bangladesh article or for all brand car check the Bus Price in BD article.

It features wavelet suspension and air suspension, which will make the passengers comfortable on long journeys. Furthermore, the inclusion of features such as tilt and telescopic steering, a fast booster-rich class system, and an intuitive combination meter aims to alleviate driver fatigue and enhance overall comfort during driving. The bus has also been road tested before the official launch.

In response to a question from journalists, the managing director of Rangs Motors, Sohana Rauf Chowdhury, said that in the initial stage, the vehicle manufactured by the Indian brand Eicher, i.e. the chassis, will be brought. The body will be made in Bangladesh.

In the future, parts will be brought and added to the country. In addition to increasing employment, it will also contribute significantly to the economy. Ahmed Shahriar Anwar said this is the latest masterpiece Eicher Skyline 20.15 model bus, so if you travel in this bus, you can enjoy both fast speed and comfort on the road.

The new generation of Eicher trucks and buses is focused on enhancing transport efficiency in emerging markets by introducing modernization, ultimately leading to a reduction in logistics expenses, while simultaneously fostering economic growth and productivity. The introduction of these advanced models positions Eicher Trucks and Buses as key players in the commercial vehicle segment within the country.

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