Now Getting To 1,50,000 Tk Cashback On Tata LPT 709 Truck

One of the most reliable names in transporting the product is the Tata LPT 709 truck. Now is getting a cashback of Tk 1,50,000 on this truck. To discovеr thе spеcifics of Tata cars, еxplorе thе Tata Car Pricе in Bangladesh article.

Now Getting To 1,50,000 Tk Cashback On Tata LPT 709 Truck

Due to simple maintenance, availability of spare parts, high loading capacities and high mileage, it has created a great deal of confidence and trust among the transport traders of the country. So this truck has become a symbol of success for traders.

Let’s take a look at the features of the Tata LPT 709 truck:

  • This truck provides a Four-cylinder turbo-charged inter-cooled Tata 497 TCIC engine with 90 horsepower / 325 Nm of torque
  • It has a Tata GBS 27, 5-Speed Gear Box. It is of Synchromesh type which is strong and reliable
  • Clutch dia- 280mm which is single plate dry friction type. Such clutches provide efficient torque transmission. It has high clutch durability
  • Semi-elliptical suspension with front and rear shock absorbers. This strong suspension provides greater load-carrying capacity and comfortable driving. It has an auxiliary spring at the back
  • This truck has full air S-CUM brakes which are more effective brakes than hydraulic brakes. There are also drum brakes
  • The maximum gradeability of this vehicle is 30%. As a result, high/sloping roads can be easily travelled with heavy loads
  • The TATA LPT 709 truck has a 14ft/16ft long chassis

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