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KIA Car Price in Bangladesh

Kia Brand History

Kia Motors has journeyed through a tremendous evolution and today Kia is a well-known auto brand. Back in 1944, Kia Motors started as a cycle part manufacturer initially. At the very beginning, there was a gap between Kyungsung Precision Industry and moto and truck production which led to postponement of its collapse to 1998. Buying out Kia by the company Hyundai Motor Group has opened the door for the brand’s revival. Kia, being a unit while with the parent company, and sharing the parent-subsidiary relationship, offers itself and the parent company the ability to retain their image. Kia is highly valued for its vehicles, the vehicles being the most durable and durable. Many years ago, Kia was a vehicle brand disassociated with luxury; however, now there is some evidence that Kia is attempting to create high-quality models, and as a result, the reputation for reliability and quality becomes stronger.

The dealer of Kia cars in Bangladesh

Meghna Automobiles Ltd, the sole distributor of KIA Motors in Bangladesh for the last 21 years, is enjoying a great reputation, a consequence of their exceptional business approach. Of course, this was the award, “Best Distributor of the Year in Asia Region”, which followed from their amazing work during the year 1999. Being a KIA Sportage SUV model, it has gained immense success with regard to the consumers of Bangladesh. Our customers get professional tech support for any issues they may experience with their KIA vehicles in Bangladesh, provided by the highly capable Customer Service Department of KIA Motors Bangladesh. But, they excel at these areas. Offering faultless after-sales service, they have been applauded constantly for the part that they continuously take to increase the customers’ satisfaction even after the purchase of the motor vehicles which largely influences their overall operations in the Bangladesh market.

Top 5 Most Popular Kia Models in Bangladesh

KIA Car Price in Bangladesh

Kia K5 (Optima)

Kia started the production of K5, that was not called K5 but was titled as Kia Optima, covered over 20 years from the beginning and created different names for different regions during this period. The car began sales under the code name, Magentis, Lotze, and K5 . Later it was introduced as the fifth generation car in 2019. This was the attempt on the part of Kia to globally introduce the modern cube as a new concept car. To avoid confusion after branding of multiple regional names, it consolidated with one global naming moniker “Kia K5” which represents the desire to harmonize the brand image and reinforce its position on the global platform. This latest rebranding venture casts this manufacturing model’s unparalleled off-roading select qualities as an all-encompassing feature into a signature that surpasses territorial limits.

KIA Car Price in Bangladesh

Kia Seltos

The Kia Seltos is a crossover SUV, developed for international markets, but brings out the Korean sense of ingenuity. Strategically positioned between Kia’s smaller and larger SUV offerings, it comes in three variations: a South Korean-built premium version for the developed market, a Tata-designed cost effective variant, and a derivative based on the Chinese platform. Intriguingly, Seltos is unavailable in Europe, though this SUV is doing well in regions where it is sold. The car’s name, after the Greek Mythology, is Seltos, which targets the younger generation of buyers, who are seeking the car’s utility, cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design. Thus, this company is aiming to catch the attention of young buyers with its blend of qualities.

Kia Sportage

What began as a Kia Sportage SUV has advanced from the traditional model to the current day modern, and versatile crossover car. In the second generation, the company shifted its Sportage to a car-based platform, enabling the car to meet the growing interest in crossovers among those willing to accept the utility of the car while driving with car-like dynamics. Products of the Sportage brand from Kia have indirectly managed it to become Kia’s dominant competitors in recent years with the production of 5 million units which was recorded in 2018. The prevailing generation comes up with two modifications in sizes and a wide array of longer or shorter wheelbases. The Sportage became even more popular after multiple distinctions, such as the Family Friendly Award, top class hybrid lineup, and the overall SUV excellence, that were given accordingly. This made the Sportage even more useful for different kinds of customers.

Kia Sorento

Kia’ Sorento shows SUV manufacturer’s response to a market which keeps changing. Premiere of the Sorento took place in 2002 as a charm with sturdy, body-on-frame construction SUV, however, subsequently, it has turned into a car-based crossover model starting from its second period. This can be denoted as the right decision that has facilitated the production of more roomy and improved driving experience, besides retention of elevated ride height’s versatility. A continuous story of transformation from an SUV to a mid-size crossover through four generations defines Kia brand dedication to innovation and adaptation to the needs of evolving our customer base.

Kia Carens

The Kia Carens, for instance, is the other name of Kia Rondo, depending on the markets, is a multipurpose vehicle that has made improvements on the original version. Among those who were the first in 1999 to see it emerge as a multipurpose vehicle (MPV) rather than families whose main facet was internal space. The last four generations of Kia experience demonstrated the company’s considerable capacity for the changes, with the last one including design with the all-new crossover which was designed to fit the demands of the Indian market. The adjective “Carens” somewhat overtly relates the word “car” to the word “renaissance”. The process of naming an alternative form of travel can show that it is being reinvented, thus, the meaning of the name Carens is its reinvention of the car. That’s why Carens perfectly corresponds to the Rondo, which resembles some kind of music with its form and function. This vehicle has been accepted worldwide and the decision of Kia for innovation has helped it to cross the boundaries and meet the diversified needs of the consumers.

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