Foton Bangladesh Has Organized Qatar World Cup Quiz Contest

The whole world is now trembling in the frenzy of the football world cup. The colorful dress of that madman has now arrived in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar. Football lovers worldwide are now enjoying the World Cup in the heart of the desert. 

Foton Bangladesh Has Organized Qatar World Cup Quiz Contest

Even though Bangladesh never got a chance in the World Cup 2022, millions of fans of Bengal have had an immense love for football since independence. Therefore, this year’s World Cup has spread to all corners of the country. If you want to see Foton car details you can check our Foton Car Price in Bangladesh article or for all brand car check the Car Price in Bangladesh article.

Foton wants to be by the side of football lovers in this moment of joy and entertainment of the Football World Cup. For this reason, Foton of the World Cup in Qatar is going to organize the World Cup Quiz Contest.

The world will play, and you will win. Everyone will be drunk in World Cup football this time.

Enjoy the World Cup with Foton. Foton brings great offers for Football fans.

Watch the game, comment, and participate in the quiz by commenting on the correct answer and winning all the attractive prizes.

So don’t delay and participate in all the exciting battles of the World Cup and become the selected lucky winner.

Quiz Rules:

1. This quiz contest will continue throughout the World Cup.

2. The lucky winner will be selected by lottery from among the correct respondents.

3. ACI Motors reserves the right to make any additions or changes to this campaign.

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