First Charging Station Installed For Electric Vehicles In The Country

The First Electric Car Charging Station Has Been Set Up In Bangladesh. It has set up the country’s first charging station to charge electric vehicle (EV) batteries. The station was installed last Wednesday at the office premises of ‘Audi Bangladesh’ in the Tejgaon commercial (Nabisco) area of the capital. If you want to see Audi car details you can check our Audi Car Price in Bangladesh article.

First Charging Station Installed For Electric Vehicles In The Country

The senior Secretary of the Electricity Department inaugurated the charging station. Habibur Rahman. At present, as many as 34 EV vehicles have been registered in the country. However, this number will increase gradually, the people concerned in this sector think.

During the inauguration of the charging station, Senior Secretary Md. Habibur Rahman said, ‘After a few kilometres abroad, EV charging stations can be found as well as filling stations. Between 2030 and 2035, there will be no oil-powered transport in Bangladesh either. The government is proceeding with this plan. This charging station has been set up as its initial step.

He also said, ‘Our charging station policy was made long ago. Setting up the first station took a little longer than that. But this is the beginning, very soon we will all try to move to electric vehicles.’ For all brand car check the Car Price in BD article.

“In the future, such charging points will be built all over the country,” he added. Director (Finance) of Audi car importer Progress Motors Import Limited’. Haseeb Uddin said they plan to set up 11 charging stations across the country by 2024.

He said, ‘At this station, the charge of the car will go from 10% to 100% in 20-30 minutes. A car will run about 500 kilometres on 100 % charge. Bangladesh is an ideal place for such battery-powered vehicles. Because there are very few 500 km roads here, with just one charge we can reach our destination.’

Mentioning that the ‘Charge Now’ app has been launched for EV charging, he said that through this app, payment of the charge can be made, and even specific time can be allotted for car charging on the journey. He said that although charging station equipment is currently imported from abroad, a factory will be set up to assemble them in the country from next year.

Monira Sultana, chairman of the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA), said in the speech of the special guest, “The world’s major car manufacturers have announced that they will no longer manufacture oil-powered vehicles after 2030.”

“We have to work now on what will happen to the 5.7 million private cars that are currently running in our country. How these will be phased out, or disposed of or converted, they need to be regulated,’ She said.

DPDC Managing Director Bikash Dewan presided over the function. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Progress Motors and DPDC on the occasion.

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