Energypac Participates In The Global JAC Day 2023 Event

Energypac, a leading company in the power generation industry, recently participated in the global ‘JAC Day 2023’ festival organized by JAC Motors. This grand event, held in Hefei, China, marked the 59th anniversary of JAC Motors and was filled with excitement and celebration.

Energypac Participates In The Global JAC Day 2023 Event

The theme for this year’s JAC Day was “Be Borderless,” symbolizing the company’s commitment to breaking boundaries and embracing a global perspective. Stakeholders, partners, and brand custodians from all around the world joined to partake in this extraordinary event, as JAC Motors introduced its visionary outlook and ambitious strategies for the forthcoming years.

Representatives from Energypac, based in Bangladesh, were fortunate enough to witness this historic event. As they joined in the festivities, they were inspired by the passion and dedication of JAC Motors towards meeting user needs and creating value for millions of users worldwide. If you want to see JAC car details you can check our JAC Car Price in Bangladesh article or for all brand car check the Car Price in Bangladesh article.

Xiang Xingchu, the Chairman of JAC Motors, highlighted the company’s approach by stating, “With every step we take, we draw inspiration from our understanding of user needs, our original intention to provide value to users, and our commitment to serving millions of users globally.”

Humayun Rashid, the Managing Director and CEO of Energypac Power Generation Limited expressed his admiration for JAC Motors’ pioneering efforts in innovation and technological advancements. He firmly believed that JAC Motors would revolutionize the automotive industry through its innovative spirit and commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technologies, ultimately shaping the future of transportation.

Energypac’s participation in the global ‘JAC Day 2023’ festival not only reinforced their strong partnership with JAC Motors but also showcased their shared vision for a progressive and transformative future in the automotive and power generation sectors. With their mutual commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, both companies are poised to make significant contributions to their respective industries on a global scale.

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