Chery Bangladesh Joins The 2023 International Business Conference

Chery Bangladesh enthusiastically participated in the 2023 International Business Conference organized by Chery. The event brought together authorized distributors from more than 80 countries, marking a significant milestone in Chery’s journey towards future growth and development.

Chery Bangladesh Joins The 2023 International Business Conference

With the motto “NEW TRACK – NEW JOURNEY,” Chery and its sub-brands are poised to embark on an exciting new phase. If you want to see Chery car details you can check our Chery Car Price in Bangladesh article or for all brand car check the Car Price in Bangladesh article.

Asian MotorspeX Limited is the sole Authorized Dealer of Chery Car Bangladesh. Central to Chery’s international strategy is a strong emphasis on technology. The company aims to undergo a comprehensive transformation from conventional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles, aligning with global trends and environmental considerations.

Additionally, Chery is committed to adapting to evolving consumer demands and providing more personalized and attentive services. By striving to create a holistic ecosystem encompassing products, technologies, and user-centric services, Chery aims to maintain its competitiveness and relevance in a fast-changing market.

Sabbir Hossain
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