BYD Makes a Grand Entrance in Bangladesh, Bringing Electric Dreams Closer to Reality

The opening of the first showroom of BYD, a widely known electric vehicle manufacturer, in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is a landmark event for the promotion of environmentally friendly cars in this country. The show happened and that was two BYD Seal’s premium sedans. With the launch of many electric models, they are bound to transform the landscape of the global automotive industry by May this year.

BYD Makes a Grand Entrance in Bangladesh, Bringing Electric Dreams Closer to Reality

The appraised unit prices have not been mentioned officially but the expectations for 570 km range (rear-wheel-drive) variant with a price between Tk1 crore to Tk1.2 crore were conveyed as per BYD Bangladesh officials. Meanwhile, the consumer variant, which is a public vehicle with a mileage of 520km, will be priced almost 20-30% more than this one. The BYD Seal EV is also anticipated to be launched in the Indian market this week.

BYD Seal comes with this specific ‘Ocean Aesthetics’ design along with the advanced technologies of BYD with the help of We-platform 3.0, CTB, and iTAC. Its characteristic elements are composed of a slanting roof, a huge panoramic glass roof, a short rear deck, wavy side windows, a wave waistline, and LED lights.

The vision of the government of Bangladesh is to have 30% electric vehicles by 2030 which must be strengthened by the dream Smart Bangladesh of 2041. To accomplish these objectives, we should be done by striving to increase the supply of this product in the domestic market to the point where consumers can make a wise choice and buy these EVs in large quantities. No doubt, the expansion of BYD into the global market in Bangladesh will be a fruitful tour.

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Among other initiatives, the government is systematically replacing internal combustion engines in urban fleets with electric powertrains that would also eradicate carbon emissions. Nevertheless, the deficient horizon of electric car adoption is a result of the implementation of supportive policy at later stages. For the moment, only three EV charging stations are being used in the whole nation, which are the three stations present in the capital city.

Efforts to establish an entire country-wide network of charging stations are being made, with ten stations expected to start operating in June and 30 additional ones planned to be in December. These hubs will supply fast charges for all tagged EV batteries, with a charging time of 45 minutes and a price range between 1500- 1800 taka. On the contrary. home charging will still take 6-7 hours to 100 % recharge while the electricity bill will be less than Tk1000.00

A leading entity in the global electric vehicle market, BYD topped the best-selling list, with Tesla being number two in the 2023 fourth quarter. During the given period, presently in 30 countries and 70 markets, BYD successfully sold 5.26 lakh battery-only cars globally compared to 4.84 lakh cars that were even sold by Tesla.

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