A Refined Upgrade Of The 2021 Honda Vezel

The 2021 Honda Vezel is a sophisticated upgrade. It is designed to provide an enhanced driving experience to the users. If you want to see Honda car details you can check our Honda Car Price in Bangladesh article or for all brand car check the Car Price in Bangladesh article.

A Refined Upgrade Of The 2021 Honda Vezel

The latest model boasts advanced features and superior performance, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable vehicle.

Over the past years, Vezel has achieved remarkable success in Bangladesh. Families in Bangladesh are increasingly opting for the Honda Vezel as their crossover vehicle, with both young and adults finding it suitable.

To stay competitive in the local market, Honda has released its hybrid vehicles over the past decade, rivaling the likes of Toyota.

Over the years, Vezel has been incredibly successful in Bangladesh, albeit to the chagrin of numerous devout supporters; A redesign was long overdue.

The all-new Honda Vezel features state-of-the-art technology for safe and stress-free motoring, an attractive exterior design, fully refined cabin that delivers an atmospheric feel and inspiring performance.

The third-generation Vegel is equipped with the latest E: HEV hybrid technology. Powering this model is a 1.5L engine coupled with two electric motors, providing improved fuel efficiency; The manufacturer claims it averages 25 km/l. Thus, the new Vezel is the perfect choice if you are looking for a highly economical ride.

You have three driving mode options with the E: HEV: Normal, Sport, and Econ.


Significant changes in the design have been implemented to make it more attractive. Vezel offers the power of an SUV with a stylish look, oozing charm inside and out. It is sure to make an impression.

The front of the Honda Vezel 2021 is particularly eye-catching, with an underlying grille that matches the body paint, creating a unified look.

The rear of the new Vezel is significantly more streamlined than its predecessor. Horizontal tail lighting accentuates the cleaner look, as unnecessary details are omitted.

Honda has deliberately positioned the tailgate handle so that the user’s hand can reach it effortlessly, Streamlining the loading and unloading of personal items. Honda has taken great care to enhance the usability of the Vezel, a feature not usually seen in cars with significant design changes.


The interior of the Honda Vezel 2021 has been completely revamped to maximize comfort for all its passengers. This car is designed in such a way as to give passengers a sense of spaciousness, even in limited areas. It offers a tidy cabin and an open-feeling rearward view from the driver’s seat.

The HMI concept is at the core of Vezel’s exquisite interior design. As you drive, you can perceive a significant level of HMI refinement. The dashboard and audio system are strategically located, allowing a full view of the road ahead.

An infotainment panel with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, boasting a nine-inch display, is in the middle. To enhance comfort within the cabin, one can opt for a dual-zone climate control system that includes user-friendly knobs – like the new Civic models – for temperature management.

The layout of all controls and switches allows easy access to promote safe and efficient driving without obstructing the driver’s view or road flow. The latest Vezel iteration doesn’t come with a sunroof, which might disappoint fans of the feature.

Safety Features:

The new Vezel model has various safety features, including six airbags, an anti-collision system, lane assist, lane keep assist, automated emergency braking, ABS with the electronic brake distribution system (EBD), and hill-start assist.

Honda has provided good safety features for this car, which is specially designed for the mid-range market.


This 2021 model boasts excellent fuel efficiency and superior ground clearance, making it the ideal getaway car from Dhaka. It comes in six enticing colors and comes with a price tag of slightly more than Tk 45 lakh.

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