Zontes Bike Price In Bangladesh 2023

Zontes Bike Price In Bangladesh 2022

Zontes is an international motorcycle manufacturer that focuses on the European market ( source ). Zontes is a small-capacity manufacturer of motorcycles with its unique design, advanced technologies and premium features. There are many motorcycle models available, ranging in size from 125 to 310cc engines.

Zontes began its business operations in Bangladesh and distributed with Mototech Industry Bangladesh Limited, the distributor partner. Moto Solution BD Limited marketed all Zontes motorcycles in Bangladesh. Moto Solution Bangladesh’s sales team is able to provide all sales, aftersales, service, offers and other facilities in Bangladesh.

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ZONTES MOTORCYCLES thus ZONTES is a motorcycle company under the joint venture Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co. Ltd. This brand produces high-quality small capacity motorcycles with unique designs, top-notch performance, and premium features. Zontes offers a remarkable value in motorcycles with small capacities in the global market.

ZONTES MOTORCYCLES Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co. Limited

Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co. Limited, a Sino-foreign joint venture company was established in 2003. It is a joint venture between Chinese and foreign companies, established under the AEO Senior Certification of the World Customs Organization. Their brand ZONTES has become a global brand and is currently operating worldwide.

Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology is also the owner of other brands Tayo and Haojiang. This manufacturing company produces hi-tech motorcycles as well as various industrial equipment and small cars. Zontes has been a solely European-focused brand since its inception.

Zontes produces the most advanced motorbikes ever made in China for Europe. To ensure high product-value, 95% of every bike is made and assembled in-house. Their own R&D center has developed 80% of the motorcycle components.

Zontes ZT155 – U1: Zontes ZT155 – U1, the new adventurer in town is generating a lot of curiosity. There have been polarizing reactions to the news that Zontes will be releasing in Bangladesh. Many people don’t know much about Zontes and believe it won’t be up to standard as it is made by Chinese manufacturers.

People who are familiar with Zontes are excited to see the company launch in Bangladesh. Zontes has announced that it will launch three bikes in Bangladesh: the Zontes ZT155 (streetfighter), Zontes ZT155 (adventure bike) and the Zontes ZT155 (scrambler).

Zontes ZT155U1 is an adventure bicycle. The Zontes ZT155-U1 has all the standard features of an adventure bike: extended mudguards and raised ground clearance. They also have upright handlebars, handguards and crash guards. It is very similar to the TVS Apache Adventure bike. The bike’s color scheme will remind you of KTM Adventure 390.

The Zontes ZT155U1 includes full LED lights. The LED lights and DRL are included in the headlight. The taillight, which includes the indicators, is also LED. The bike has a nearly perfect light setup. Dual projection units are used for the headlight.

There are also riding modes for the Zontes ZT155U1. You can also use the eco-mode to make your bike more fuel-efficient. Keyless ignition is also available on the bike. The bike also has keyless ignition.

Zontes ZT155U1 includes a dual-channel Bosch ABS system. This is a great addition to the bike. The Zontes ZT155U1 instrument cluster is futuristic and highly advanced. The basic information in the instrument cluster includes speed, odo and trip as well as RPM and fuel. The instrument cluster also includes a clock, a gear position indicator and engine temperature.

Zontes ZT155U1 has a powerful engine. The engine produces 18.8hp at 9250 rpm and 16Nm torque at 7500 rpm. Electronically fuel-injected engines are very efficient for fuel economy. The bike can also be liquid-cooled which is an important feature. It is expected that the bike will achieve a fuel efficiency of approximately 30kmpl.

Zontes ZT155U1 has an advanced gearbox. This model has a 6-speed gear shifter. It is expected that the gearbox will be as smooth and easy as those on foreign 125cc motorcycles. This bike is capable of traveling at 125kmph. It also includes a slipper clutch. This makes it the third bike that can enter Bangladesh with a Slipper Clutch.

Zontes ZT155G1: This Zontes ZT155G1 scrambler has a retro design. This bike is a classic design, but it looks futuristic. This bike is everything you would expect from a scrambler. The bike features a small headlight, a small seat, streamlined taillight and a tail tidy rear. This bike is a near perfect design for a modern scrambler.

The Zontes ZT155G1 includes a fully digital instrument cluster. The instrument cluster contains the RPM counter, speedometer, fuel indicator, and odometer. The ZT155-G1 includes a gear position indicator as well as a clock. Both of you will love the digital instrument cluster.

Dual-channel ABS is available on the Zontes ZT155G1. The Zontes ZT155-G1 has dual-channel ABS. This means the rear and front tires get smooth ABS. This is extremely helpful in braking the bike. Bosch ABS is used on both the front and rear brakes, which is a great feature for a bike this size.

Zontes ZT155G1 is a fantastic bike that features a full LED system. The bike’s headlight, a circular unit with LEDs, gives it a classic look. It has a futuristic appearance and is easily visible thanks to the LED minimalistic taillight. The bike’s indicators are also LED.

Zontes ZT155G1 is a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with 155cc capacity. The engine is liquid-cooled and fuel-injected. The engine produces around 18.8HP at 9250rpm and 16Nm torque at 7500rpm to its rear wheels. The engine’s torque is sufficient to take over on the highway while the power will allow you to tame the roads. Due to fuel injection, the engine is very fuel-efficient and should achieve a fuel economy of approximately 30kmpl.

The Zontes ZT155G1 has a basic, wet multi-plate clutch system. The 6-speed gearbox is standard on the bike. The bike’s top speed is 130kmph. The Slipper clutch is the most interesting feature on the bike. It gives the bike a smooth shifting experience.

Zontes ZT155U: The Zontes ZT155U has a complete LED setup. Two projection units are included as well as a twin DRL setup. You might be reminded of Transformers by the overall headlight. The bike’s tail section has a simple T-shaped LED tail light. The bike’s indicators are also LED.

Zontes ZT155U includes a highly informative instrument cluster. The cluster includes speed, odo and trip information, as well as RPM and other indicators. The instrument cluster provides additional information such as the position of the gears, engine temperature, and time.

Zontes ZT155U has a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine and 155cc motor. Bosch FI is fitted to the engine, which is liquid-cooled. The engine produces 18.8BHP at 9250 rpm and 16Nm torque @ 7500 rpm. Both the power and torque figures are impressive. On average, the bike should get around 40kmpl.

The Zontes ZT155U features a wet multiplate slipper-clutch system. Zontes ZT155U features a 6-speed gearbox and an approximate top speed at 125kmph. This bike has a slipper clutch, which is a great addition. It is also one of very few in Bangladesh that has one.

Zontes, Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co. Limited has more than 600 highly qualified engineers at their R&D centre. It is solely focused upon research and innovation. The company holds 256 important appearance patents as well as 121 utility patents. 36 invention patents are also theirs.

Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co. Ltd. also has its factories fully automated using the most modern robotization technology. They have 600 acres to use for their products. This allows them to innovate and improve their products.

Zontes also has partnerships with internationally renowned suppliers of quality components like Delphi, Bosch, and others. The company started out with the aim to provide excellent service and quality products to their customers, using the skilled distributors in Europe. Zontes has expanded its reach to Asia after their success in Europe.

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. Who is Zontes?

Ans- ZONTES is a motorcycle brand under the Sino-foreign joint venture company Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Who is the manufacturer of Zontes motorcycles?

Ans- Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co. Limited is the manufacturer of the Zontes motorcycles.

3. Who is the importer of Zontes motorcycle in Bangladesh?

Ans- Mototech Industry Bangladesh Limited is the official distributor of Zontes motorcycles in Bangladesh

4. Who is the distributor of Zontes motorcycle in Bangladesh?

Ans- Zontes motorcycles marketed in Bangladesh by Moto Solution BD Limited. All the sales, aftersales service, offers, and facilities of Zontes motorcycle are currently available in Bangladesh through the sales team of Moto Solution Bangladesh.

5. What is the current product line of Zontes motorcycles in Bangladesh?

Ans- Currently Zontes Motorcycle has the Zontes ZT155-U1, Zontes ZT155-G1, Zontes ZT155 U, etc. models available in Bangladesh. 

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