Yamaha Bike Price In Bangladesh 2022

Below are all the Yamaha official bike prices in Bangladesh (BD List 2022) with the Yamaha Bangladesh sole distributor – ACI Motors LTD showroom addresses. Also, all the latest/upcoming Yamaha motorcycle specifications, images.

Yamaha is recognized as one of the most respected motorcycle brands in the world thanks to its premium motorcycles. ACI motors, ltd. has been selling Yamaha bikes Bangladeshi since 2017.

Yamaha FZS models bikes are most well-known in Bangladesh for their comfort, balance, and control. Yamaha R15 V3 Sportsbike is the most widely used in Bangladesh.

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Yamaha Bangladesh Details – ACI Motors Ltd

Yamaha Motor Company Limited, a Japanese motor manufacturer of vehicles, was founded in the year 1955. Yamaha Motor Company Limited is a worldwide brand that is recognized for its snowmobiles, motorcycles, automobiles, watercraft, and various motorized vehicles.

Yamaha is a producer of instrumentation for musicians. The company also makes electronic equipment, intelligent machinery and heavy and light industrial equipment. Yamaha was involved in various segments of manufacturing.

Yamaha Motorcycle is a well-known and well-respected company in Bangladesh. Yamaha Motorcycle has been a prominent presence in Bangladesh for a long time due to its co-operative business operations and its authorized distribution.

The second-largest in the Japanese “Big Four,” Yamaha has been manufacturing motorcycles since the year 1955. They rapidly arrived on U.S. shores not long after. Since then, Yamaha has been in the race with its main rival Honda both on and off the tracks and off the track, competing at the top levels and also allowing the latest technology and engineering knowledge to flow down to its entire range of products.

The company was quickly adopted by racers, including famous names like Kenny Roberts and Valentino Rossi, Yamaha developed a reputation for reliability and dependability that endures until today. This reputation is carried over to the full range of street, dirt and dual-purpose bikes, as along with the company’s range of ATVs, side by side off-road vehicles, boats, and other vehicles. (Yamaha Motors actually was spun out of the world’s biggest manufacturer of pianos, originally the Yamaha Corporation, which is still the biggest shareholder.)

Yamaha Motorcycle was distributed in Bangladesh by Karnaphuli Motors Limited. ACI Motors Limited has officially assumed the Distribution of Yamaha Motorcycles in Bangladesh since June of this year.

ACI Motors is currently the distributor of Yamaha Motorcycles in Bangladesh. ACI Motors continues to distribute Yamaha Motorcycles in Bangladesh.

There are a lot of top motorcycles that are available in Yamaha. Let’s talk about a few of them.

Yamaha R15 V3 (Monster Edition): To be truthful concerning this version of the YAMAHA R15 version 3.0, the entire bike has been redesigned with an overhauled design from the beginning because it’s an R15 Monster.

The new model includes Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology. Also, it has an automatic clutch that slips to assist the rider in making quick gear shifts to improve performance. Additional features are listed in detail below.

The bike is now equipped with Dual Channel ABS for better brake performance, and also for increased security. The bike has a brand new LED taillight and headlight set, a fresh instrument cluster, a more aerodynamic and aggressive body and so on. The headlights are crystal clear , and the design of the taillight is really stunning. The visual design on the motorcycle is beautiful and eye-catching.

The only issue with it is an Indian version. The Indian variant is, as it’s altered to match the Indian subcontinent’s roads. There are no USD forks in the beginning, and it comes with a telescopic fork which is quite fun to drive in our normal road conditions.

The engine sound of Yamaha R15 V3 is really amazing and stimulates your spirit. I am a big admirer of the sound as well as its power and speed. The patented YAMAHA “Deltabox” frame is still active and has been upgraded to offer the highest performance possible.

The colors available on the bike are very attractive , especially in its Indian and Indonesian versions. However, the Monster Energy edition is only available in the signature Black & Blue color and it’s a stunning color.

The bike features a brand new graphic design inside its body, which enhances its appearance together with the brand new graphics and panels. The unique LED tail light adds an attractive feature to see and allows you to instantly identify the R15 version 3.0 Monster Energy edition even in darkness from an in-between distance.

YAMAHA R15 Version 3.0 has a 155cc single-cylinder, 4-Stroke SOHC liquid-cooled 4-valve engine that has VVA (variable valve). Actuation (VVA). If you are looking for speed, I believe that the Yamaha R15 V3 is one of the top models according to my experience.

The machine’s Power & Torque figures are as follows: 19.3 PS @10,000 RPM and 14.7Nm @ 8500 RPM. The machine is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox with a wet sump multiplate slipper clutch. It is also fitted with the TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition) system. The capacity of the engine oil is 1.05L.

Yamaha MT 15: The bike has a style that stands out and has an impressive presence on streets. Together with a smooth engine and performance it delivers unparalleled performance in a category which has been virtually unoccupied across the nation. It is loaded with features for enthusiasts of the bike.

This is because the machine has an eerie robotic appearance similar to those from the “Transformers” movie characters.

The shape of the bike entices the rider to get on the bike and push the throttle open. Headlight assemblies are constructed from Bi Functional LED headlights and the taillight is equipped with a distinctive LED configuration as well as ABS (Anti Lock Braking System) and VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) technology.

YAMAHA MT-15 is an uni-cylinder SOHC Liquid Cooled VVA engine with 4 valves. The engine’s Power & Torque figures are as follows: 19.3 PS @10000 RPM and 14.7 Nm at 8500 RPM. The wet-sump-lubricated machine comes with a 6-speed Manual constant mesh transmission , which has the slipper clutch. The anticipated mileage is 35-45 KMPL.

Yamaha XSR 155: Yamaha’s exclusive motorcycle series known as the Yamaha XSR was the first model to be given an Sport Heritage badge. Yamaha uses”Sport Heritage “Sport Heritage” a profile which modifies DNA Retro-Neo. DNA Retro-Neo. XSR is the most modern street scrambler series, and has been created using the most advanced mechanical machines.

The styling and style of the XSR were also heavily influenced in the style and design of the past. The tradition was carried through the body, when all the modern tech was hidden beneath. This breed isn’t just modern, but also has nostalgic memories of the past. This is what makes Sport Heritage, hence Yamaha’s XSR.

The YAMAHA XSR 150 is a remarkable performance. The wheelbase measures 1330mm, and the 134 pound bike rests. The bike is positioned efficiently for its YAMAHA patent-pending “Deltabox” Frame. The bike is equipped with a 10L fuel tank that supplies the engine via the fuel Injection system. The fuel is ignited using the TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition) system.

The length overall of YAMAHA XSR 155 is 2000 mm , and the length and width are respectively 805 millimeters and 1080 millimeters. The clearance on the ground is 170 millimeters while the height of the seat is 810 millimeters.

YAMAHA XSR 155 possesses a single-cylinder SOHC Liquid Cooled 4 Valve VVA-equipped engine. The engine’s Power & Torque figures are as follows: 19.3 PS @10000 RPM and 14.7 Nm at 8500 RPM. The wet-sump-lubricated machine comes with a 6-speed manual constant mesh transmission that has the slipper-clutch. The anticipated mileage is 35-45 KMPL.

Yamaha FZS FZ FI V3: the form of the bike entices the rider to climb aboard and push the throttle to full open and speed through the traffic. The taillights and head are both updated and have LEDs in the front. The bike is equipped with single Channel ABS (Anti Lock Braking System) on the front. The instrument panel is replaced by a Negative LCD that looks stunning.

The seat is extremely comfortable, with an upright riding triangle as well as a wider pipe handlebar that is ideal for commutes. Fuel tank is stunning to behold with its iconic design and the minimal graphics on appealing body colors contribute to the attractiveness of this bike. The tires are wide on the end of the long-wheelbase , which increases the confidence of the rider. The main difference between this bike and the FZ V3.0 of the FZ V3.0 on this bike is the inclusion of an engine cowl to provide more effective protection against mud.

They adopted a more customer-friendly approach immediately. They were able to quickly increase their reach through dedicated sales services, service, spare part assistance, and various other strategies for marketing.

The YAMAHA FZ-S FI V3.0 is a stunning performance motorcycle. The wheelbase measures 1330mm, on which the 137kg bike is seated. The bike is positioned well , especially for its long-standing Diamond frame. The bike is now equipped with an 12.8 Tank of fuel, which is fed to the engine by the fuel Injection system. The system is then ignited using the TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition) system.

The total length in the overall length of YAMAHA FZ-S FI V3.0 is 90 mm with the width and height remaining at 780mm, and 1080mm. The clearance on the ground is 165 mm , and the seat height is 790mm.

YAMAHA FZ-S V3.0 has a single-cylinder SOHC, two-valve, air-cooled engine. With Fuel Injection. The machine’s Power & Torque figures are as follows: 13.2 PS @8000 RPM and 12.8 Nm at 6600 RPM. This wet-sump lubricated engine is coupled with a 5 speed manual continuous mesh gearbox. Expected mileage is between 38 and 42 kmpL, and the engine is equipped with a 1.2 Liter capacity for Engine Oil.

ACI Motors, in collaboration with Yamaha Japan, established a new CKD assembly facility to support its expansion and growth. Addressed in Sreepur Gazipur, Bangladesh.

They are currently building most of their motorcycle models at this factory. They have been able to secure Bangladesh Government import tax reductions. The cost of assembled motorcycles was reduced by a variety.

Contact: ACI Motors Limited – Yamaha Bangladesh

ACI Centre, 245, Tejgaon Industrial Area,
Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh
Customer Care Supportline: +88016509 (9AM-6PM).

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. What is the max cc bike of Yamaha?

Ans- Yamaha R15 is the max cc bike of Yamaha in Bangladesh.

2. Who is the manufacturer of Yamaha?

Ans- Yamaha is a Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles.

3. Who are the importer of Yamaha motorcycle in Bangladesh?

Ans- ACI Motors Ltd. is the official distributor of Yamaha motorcycles in Bangladesh

4. Which is the best Yamaha scooter?

Ans- Yamaha NMax 155 currently is one of the most powerful scooters in Bangladesh, carrying the engine straight from an R15 V3!

5. What is the mileage of Yamaha Saluto?

Ans- The company claims that Yamaha Saluto will give up to 72 KMPL of mileage.

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