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Volvo Car Price in Bangladesh: (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Volvo: Style and Security, the typical essence of the Swedish creed.

As Volvo, the distinguished brand from Sweden is known for safety, innovation and quality of design. Gothenburg, Sweden, is the home base of Volvo that has been assembling vehicles since 1927, in the pursuit of excellence in terms of the safety of drivers and passengers for over 90 years now. Volvo is a brand that is known for its unthinkable safety record. It was Volvo that first added the three-point seatbelt in 1959 to its cars, and then they took the leading role in developing advanced driver assistance systems.

Volvo car brand history:

1927: Starting in Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo’s first car – the ÖV4 – is manufactured with a “safety for the many” principle in mind. ‘1959: Volvo introduces a three-point seat belt and makes it a standard feature, which is now a lifesaver for millions today. 1960s-70s: International expansion that is executed through setting up of plants in Canada, Belgium, and other countries. 1999: Ford merges with Volvo Cars, which remains committed to safety advancements and the production of spacious SUVs and wagons that are by reputation premium quality. 2010s: Confused to eco-friendliness with the introduction of electric and hybrid vehicles. 2021: Volvo Cars floats on the stock exchange, and hence it becomes the first worldwide automotive company focusing on providing safe, environment-friendly cars with a decent design.

Volvo Car brand history in Bangladesh: 

But being nowhere near so widely famous as the rest of the cars and natural for the segment of buyers who love luxury, safeness and a good performance, Volvo cars that are distributed in Bangladesh by the officially recognized seller Anwar Group nevertheless found their own niche among all the vehicles manufactured in Bangladesh. It indeed just takes a place in the heart of the local auto market. Even though they are not that easily accessible like other brands they have always managed to attract a particular group of car buyers: who are usually concerned with versions ranging from luxury and safety to performance.

Volvo XC90:

The Volvo XC90 gets 7 seat seats and spacious cargo space that makes it a match between families and those seeking out for adventure. This 2.0 L mild hybrid generates 295 hp and perceptibly increases the torque to balance the economy.

Volvo XC90 car price in Bangladesh

Volvo S90

Doggedly unswerving from Swedish luxury diplomat Volvo, the S90 is a tempered and dignified design. Consequently, the S90 stands out as a compelling modern sedan. The 2.0L hybrid engine is capable of producing 295 horsepower as well as its torque which makes it more than just a powerful vehicle. It is as smooth as expected. The S90 pays attention to fuel efficiency; however, it is done by undermining the performance and responsibility.

Volvo S90 car price in Bangladesh

The interior got materials though some of them are of very high quality and that’s where you will also find comfortable seats for five. An advanced technology that includes a huge touchscreen for infotainment is also on the list of the facilities that connect and entertain you. However, the S90 will not trade its safety for all the entertainment features because it is still a Volvo and therefore, safety remains its unique selling point like father passing it on to the son- it won’t be relinquished.

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