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Tesla Car Price in Bangladesh: 2024 (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Tesla Car Brand History

Early Days (2003-2008):

Founding (2003): Based in California, the state, the duo of Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning founded the company alongside the Serbian-American inventor and visionary in electricity and electromagnetism, Nikola Tesla.

Focus on Electric Vehicles: Contrary to the former car manufacturers, Tesla decided to focus on research, development and production of electric cars. Thus, Tesla broke into the market controlled by gasoline-powered cars.

Roadster Unveiled (2006): The Tesla Roadster, which is a high-performance electric sports car, stood out as the first one that had a range of more than 200 miles (322 km) on a single charge.

Going Public (2008): Tesla held its initial public offering (IPO) successfully by raising capital that had been used to develop and improve technologies and production systems.

Model S Unveiled (2012): Tesla Model S, which is a premium car, has put the world on a new track. With its practical, long-range electric drive and an elegant look, the vehicle got the EVs image good reviews and gained popularity in a short time.

Growth and Expansion (2013-Present):

Elon Musk Takes Charge (2008): Musk, who was a key guy, actually replaced someone in 2008 and served as CEO who shepherded the company through a period of very fast growth and innovation.

Model X and Model 3 (2015-2017): The launch of the Model X, the super SUV car with the “falcon wing” doors where as Model 3, a low-cost mid-segment alike sedan were the factors which made Tesla as the world’s best brand for the EVs.

Gigafactories and Beyond: The Tesla brand has already put several Gigafactories (Gigafactories) into operation in order to not miss the supply of batteries, which are the main ‘bottleneck’ when it comes to EVs.

Cybertruck and Semi (2019-Present): Moreover, Tesla moved into new goods categories with Cybertruck, which is supposed to be truck full of the future and Tesla Semi, a unit for long-haul transportation.

Tesla Brand history in Bangladesh:

Whereas in top ten of world’s EV (electric vehicle) brands, it is not introduced in Bangladesh as of yet. A competitor who offers low priced products with reasonable services also plays a big role in this competition. Another point is that the rise in EV awareness among Bangladeshi general population as well as the support from the government is backing that the future is just around the corner. On the other hand, Tesla, going against the norm, may either install their sales hubs or service stations, sometimes they even incorporate the existing EV brands to provide a cheaper alternative.

Tesla available model in Bangladesh:

Tesla’s dominance in the EV market hinges on two prominent models: that is the Model 3 and the Model S. This is a rapid comparison showing the major strengths.

Tesla Model 3:

The Champion of Accessibility: As the cheapest Tesla product, the Tesla Model 3 addresses the group of consumers who still weigh the decision of transitioning to electric cars.

Tesla Model 3 car price in Bangladesh

Performance Packed: Though not the absolute leader, the Model 3 comes with some amazing acceleration and a range for one charge of at least 402 kilometers (250 miles) (the range varying according to the version).

Technology Focus: Impressingly, the Model 3 that came after showed similar minimalism through a huge touchscreen that functioned as both a monitor for infotainment and a control panel.

Targeted Audience: In addition to its frequent daily use, the Model 3 adapts the needs of urban commuters and those who desire comfort-oriented and fashionable electric cars.

Tesla Model S:

Luxury Defined: Being the Tesla Model S represents in the best way the electric luxury mobility as it has a comfortable interior room with elegant finishes, luxurious seat comfort, and generous storage space.

Tesla Model S car price in Bangladesh

Unmatched Performance: The cars come in powerful versions like the Plaid that is able to achieve acceleration figures previously thought unimaginable. This has put it among the fastest cars available on the production line.

Extended Range: Model S, as per the manufacturer, comes with the unmatched range of up to 370 miles (596 km), while the actual mileage will depend on the variant chosen.

Technological Prowess: The Model S with Tesla cutting-edge technology, such as an absorbing yoke steering wheel and game

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