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Taro Bike Price in Bangladesh: 2024 (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Taro motorcycles is the upcoming player in the motorcycle industry, as it was brought back to the marketplace in 2018. Even if their name implies that they come from Italy their birth place is in fact China.

Taro Brand History:

Taro Motorcycles: An Italian-entered-influenced Chinese Brand by a Young Entrepreneur.

The Taro brand, a more recently launched one, in 2018. Although sometimes assumed to be an Italian business, Taro in fact, has its roots in China.

A company which has launched Taro is Chuangtai, though they’ve been in business for years. Established in 2001, Mr. Wong started out by making parts for motorcycles. The year 2005 saw them embark on scooters-making, and they started this business under the “T” name. Their endeavors around rider parts and scooters enabled them to officially launch their own full motorcycle brand-Taro, in 2018.

Taro motorcycles are generally associated with sports, which use the Italian layout as their main source of design. They look into bringing affordable motorcycles with feature-packed options, targeting both local and overseas markets.

Taro Motorcycles in Bangladesh:

The brand Taro enters the Bangladesh market in 2018 young but is already a sensational hit.

Chuangtai’s lessons are a terrifically important basis for Taro. Established in 2001, they initially started mass motorcycle parts in order to make evident their expertise in the sector. The success they had was further developed when they started producing the scooters completely within the T-series in 2005. The experience that they had in assembling bikes and scooters might boost their confidence to go one step ahead to launch their own Motorcycle brand for Bangladesh in 2018.

Taro Bangladesh, as an exclusive distributor, has been one of the strongest driving forces of the brand’s growth. This brand is the first choice of Bangladeshi riders, stylish, fast and robust as it is. But like the latter, Taro bikes are easy to service, maintain and are less pricey than well-established brands, which makes them highly sought after for the local market.

Taro Some Popular Model:

Taro brands have created a niche for themselves in Bangladesh with their focus on looks and features of their motorcycles along with their meticulous pricing plans. 

Taro GP 1 V3:

Taro GP 1 V3 (150cc) which has a muscular body and stylish looks is the motorcycle choice of many Bangladeshis and is recognized by that name. Fuel injected, 155.2cc engine gives an impressive 19 HP at 9500 rpm and produces a smooth 16.5 Nm torque at 9000 rpm, which is sufficient for rapid acceleration. Yet, hard numbers for the mileage remain scarce, although the automaker spotlights fuel efficiency technologies.

Taro GP 1 V3 bike price in Bangladesh

A tall telescopic front fork and a rear shock absorber provide for a smooth, uninterrupted ride, as both disc brakes, located at the front and rear, ensure safe and adequate stopping. But the Taro GP 1 V3 has the ability to speed up with 375,000 taka and also has trendy and sleek look for the riders in Bangladesh with the limited budget.

Taro Venom:

The secrets of the Taro Venom still remain surrounded by the clouds of obscurity, which can be accounted for with the shortage of the data. On the other hand, the rumors say the model will have a 160cc motorcycle equipped with the digital instrument cluster and also will have the anti-lock braking system for both wheels. While its liquid-cooling engine and the six-speed gearbox point to its aspiration at the high-performance level. However, lack of details officially from the company might make it possible that Taro Venom is a possible match in the Bangladeshi market while offering smart and sporty options at the same time.

Taro GP 1 Special Edition:

Taro LTD Bangladesh has focused on the production of high performance motorcycles that engage riders’ adrenaline and bring out the sport spirit in them. Taro GP 1 Special Edition has a 149.9cc engine with 16 hp at 8500 rpm, and 14.5 Nm at 7000 rpm. This, in other words, gives a sense of fun which goes with quick start-up. On the other hand, the typical mileage figure is different for different models yet it is considered to give good fuel economy.

Taro GP 1 Special Edition bike price in Bangladesh

Front progression suspension and single shock at the back provide the right combination of handling and ride comfort. Regular unit-disk brakes with a combined control of the hydraulic circuits (CBS) increase the braking performance. Differences from the place where the average GP lane 1 is sporty design and color which can be unique can be competing with this one.

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