Suzuki Grand Vitara Price In Bangladesh

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৳ 4,750,000

Suzuki Grand Vitara Price In Bangladesh & Spec Overview

Suzuki Grand Vitara has turned out the most favorite car of Bangladeshi society. The design of this car takes into account the various road conditions in the country. It offers a balanced performance. You will be amazed by this truck’s powerful engine options, and its all-wheel drive abilities whether it is in use in a town or somewhere outdoors.


The car is big, roomy with comfy seats and all contemporary instruments. Also, it is suitable for varying conditions, such as that of Bangladesh. Stability control ensures safety for both the driver and the occupants.

It also offers an impressive mileage rate while being affordable with reasonable resale value if one wants to buy a small SUV in Bangladesh. Click here at for Suzuki car price in Bangladesh.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Price in Bangladesh

The Suzuki Grand Vitara price in Bangladesh is ৳ 4,750,000.

History Of Suzuki Grand Vitara

Here’s a brief overview of its history:

First Generation (1988-1998): First launched in 1988 this car was called Suzuki Vitara or Escudo in some markets. This tough SUV came in both 2/4 doors.

Second Generation (1998-2005): Second-generation of the Grand Vitar was introduced by Suzuki in 1998. It had a contemporary and curvy shape and provided with either two-wheel or four-wheel drive systems. It came in both three door version and five door version with different types of engines such as petrol and diesel engine.

Third Generation (2005-2015): A major revision on the third generation Grand Vitara was its new SUV appearance, with improved comfort and safety measures. It had more comfortable ride quality for highway purposes yet still capable of traversing off-road terrain. During this generation, this brand launched a V6 engine option.

Fourth Generation (2015-present): The fourth generation of Grand Vitara had a unified body in some markets, which differed from the body-on-frame construction used previously. It concentrated on urban utility and economical usage with some degree of off-road capability. There were various advanced technologies and engines.

Hybrid Variants (2020s): To cater for the rising market demand for more environmental cars, Suzuki rolled out hybrid Grand Vitara models in some regions. The hybrid models focused on reducing emissions and enhancing fuel economy. Over time, Suzuki Grand Vitara has gained a reputation for its dependable features and affordability.

Key Features of Suzuki Grand Vitara

A good example of such accessories is the facility that features in Suzuki Grand Vitara. They are for different types of drivers and their requirements. The availability of AWD or 4WD for off road adventure and confidence handling in different weather conditions.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Price In BD

Through these features, this car has been shown to be very versatile. Customers have been talking about a very reliable car here. The design of the car caters for driving needs and preferences and at the same time provides both utility and reliability, making it very impressive. All car features are checked at Car Price in BD page.


Engine Power (Horsepower): For the Suzuki Grand Vitara, the engine has a maximum power output of 128 PS. The engine’s capability is determined using this measure that represents how much torque is required for pushing the car. The rated power output in this model is achieved at about 6,000 rpm. When considering engine power, most people prefer higher power as this leads to good acceleration and performance of a car in different road conditions.

Torque: The Grand Vitara’s engine torque is about 174 Nm. In this regard, torque has a significant role to play since it represents the engine’s rotational force or twisting power. The vehicle will be able to tow, climb steep hills and engage on cross-country driving when it has a good amount of low end torque, making it important. The Grand Vitara’s engine produces its peak torque of 186 pound-feet of torque at 3200 revolutions per minute (RPM).

Performance & Fuel Economy

Top Speed (Estimated): Suzuki Grand Vitara can achieve the maximum speed of about 160 km/h. When everything is perfect, the speed is called a maximum speed of a vehicle. However, it may be mentioned here that it is an approximate amount, and the ultimate speed will largely depend on the work of engines, the car’s weight, aerodynamic characteristics, and the road. Compact SUVs normally have a maximum speed of 160 km/hour, suitable for driving on highways as well as daily needs.

Fuel Tank Capacity: Suzuki is Grand, Vitara-a car with relatively huge tank carrying 66 Liters of petrol. The capacity of the fuel tank has huge implications on the maximum mileage that the car will cover before needing refueling. Longer drives are made possible by a bigger fuel tank. It provides enough space for a 66-liter fuel tank, and the efficiency of this car provides a good mileage before you need to refill. For instance, it is most helpful while traveling long distances or where there are limited options to refuel.

Body Dimensions And Weight

The overall height of Suzuki Grand Vitara is about 5ft 8.50 inches providing enough head room in it. With an overall length of 4metre it offers plenty of room inside for both passengers’ cabin and in luggage compartment. It has a width of about 5’ 10 3/4” to provide both maneuverability and ample internal room.

Suzuki Grand Vitara interior

The car also provides an effective ground clearance almost 0 feet 7.87 inches or close to 7.87 inches which helps maneuver rough roads and small barriers. The whole of these dimensions makes Grand Vitara flexible and appropriate in different driving conditions.


Suzuki Grand Vitara has a 5-speed manual gearbox. Five-speed forward gear box and reverse gear, manual. A driver uses the manual transmission which gives full control of changing gears providing more active approach to driving. It is also amazingly pleasurable to people of this kind because they want to enjoy control of the car’s acceleration and engine as they shift gear manually.

Brake System

These brake specification gives an overview about the braking system employed in Suzuki Grand Vitara, which comprises of ventilated discs at the front of the car that helps in the rapid removal of heat energy while at the back there are drum brakes with firm braking performance.

Seating Capacity

Seating Capacity: The Suzuki Grand Vitara is designed to seat up to 5 persons comfortably. This means it has seating accommodations for the driver and four passengers, making it suitable for small families or groups. The 5-person seating capacity is a standard configuration for compact SUVs, balancing passenger space and cargo capacity.


  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Reliability and durability
  • Versatile Interior
  • Off-Road Capability


  • Should be available turbo or diesel engine


Despite its status of an old model, the Suzuki Grand Vitara is strongly designed, reliable and durable compact SUV. Some of them feature systems like a four-wheel or all-wheel drive tailored to off-road drivers and those driving on varied grounds. In addition, it has an adjustable interior that works quite alright for different ways people live their lives. The Grand Utara is ordinarily desirable especially where people want a car with an off road potential and narrow dimensions suitable for street driving.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Question

  • What is the Suzuki Grand Vitara?

The famous Suzuki Grand Vitara has always been associated with these qualities: a compact SUV famous for its off-road capabilities, versatility, and dependability.

  • Is Grand Vitara suitable for off-road driving?

Grand Vitara comes with some models with either AWD or 4WD options, making this model a good option for people looking for off road adventure.

  • How many passengers can the Grand Vitara accommodate?

Normally, a standard Grand Vitara accommodates only five people.

  • Is the Grand Vitara a reliable vehicle?

The Grand Vitara is one of the cars made by car manufacturers from Suzuki, famous for their longevity and reliability.

  • Is Grand Vitara good for a long drive?

In addition, a Grand Vitara makes comfortable and safe long journeys.

  • What is the top speed of the Grand Vitara?

It can run as high as 160 km/hour.

  • What is the advantage of Grand Vitara?

Advantages regarding this car include; its use in rugged areas, flexible, dependable, and incorporating urbans and off-road functions into one usage.

  • Is Grand Vitara a good choice?

Therefore, it will require that you determine your needs and desires so as to know if it would be useful for you or not. In such a case, this could turn out to be the best option considering that some people look for such combinations of off road and urban vehicles.

  • How many cylinders does a Grand Vitara have?

The number of cylinders in a Grand Vitara’s engine depends on the available engine size options like 3.2 and 1.8 Liters.

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Suzuki Grand Vitara Price In Bangladesh
Suzuki Grand Vitara Review
The Suzuki Grand Vitara offers a compelling package of features that cater to a wide range of drivers. With its available All-Wheel Drive (AWD) or 4WD systems, it's well-suited for those seeking off-road adventures and confident handling in various conditions. Inside, the vehicle provides a versatile interior with foldable rear seats, allowing for flexible passenger and cargo configurations. 
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Reliability and durability
  • Versatile Interior
  • Off-Road Capability
  • Should be available turbo or diesel engine 

Specification: Suzuki Grand Vitara Price In Bangladesh

Basic Specification
Body type


Max Power(Horsepower)

128 PS @ 6000 rpm


174 Nm @ 4200 rpmm

Performance & Fuel Economy

Top Speed(est)

160 km/h

Fuel Tank Capacity

66 litres

Transmission Type(Gear)


Brake System
Front Brake

Vented Discs

Rear Brake


Seating Capacity

5 Persons

Boot Space

227 Litre

Body Dimensions And Weight
Overall Height(Feet+Inch)

5' 8.50"

Overall Length(Feet+Inch)

13' 9.35"

Overall Width(Feet+Inch)

5' 10.07"

Ground Clearance(Feet+Inch)

0' 7.87"

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৳ 4,750,000

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Suzuki Grand Vitara Price In Bangladesh
Suzuki Grand Vitara Price In Bangladesh

৳ 4,750,000

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