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Ssangyoung Car Price in Bangladesh

SsangYong car brand intro:

SsangYong Motor, an auto manufacturer in Korea with a meaning of “double dragon”, has marked its presence in the global auto market by following its own path. Established 1954, the South Korean carmaker is always ahead of the curve, as it has tackled plenty of obstacles along the way and continues to come up with the most reliable, value-oriented vehicles you can find off-road.

Turned against the background of organizational and operational restructuring as well as financial troubles, SsangYong has remained resilient. At the present, the brand has clearly made progress in international market presence, which offers a huge variety of SUVs, pickups, and MPVs, fulfilling the customers who are of all types and looking for a practical and affordable blend. Renowned for their daring exterior designs and consumer prioritized comfort, SsangYong automobiles still defy the normally expected rulers in the automotive world.

SsangYong Car Brand History

SsangYong: A Dragon from Korea’s Farewell Journey (1954 – Nowadays)

SsangYong, the Korean for “Double Dragon”, has produced a story of ferocity, novelty, and evolution in their journey since 1954. Eventually, it all began when the Ha Dong-hwan Motor Workshop took shape – assembling buses and army trucks for the US army from repurposed materials. After that, the acts of mergers and acquisitions followed, when SsangYong absorbed the Korando model in 1977 and the Company was renamed as SsangYong Motor Company in 1986.

The crucial turning point was made in 1991 with the link with Daimler-Benz, which gave the key to high-grade technology. This cooperation produced the Musso, a well-known SUV for both on- and off- road paths. Nevertheless, financial problems came soon not long after the brand’s launch in Indonesia in 1998. Acquisition followed by Daewoo Motors then greater so did SAIC Motor in 2010 and at last MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA in 2011.

SsangYong car brand in Bangladesh

Official Entry: SsangYong was registered as an official player in the Bangladeshi market in 2014 through Millennium SsangYong Motors Ltd. that took over the distribution of those cars to the country. SsangYong took into account the, consequently, popularity of SUVs in Bangladesh and hence for its initial product line-up, the features that families longed for like space and utmost comfort were given importance. The company has put the parts of its marketing campaign that focuses on building distribution channels in place over the years with their dealerships growing across the places that are considered megacities in Bangladesh, making their vehicles easier for customers to come across for purchase.

SsangYong available model in Bangladesh:

SsangYong Motors Ltd. sells cars only in Bangladesh with the name ‘Millennium’ from its Bangladeshi office.

On the other hand, their main line of business is SUVs. The Tivoli, Rexton, Korando, as well as the Musso are the models which they are providing.

Ssangyoung Car Price in Bangladesh


Whether you rule the city or you opt for a weekend ride, it is always SUV practicality at an affordable price with the SsangYong Korando. The 5-seat mid-size SUV comes equipped with a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine, which develops 120 kW (161 hp) and 280 Nm (207 lb-ft) maximum torque. FWD is default as an option, and AWD is also on offer to enhance performance. In contrast, on the inside, there is this luxurious cabin for both the passengers and the loads. Additional tech features such as a touchscreen entertainment system let you stay in touch, while a safety feature like automatic emergency braking for safety gives you comfort. Korando: a multifunctional SUV car in a current adventurer’s perspective that has value.


Navigate the Rexton from SsangYong, the Mega- SUV with a range of strong features and a seating capacity for 7 adults. sporting a muscular 2.2L d tier turbo diesel motor that is matched with towing capacity of up to a whopping 3.5 tons. Adaptive four-wheel-drive technology is available to ensure you’re feeling confident and on trial roads. Cargo and passengers have enough space to move about and a variety of features such as leather heated seats provide more than the basic level of comfort. The latest tech has advanced safety features such as auto-emergency brake and lane departure warnings, making each trip secure regardless of weather or road conditions. The Ssangyoung  Rexton: a combination of features, ease of use and value for a traveling family of explorers.

Ssangyoung Car Price in Bangladesh

Musso Grand:

A rugged and reliable pickup from SsangYong is Musso Grand, which combines these two essential functions to perfection. Their budget workhorse is powered by a 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine (181 hp and 420 Nm of torque) and it is paired with either a 6-speed manual or Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission. It is a body-on-frame vehicle and the 4-wheel drive system can be optionally selected which makes the hills that are hard to traverse by the Musso Grand easier. As for inside, it’s a huge cabin with plenty of rear compartment (rear storage space 1262L). Its impressive dimensions (length: The dimensions of the (Longness: 5,944mm, width: 1,870mm, height: 1,770mm) and towing capacity of the 3 tons make it a perfect choice for both work and fun.

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