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Speeder Bike Price in Bangladesh

Speeder Motorcycles Brand History

The brand of Speeder Motorcycles from Bangladesh accelerated its advance and pull across the country’s motorcycle space, and each day it gets such a reputation for performance and style. Founded in 2002 the company called Speeder disposes on the range of motorcycles that can meet the interest of each rider.

Convicted in 2002, Speeder Motorcycles issued the initial sparks of their marvelous journey starting at the Bangladesh capital, Dhaka. Aiming to provide the best in class two wheel transportation that is both solid and trendy, Speeder has been able to make its mark in the Bangladesh market for motorcycles.

The headquarter, which is located precisely at 204-B Tajgoan Gulshan Link Road, Dhaka, provides a very important point, through which the operations and the customer aid can roll out.

Quality and performance are the real achilles heel of the company, as a significant share of popularity is connected with this. Despite the fact that within the mission statement Speeder defines its focus on the Bangladeshi market for now, it has gained some interest from other countries. As fid and comfortable are in the innovation’s end, all with the best expectations of be expanded and to bring them into a wider international market.

Distribution Network in Bangladesh

motorcycle manufacturer Speeder Motorcycles. With Genisys Motor BD Ltd is the business partner, Speeders has a chance to increase the number of groups that pose to be customers from all across the country. Genisys Motor BD Limited, famed and reliable company in the Bangladeshi motorcycle industry, thereby, have a potential role to play in ensuring that Speeder bikes reach every interested rider across the nation.

The strategic partnership BD deal between Speeder and Genisys Motor BD allows Speeder to basically confines itself to production and development, in contrast to the latter which makes use of its expertize in sales, distribution, and customer service. Collaborative work that comes from these categories allows the Speeder motorcycle customers in Bangladesh to have a smooth and fast way of experience.

Popular Speeder Models in Bangladesh

Among Speeder’s offerings, two models have captured the hearts (and throttle control) of Bangladeshi riders – the Speeder NSX 165R V3 and the Speeder NSX 165R V2.

Speeder Bike Price in Bangladesh

Speeder NSX 165R V3

As the speeder’s leader of the pack, the NSX 165R V3 boasts of an amazing 165cc engine with an unbelievable power output and performance offered. In heat of excitement, comfort and convenience are not the primary goals of this motorcycle.

Here’s a closer look at what makes the Speeder NSX 165R V3 a standout: Here’s a closer look at what makes the Speeder NSX 165R V3 a standout:

Powerful Engine: A 165cc engine is a unique package that offers remarkable power and incredible engine performance ideal for urban routes and highways.

Sporty Design: The upgraded NSX165RV3 is equipped with the most stylish, aerodynamic design and leaves a trail of envious eyes wherever it travels. The unconventional exterior design is by no means an exception to the rule, but rather a sharp line, and a comfortable riding position that lets you feel things that let you control the vehicle better too.

Advanced Features: Just like the V3 model, the NSX 165R V3 has some outstanding features such as a digital instrument cluster, disc brakes with much better stopping power, and an upgraded suspension system that provides smoothness as well as comfort.

Speeder Bike Price in Bangladesh

Speeder NSX 165R V2

A good alternative of the V3 one can still find the legendary Speeder NSX 165R V2, a well-beloved motorcycle for those who want a good and stylish one.

Engine of this car is same however as V3, NSX 165R V2 enables fun driving, and the car can be feasibly used for every day. Here are some key features of this motorcycle: Here are some key features of this motorcycle:

Performance Packed: Its 165cc engine provides a reasonable stabilizer for your daily commuting.

Visually Striking: The driver’s seat of an NSX 165R V2 is appreciably both functional and stylish which certainly involves wrap-around screen and an aerodynamic appearance built-in.

Reliable Features: The NSX 165R V2 has front disc brakes and comfortable suspension system, toxifying performance and rider comfort in the first place.

If you decide to pick up one NSX 165R V3 or V2, it all depends on what you prefer. The V3 provides the most recent developments and particularities, while the V2 still gives a good motorcycle, but perhaps for financially savvy people who are ready to pay a smaller price due to it being the older brand.

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