Speeder Bike Price In Bangladesh 2022

Below we provide the Speeder bike prices in Bangladesh 2022 along together with Speeder motorbike Bangladesh showroom, feature and new/upcoming Speeder motorbikes with BD specs pictures.

Speeder is a well-known motorcycle manufacturer which was founded in Bangladesh 2004. It was in operation until 2009 and ended their operations in 2017. In 2017, they began their trip again to Bangladesh.

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Prior to that (2004-2009) they made waves through their cruisers in Bangladesh. In 2017, they began introducing different models of bikes, including Cafe Racer, Naked Sports Bobber, and other bobber-shaped bikes in Bangladesh.

Speeder Countryman: The Speeder Countryman is loaded with lots of vintage features. A very well-known feature is the headlight that is circular. Headlights are halogen and it’s taillight has LED. The indicators are light bulbs. They aren’t ideal for long drives out of town, however they are adequate enough for the city commute.

Its Speeder Countryman comes with clip-on handlebars as well as thick seats. The handlebars resemble traditional cafe racers, something that the majority of retro bikes lack. The bike has the seat, which is made of leather and a sleek design that makes it appealing and refreshing. The tank’s design is retro, making it appear distinct.

Speeder Countryman comes with a minimalist and stylish, nevertheless useful instrument cluster. The instrument cluster consists of an indicator of the position of the gear and counter for RPM, a speedometer as well as other indicators. It’s refreshing as most cafe racers do not have the latest technology, but only half-baked concepts. Therefore, it was needed.

The Speeder Countryman has a single-cylinder with a 4-stroke and 163.7cc engine. It is carbureted and oil-cooled, something that is expected in this price range. The engine puts out about 12kW at 8000rpm, and 17Nm torque. Its power is decent as compared to other bikes of this price range. It is able to travel around 30 to 35 kmpl.

This Speeder Countryman also has a basic multi-plate wet clutch system. There are six gears in the clutch, and they are ideal for speed and power output to the motorbike. The top speed of the bike is estimated to be approximately 120 mph.

Its model Speeder Countryman is a short motorcycle. It features a saddle that measures 780mm and the enviable distance of ground clearance that is 200 millimeters. This clearance is sufficient to make it suitable for city travel. Also, it has 11 liters of fuel capacity. That is a substantial tank that is sufficient for long trips away from town. This improves the efficiency of the fuel and makes it a more suitable vehicle for roads that are longer.

The Speeder Countryman has a small body, compared to other bikes. The length, height, width, weight, and height that are available on the Speeder Countryman are 1010mm, 2060mm, 130kg and 750mm respectively. It is among the lightest bikes in the 165cc segments available in the country. The wheelbase is 1340mm, which is adequate for stability in cornering.

Speeder Big Monster 160 (FI): This Speeder Big Monster with a 165 It is a fashion-forward clone to the Ducati Monster. This motorcycle could be a cosmetic clone but it’s still pretty nice, when you compare it to many motorcycles found in Bangladesh. It also has impressive specifications. Its Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is an exceptional bike. It is a naked sport bike that will please the motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to own a Ducati but are unable due to the limit on cc of Bangladesh.

The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI includes a complete LED light configuration. The headlight has an LED projection unit, as well as a high beam unit and DRL unit. The overall configuration of the headlight is identical to that of the Ducati Monster, but also distinct from the majority of bikes in Bangladesh. This Speeder Big Monster 165 FI has LED tail lights and indicators.

The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is equipped with an extremely informative and minimalist instrument cluster. The instrument cluster contains the speedometer, RPM counter as well as odo and trip meters. The instrument cluster on the bike also features an indicator of the position of the gear and a clock for additional information.

The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI comes in one primary color and that’s red. There are other colors that appear occasionally. For instance, blue, black, etc. The colors are completely basic and come with none of the external decals, with the exception for branding and bold text that reads, “Designed by Ducati”.

The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is fuel-injected and equipped with CBS. The first thing to do is fuel injection. This allows for the motorcycle to be extremely fuel efficient , and the power distribution will be extremely steady. This Speeder Big Monster 165 FI also comes with CBS (Combi Braking System) that allows both brakes to be activated when both rear brakes are activated. This boosts the braking efficiency of the bike dramatically.

The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is equipped with a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine and 163cc. It is fuel-injected and air-cooled. The figures for power and torque are in line with counterparts, and higher than some of them. The engine puts out about 15.3BHP from power around 8000 RPM as well as 14.6Nm in torque when it is at 6600 RPM. The power is enough for the bike to cruise through the city streets comfortably. It will boast a fuel efficiency of 30 to 35 kmpl.

The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is equipped with a wet Multi-plate clutch. The bike is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox, and speed is exaggerated even in sixth gear. It has an estimated top speed of about 135kmph.

Speeder is a new Bangladeshi motorcycle brand. This company sources different models of motorcycles from the market in the world and distributes the similar models in Bangladesh. They are currently sourcing motorbikes made by Chinese manufacturers and redesigning them to be Speeder to be used in Bangladesh.

Thus, the newly formed company was able to offer some of the most popular motorcycles on the market. The brand is owned by business company Genisys Motor BD Limited that was formed in the year 2017. In 2018 the company began trading its Speeder brand motorcycles on the market.

At present, Genisys Motor BD sourcing their motorcycle models from one of the well-known Chinese motorcycle makers Yingang is YGMotor. This YGMotor is the manufacturing business of Yingang Group that was founded in 1990 in Chongqing, China. This company has been the producer of a variety of models including scooters, motorcycles, E-bikes, tricycles, and E-bikes.

Genisys Motor BD brings a handful of motorcycle models that originate from YGMotor China. The distributor is responsible for marketing and distribution of these models of motorbikes changing their brand name to their own name Speeder. The same facilities also offer after-sales service as well as spare components for the motorcycles distributed.

Contact: Speeder Bangladesh

204-B, Tejgaon Gulshan Link Road,

Dhaka 1208, Bangladesh

Call: 01950-102102

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. Where Is Speeder Made From?

Ans- Speeder Motorcycles are made in China.

2. How Many Models Speeder Has In Bangladesh?

Ans- Speeder currently has 4 models in Bangladesh.

3. Who are the importer of Yamaha motorcycle in Bangladesh?

Ans- Speeder Countryman is a 165cc cafe racer solely designed to inherit the cafe racer characteristics.

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