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Roadmaster Bike Price in Bangladesh

Roadmaster Bike History

Legends about the world view motorcycles through the prism of quality and diligence, and the company always relied on roadmaster as a brand, whose history begins a hundred years ago. Established in 1901, the brand has been known worldwide as a top producer, producing numerous motorbike models, which cater to first-time motorcycle riders and seasoned professionals.

Even though their main production site is located in Pesaro Italy, we can travel under the brand Roadmaster in any part of the world as the company’s motorcycles conquer roads around the globe. In Bangladesh Roadmaster motorcycles are provided by Road Master Motors that is the name of the distributor which makes it easy to get these bike around the country and provide after service and parts to the customers.

Official Distributor of Roadmaster Bikes

Roadmaster Motors Ltd. acts as its metaphorical distributor and sales partner of Roadmaster bikes in Bangladesh. This is not a case of distribution of another brand alone because they are the manufacturer for some models under the brand name Roadmaster as well as distributing motorcycles from Dayun. Roadmaster Motors Ltd is one of the motorcycle manufacturers Bangladesh.

They distribute two brands: Takachar and its solar-powered systems, and Roadmaster, which is also owned by Dayun. Altogether they have a dealership and company owned showroom network of two hundred thirty four dealers all across the country.

Some models of the Road Master bikes exclusively available in Bangladesh are the Rapido 165, the Velocity 125, the Prime 100, and Rex .

Popular Roadmaster Bikes in Bangladesh

Roadmaster holds motorcycle market of Bangladesh with many of different models available to passenger and their budgets choices. Here’s a closer look at three of their most popular models:Here’s a closer look at three of their most popular models:

Roadmaster Bike Price in Bangladesh

Roadmaster Rapido 165: The Roadmaster Rapido 165 is the ultimate motorcycle, with a triumphant blend of power and speed. The modest 165 cc engine of this single-cylinder, air-cooled machine breathes out great torque and fills the heart with the unforgettable enthusiastic rides of life. The vehicle comes in a streamlined, modern and athletic design with amazing decals that will make you stand out and look sharp on any street.

Roadmaster Rapido: For those looking for a bike which needs a balance of power and fuel efficiency, the Roadmaster Rapido bike is a brilliant option. This 150cc vehicle has a lovely and efficient ride which offers a good mileage, thus it feels good for normal day commutes as well as weekend trips away. Not only does its style and design stand out, but the Rapido is built with comfort and utility in mind, resulting to a comfy and pleasant ride.

Roadmaster Bike Price in Bangladesh

Roadmaster Delight: The Roadmaster Delight Comfort or fuel-efficiency commuter motorcycle model is ideal for the new riders or for those who want a comfortable ride with economical fuel. This little 100cc motorbike is so light to drive and it can be easily manipulated, hence it’s the one to use in the city’s heavy traffic. A convenient design of the Delight makes it attractive, offers a relaxed riding position and a cushioned seat.

The Roadmaster Advantage in Bangladesh

The Roadmaster motorcycle in Bangladesh is not just about the motorcycle but it is an emblem of freedom, power, and timeless style. Here are some additional benefits you can expect:Here are some additional benefits you can expect:

Widespread Dealer Network: Road Master has already developed a strong network of dealers in Bangladesh, which gives to customers facilities located in every place for sale and service.

Genuine Parts and Service: The mid-level Roadmaster motorcycles are in turn supported by professional servicing centres which are situated country-wide and are able to provide you with the original (genuine) parts and superior service to keep your bike working like new.

Competitive Pricing: Roadmaster bikes are the right choice when you’re looking not just for bikes, but for an affordable option in Bangladesh. Their competitive pricing appeals to every buyer who wants to be a rider while being budget-conscious.

Fuel Efficiency: The variety of Roadmaster models is quite popular due to their remarkable fuel efficiency that helps you save a tremendous amount of money on gas and suggests longer travels without having to stop to refill your tank.

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