Roadmaster Bike Price In Bangladesh 2022

Below you will find the latest Roadmaster bike prices in Bangladesh (2022), all Roadmaster Motorcycle Bangladesh showroom addresses, and the most recent/upcoming Roadmaster motorbike specifications, images.

Roadmaster Motors Ltd. was one of the first to produce motorcycles in Bangladesh (Source). Roadmaster Automobiles Ltd. is currently selling the two most famous brands, Dayun and Roadmaster in Bangladesh through 234 showrooms.

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Roadmaster Motors Limited is a local motorcycle company in Bangladesh. The company is involved in marketing different types of motorcycles imported directly from China.

The company imports spare parts and assembles them in their own assembly plant. For over a decade, they have been selling motorcycles manufactured in Bangladesh.

Roadmaster Motors Ltd., is one of the main concerns of Update Group. The Update Group was formed in January 1992.

They began their journey by working in the export-oriented readymade clothes industry. So, they established another type of export and import business.

Roadmaster Rapido 165: It looks almost like a dragon from afar. If you look at the bike from the front, you will see a resemblance to the Panigale V4 (which is a visual copy) or the GPX Demon. However, the Roadmaster is also unique in its design features.

If you dig deeper into the design factors, you’ll see that the Rapido 165 sports a sporty graphics design. The bike’s sporty design is also made possible by its low ground clearance, shorter length and wider body. It will be hard to believe how far Bangladeshi technology is, regardless of how long you stare at it.

The bike has a Combined Braking System. The Combined Braking System (CBS) allows the rear and front wheels to brake simultaneously when the rear brake levers are engaged. This safety feature allows riders to brake with one brake, so the wheels do not slip on the road.

A dual-LED headlight is another important feature. The headlight is an integral part of the bike. Unfortunately, many bikes in Bangladesh still use the old Halogen headlights. Rapido 165 comes with dual LED headlights. One for high beams, the other for low beams.

Roadmaster Rapido 165 has a Single Cylinder Carburetor 4-stroke engine. It can kick start or self-start using Capacitor Discharge Ignition(CDI) technology. It produces 15.3 horsepower at 8000 RPM and 14.6 Nm torque at 6600 RPM.

It also comes with a Wet Type MultiDisc clutch system with 5-speed gearbox. It is expected to get around 35-38 mpl of city mileage and about 40 mpl on the highway. It has a 14-liter fuel container.

Roadmaster Velocity: The Roadmaster Velocity comes with a fully digital speedometer/odometer. The speedometer displays all the normal properties as well as more. The gear indicator is very important for amateur riders.

Roadmaster Velocity was created to look great. Although it’s a small bike it still looks fantastic. It features jetted indicators that attach to the air scoops at the sides of the tank.

The air scoops are extended downwards to sport a sporty look. The exhaust system is large. The bike looks more muscular thanks to the exhaust.

Roadmaster Velocity has a Euro 2 engine. This makes the bike more efficient and friendly for the environment. The Roadmaster Velocity features a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine with 2-valves and a 99.71cc displacement. Air-cooling is an option, though this could be an older design. It has a good power and torque ratio. 8.4BHP of power is produced at 8000rpm. The engine also produces 7.5Nm torque at 5000rpm.

A wet multi-disc clutch is included on the bike. It also includes a 4-speed transmission, which can be a little boring. However, it makes turning easier and has longer gears that have good engine braking.

Roadmaster Rex: The Roadmaster Rex features a USB port, which is something that only high-end bikes do not have. Bikers often find themselves in a situation where their phone battery runs out. A USB port solves this problem. This USB port comes with a waterproof cover, unlike many other aftermarket options.

The Roadmaster Rex’s dashboard is a great way to introduce the bike and its features to new riders. A gear position indicator is located in the dash. It is one of the most valuable features on a motorcycle. The rest of the functionalities are analog.

The bike is simple in design and has a retro feel. Red is the only available color option in one design. Because there is only one available color on the bike, buyers won’t need to consider which color they want.

The Roadmaster Rex is equipped with an 80cc engine and a single-cylinder, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine. The engine is air-cooled as it should be. This bike has a remarkable power figure of 6BHP at 8000rpm. It is also expected to be very fuel-efficient. The company claims that the engine gets around 60 kmpl.

This bike has a 4-speed gearbox. This means that you don’t need to shift down when turning the bike. Instead, you can use the engine brake to turn the bike.

They are currently involved with a range of diverse business industries such as Automobiles, Battery, Rubber and Alternative Energy, Chain Hotel Construction, Real Estate & Construction, Logistics supply & Services, and Real Estate & Construction.

Roadmaster Motors Limited is now able to provide automobile services. It’s doing very well in motorcycle manufacturing in Bangladesh.

Roadmaster Motors currently markets two different brands in Bangladesh. They have distributed the Chinese Dayun brand motorcycles to Bangladesh for many decades.

They continue their marketing and sales activities through 234 dealers and company-owned showrooms scattered across the country.

Additionally, they produce and market their own motorcycles that are branded as Roadmaster.

They established a state-of-the -art manufacturing facility within Guangzhou Dayang Motorcycle Company’s technical collaboration. This factory is used for assembly and production of the Dayun- and Roadmaster motorcycles.

Contact: Roadmaster Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Call: 01976-699635

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. Where are Roadmaster bikes made in?

Ans- Roadmaster motorcycles are assembled in Bangladesh.

2. Is Roadmaster a Bangladesh brand?

Ans- Roadmaster is a Bangladesh motorcycle brand.

3. Which is the most popular Roadmaster Bike?

Ans- Roadmaster Prime 80 is the most popular Roadmaster motorcycle

4. How much is Roadmaster Prime?

Ans- Roadmaster Prime 80 costs 60,900 BDT.

5. Are Roadmaster bikes made in Bangladesh?

Ans- Roadmaster motorcycles are assembled in Bangladesh.

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