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Renault Car Price in Bangladesh

The price of Renault car in Bangladesh starts from ৳ 6 Lakh to 42 lakhs. The most expensive Renault car in Bangladesh is Renault Duster with a price of ৳ 33.00 Lakh. Low price of an affordable Renault car in Bangladesh is Renault Kwid with a price of ৳ 16.50 Lakh.

There are a total of 3 Renault models currently on sale in Bangladesh. These include 2 SUVs and 1 Hatchback. Renault has no upcoming car launches in Bangladesh.

The newest model/Upcoming in the Renault line-up is not available right now. 

Renault car prices in Bangladesh under 10 Lakh include the Renault Triber (৳ 9.29 Lakh) and KWID RXL 0.8 (৳ 6.35 Lakh).

Renault Used car price in Bangladesh which include Renault kwid 2018 (৳ 8.50 Lakh).

Available Renault car price in Bangladesh (2024 July) List:

All Renault Available Official & Unofficial Cars in Bangladesh

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Key highlights of Renault cars

Popular ModelsRenault Duster, Renault Kwid, Renault Triber
Most ExpensiveRenault Duster (BDT. 33 Lakh)
Affordable ModelRenault Kwid (BDT. 16.50 Lakh)
Upcoming ModelsNot available right now.
Fuel TypePetrol, Diesel

Renault SUV Cars in Bangladesh

There are 2 SUVs available in Bangladesh now. Prices are below :

Renault Triber Price in Bangladesh is 1,270,940 Taka (BDT). 2nd Hand Renault Triber Price in Bangladesh is around 07 laks to 10 laks Taka (BDT). It has a 999 cc 3-cylinder petrol engine.

Renault Duster Price in Bangladesh is 3,300,000 Taka (BDT). 2nd Hand Renault Duster Price in Bangladesh is around 15 laks to 25 laks Taka (BDT). It has a 1498 cc 4-cylinder Petrol Engine .

Renault Hatchback Cars in Bangladesh

There is currently 1 Hatchback available in Bangladesh now. Prices are below :

Renault Kwid Price in Bangladesh is 1,650,000 Taka (BDT). 2nd Hand Renault Kwid Price in Bangladesh is around 09 laks to 14 laks Taka (BDT). It has a 999 cc 3-cylinder Petrol Engine

Upcoming Renault Cars in Bangladesh

 Currently, there are no upcoming cars in Bangladesh.

Renault Car Price In Bangladesh: 2024 (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Renault brand History :

Thomas Renault started his story of the company 123 years ago in 1898 with a one-car, that is, the Voiturette 1CV. They swiftly gained popularity because of their small, swift car; they took children by surprise in a speed contest. Renault participated productively in World War I, In particular, they took the lead role in generating important vehicles such as taxies, trucks and tanks for Allied forces during the War.

After the war, in turn, it tried to bring down the average car prices. Beside existing brands, they designed new ones, for example, 4CV and Dauphine. And they have also started their operations in other nations, meaning that they have over time become a major producer of cars not only within a particular country, but all over the world.

The French state took Renault under its wings in the years of the 1970s to protect it from bankruptcy which was looming due to a difficult period in their economy. This is the time Renault 5 was manufactured. The Renault 5, which quickly became popular, was the star of this era. In the end, Renault and Nissan, a business partner in the automotive field, were doing business together in order to know what they didn’t and open new markets. The end of the nineties was a stage where Renault left its newly privatized status.

Now, Renault is well ahead of the competition in car production. They produce beautiful and safe cars with the latest technology inside. Moreover, their electric car division, the Zoe, is on the top sales charts for electric cars in Europe. However, Renault as an innovator is very much about breaking new grounds or venturing into new technologies that include self-driving cars and the integration of software into the vehicles. From a one-product car to a global brand that forever shaped the future of transportation, the story of Renault is an ever-changing event and major decision.

Renault’s arrival in Bangladesh:

The arrival of Renault in Bangladesh marks a new Act in the country’s auto narrative. Unlike some long-established players, Renault’s journey began around 2018 with their official entry through a local dealership, Karnaphuli Group. This marked a significant moment, introducing Bangladeshi drivers to two new options: the dual-mode 1000cc KWID Climber hatchback that is agile and economizing, and the multitask 1500cc Duster crossover SUV. They developed a pricing model that was oriented towards a segment of the low-end market where customers value functionality and economical designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What models of Renault cars are available in Bangladesh?
Ans: In Bangladesh, Renault offers models like the Renault Kwid, Duster, Triber, and Kiger.

2. Where can I buy a Renault car in Bangladesh?
Ans: Renault cars can be purchased from authorized dealerships across major cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet.

3. Are Renault cars fuel-efficient?
Ans: Yes, Renault cars are known for their fuel efficiency, particularly models like the Renault Kwid and Triber, which offer excellent mileage.

4.  What kind of warranty does Renault provide for its cars in Bangladesh?
Ans: Renault typically offers a standard warranty of 2 years or 50,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. However, it’s best to check with local dealers for specific warranty details.

5. Where can I service my Renault car in Bangladesh?
Ans: Renault cars can be serviced at authorized service centres located in major cities across Bangladesh.

6. Are spare parts for Renault cars easily available in Bangladesh?
Ans: Yes, spare parts for Renault cars are generally available at authorized service centres and spare parts shops in Bangladesh.

7. How does Renault ensure the safety of its cars?
Ans: Renault cars come equipped with various safety features like ABS, airbags, rear parking sensors, and more, depending on the model.

8. What is the resale value of Renault cars in Bangladesh?
Ans: Renault cars generally have a good resale value in Bangladesh.

9. Are Renault cars suitable for Bangladeshi road conditions?
Ans: Yes, models like the Renault Duster and Kwid are well-suited for Bangladeshi road conditions due to their high ground clearance and robust build.

10. What are the colour options available for Renault cars in Bangladesh?
Ans: Renault offers a variety of colour options for its cars, including popular choices like white, silver, red, blue, and black.

11. How often should I service my Renault car?
Ans: It is recommended to service your Renault car every 10,000 kilometres or once a year, whichever comes first.

Q: Can I buy a used Renault car in Bangladesh?
Ans: Yes, used Renault cars are available in the Bangladeshi market through various online platforms and car dealerships.

12. What is the fuel type used in Renault cars in Bangladesh?
Ans: Renault cars in Bangladesh typically run on petrol, but some models may also have diesel variants.

13. Are there any promotional offers or discounts on Renault cars in Bangladesh?
Ans: Yes, Promotional offers and discounts are often available during festive seasons or special sales events.

14. How can I book a Renault car in Bangladesh?
Ans: You can book a Renault car by visiting an authorized dealership or through Renault’s official website.

15. What makes Renault cars a good choice in Bangladesh?
Ans: Renault cars offer a good balance of affordability, fuel efficiency, safety features, and suitability for local road conditions, making them a popular choice in Bangladesh.

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