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Regal Raptor Bike Price in Bangladesh

Regal Raptor Brand History

The Regal Raptor was birthed in 1999, when Horse Zhang, the boss of Lifeng Group, a motorcycle industry component manufacturing enterprise based in China, saw an opportunity to make a difference. This company built the basis of the Regal Raptor’s success. The initial model from Regal Raptor incorporated an innovative 250cc, liquid-cooled, twin cylinder engine which was a mark of the brand’s desire for advancement.

This innovative spirit went on in 2003 when Regal Raptor became the first company to produce cruiser motorcycles in China. This had been a landmark not only for the brand but also for the whole Chinese motorcycle industry. Regal Raptor’s innovative approach that is performance orientated has led to it becoming a household name across the world and its Bangladesh presence is provided by Zaman Motors Limited.

Regal Raptor Bikes in Bangladesh

The entrance of Regal Raptor in the dynamic motorcycle scene of Bangladesh is greeted by its enthusiastic riders. The brand meets the needs of a growing group of riders who want more than just a means of transport. Regal Raptor bikes are made for riding enthusiasts who want an exciting ride, a powerful machine on two wheels, and a bike that expresses their distinctiveness.

Zaman Motors Ltd., the authorised agent of Regal Raptor in Bangladesh, arranges a smooth ownership process. Regal Raptor motorcycles come in all different sizes, ready for all the riders to discover and tame the open roads.

Popular Regal Raptor Bikes in Bangladesh

Regal Raptor Bike Price in Bangladesh

Regal Raptor Pilder: The captain of the streetfighters, the Pilder, is a bulletproof monster promised to outshine its opponents on the asphalt. The Pilder’s sporty and edgy aesthetics, which come with sharp lines and a mighty engine, embodies the ideal mix for the driver who needs a powerful ride spiced up by urban taste. Its comfortable seat design helps make your travel journey easy, but high-tech features further ensure the bike ride to be thrilling and controlled.

Regal Raptor Bike Price in Bangladesh

Regal Raptor GTXL 165R: For those who are thrilled with the idea of an endless stretch of asphalt and unlimited miles, the GTXL 165R is the ultimate realisation of that dream. This unique touring machine complies with a soft riding position, big-sized luggage compartment, and a powerful engine that swallows roads more easily. GTXL 165R is constructed to excel on miles- long adventures in style and comfort. This is a perfect bike for adventurous riders who love travelling and exploring the beautiful landscapes of Bangladesh.

Why Choose a Regal Raptor Motorcycle?

Performance: Regal Raptor Motorcycles the legendary tagline is performance. From the superb range of engines to the most advanced suspension system, every detail of the bike is thoughtfully planned to provide a thrilling riding experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Regal Raptor uses leading motorcycle edge technologies as its base. This guarantees optimal functioning, safety, and efficiency, leaving no room for accidents and prompting confidence from the riders.

Value: Regal Raptor must be the best investment one can ever make since it is very affordable. These motorbikes will give both power and performance while retaining the same character at a good price. This is why they are the right choice for budget-oriented riders who nonetheless would not like to compromise quality.

A Network of Support: Zaman Motors Limited, the authorised distributor of Range Rover in Bangladesh, guarantees round-the-clock after-sales service and aid. To guarantee riders with genuine spare parts, skilled technicians, and a network that they can depend on to keep their Regal Raptor at top speed, it is vital that there is a system in place.

Regal Raptor is not just a mere motorcycle brand; it mirrors individuality and an exuberant show of affection of the open road. It is aimed at those riders who feel the need to get away from the ordinary, who want a bike that has the same dreams and desires as they do and that reflects their impetus for action and passion for adventure.

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