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MG Car Price In Bangladesh

MG car brand History:

A Century of Sporting Spirit: MG’s rich automotive history is the backbone to why this brand is so popular with motoring enthusiasts all over the world.

MG, which is a brand that’s always linked with sports driving and timeless design, traces its history to more than 100 years ago. The name MG existed already in the 1920s. Here’s a comprehensive look at MG’s journey:

Here’s a comprehensive look at MG’s journey:

From Humble Beginnings to Sporting Legacy (1920s-1930s):

Morris Garage Magic: The Account of MG car starts with Cecil Kimber, who was a manager at Morris Garages (MG) at Oxford. In 1924, he was perfectly happy turning the Morris car into a faster performing machine. He then applied the “MG Super Sports’ ‘ badge on the improvements made. Such cars, judging from the historicity, became the object of desire for the customers.

A Marque is Born: The ultimate result realized on improved handlers contributed to the formation of the M.G.Car Company Limited in 1930. The MG 14/28, where the 65 mph top speed made MG known for their ornamental cars.

Motorsport Triumphs: Although MG actively engaged in motor racing, winning, such as the class win in the difficult ten hundred miles of Mille Miglia race, the company was not able to establish a racing image as robust as Alfa Romeo. This just proved that MG was a quiet brand that linked sports and performance with driving excitement.

Post-War Boom and the Golden Age (1940s-1960s):

Post-War Production: At the end of the second world war, MG Company was re-established and it began to manufacture its products in the late 40s. In 1962, the very first MGB (Mödül Glas Boot—German for Glass Optimistic Body) was launched, becoming a worldwide fan-favorite that was affordable, featured open-top driving, and nicely-handled.

MG’s Golden Age: Noses of cars were longer, wings were wide, and upholstery looked more presentable in the ’50s and ’60s, these are known as the golden years of MG sports cars. For instance, cars like the MGA and the MGB wherein style was as important as performance and also the modesty in their cost were highly persuasive to many people. Because of this mode they become the symbols of culture, which appear in many films and are beloved by the same fans of these cars all around the world.

MG brand History in Bangladesh:

While MG is a relatively new entrant in the road space of Bangladesh, MG as a global brand establishes its imprint in the history. Classic manufacturer of the famous MG garages software Morris Garages launched in 1924, MG, however, ignited the passion of driving maniacs in the world with vehicles like MG 14/28. MG Bangladesh, which started within the distribution of RANCON British Motors Limited in 2023, ensures that the already-eminent brand makes its foothold in an emerging national space. MG would rather be better known for its efforts on fashionable vehicles which are reasonable in price and their electric variants like the MG ZS EV are able to create a new outlook for the automotive industry in Bangladesh. That is where this amalgamation of classic British ethics and modern technology exists which can match the needs of middle class consumers who desire a different driving experience.

MG’s Car Model Specifications (Slight Differences per Region)

The following is with some vital specs for the MG5, ZST, HS, and MG 4 EV.

MG Car Price in Bangladesh


Through a balance of styling and convenience, MG5 transforms into a sporty sedan on the road. This dynamic, fastback design provides more than you could imagine, with 512 liters of trunk loading space offered. Eco-minded drivers may opt for the naturally aspirated 1.5L engine for its efficiency, while adrenaline-fueled drivers would choose the turbo 1.5L engine for its excitement. Similarly, they also have either manual or automatic transmissions, for a nice drive feel. Not only fruit with tech features but available in a variety of trims, the MG5 is the car that brings you the fun and exciting driving experience at a reasonable price.


The MG ZST comes as a desirable subcompact crossover that brings fun to you while you are running the roads. It offers two engine choices: a fuel efficient 1.5 L naturally aspirated engine delivering sufficient power for cities, or a 1.3 L turbo for highly spirited driving. They also match the low-key and user-friendly trans missions. The ZST model comes with an exceptional interior design including a spacious 360-degree sunroof and a brawny 10.1-inches screen touch system. MG Pilot safety options and a 7 years warranty are some of the features you can expect from the MG ZST which keeps you safe and protected while enjoying a smooth ride that equals the price of the car.

MG Car Price in Bangladesh


MG HS Compact SUV equipped with a lot of functions for the daily urban stuff or your weekend adventures. Behind the bonnet is a 2.0L turbocharged engine that allows for an exciting driving experience and delivers 360 Nm of torque. The standard package includes a large sunroof, modern LED headlights and tail lights as well as 18 inches diamond-cut alloy wheels that add a wonderful touch of sophistication. On the inside, the MG Hs offers a roomy and plush interior for occupants that comes with a dual-zone automatic air conditioning system and an infotainment system that is easy to use. The MG HS, with its focus on safety, and the initial purchase cost that won’t scare the budget, represents a great alternative to many automotive users.

MG 4 EV:

The MG 4 EV is an all-electric hatchback that provides a long range of 323 miles (dependent on battery type), high-speed performance, agile handling and more rigid structure while being slightly lighter than ICE vehicles. The rear wheel drive feature combined with a powerful electric motor allowing its speed to increase from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds or less. The car is equipped with the 10.25-inch touchscreen installed inside the spacious cabin as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for easy connection of iPhone and Android devices, respectively. By the combination of thrill, range, and technology, the MG 4 EV is probably an attractive choice for environmentally-conscious riders who also want to enjoy entertainment.

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