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Maxus Car Price in Bangladesh

Maxus Car Brands History

The Maxus Car Brand has shown itself as a powerhouse with an ability to appeal to both car enthusiasts and prospective buyers. Having started in 2011, this has been a fast-growing brand which has soon been associated with quality manufacture, styling, great performance, and cutting-edge innovation. A global footprint and dedicated goal of the highest quality has made Maxus a symbol of automotive excellence in a challenging market for cars of Bangladesh has been nothing else but astounding.

Maxus established in March 2011 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, which is one of China’s leading auto producers. As part of the Maxus family based in the metropolitan area of Shanghai, the automotive unit had access to the success and experience of the mother company thus enabling it to step into the business knowing not only the automotive industry but also its specifics well.

From its inception, Maxus has been driven by a singular vision: to reinvent the automotive driving experience through providing cars that fade away as a simple means of transportation. Through an artistic outlook, incessant curiosity and ceaseless pursuit of the high standard, Maxus has occupied a market niche where its products and services meet the requirements of high-end customers in the world market.

Maxus Car in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, a fast growing economy that has gained a good amount of upper class and own a sophisticated vehicles, has decorated Maxus with warmly Through its alliance with an automotive distributor named Rancon, which has been ranked among the leading players in the market, Maxus has successfully opened a robust coverage in the Bangladeshi motoring sector.

A historic name like Rancon has over the years mingled itself in the emotional fabric of the Bangladeshi people and has up to this point been a symbol of surety and reliability for them. It is not surprising that Rancon has become an integral part of introducing Maxus to the Bangladeshi consumer. Committed to a wide distribution network of showrooms and service points all over the country, Rancon delivers that ease of access to the person who drives a Maxus car no matter their place.

Most Popular Maxus Car: 

Maxus Car Price in Bangladesh

In the various models that Maxus is equipped with, the D90 has turned out to be a model that is exceptional, and has captured the hearts and minds of Bangladeshis who have a passionate love of automobiles. This autoclave expresses the principle of Maxus perfectly, merging the toughness with the beauty of finishing.

The Maxus D90 is an icon indicating that the brand is sturdy in facing the latest technologies development as well as the outstanding design. Moreover with its bold and muscular exterior it dominates the road environment and brags as if it was saying “Hey, I am the strongest one”. However, discreetly unconscious of it is, the interior is composed of an exceptionally design of opulence and sheer comfort as well.

Showing unsurpassed space and thorough cabin appearance the D90 provides a unique driving feel. From the high-quality fabric and the segment-leading ergonomics, to the superb infotainment system and the most advanced safety features, every detail of the D90 has been painstakingly developed to deliver a fast sedan experience to the driver.

Maxus’ Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Being the most renowned model in Bangladesh, the D90 remains a minor component within Maxus’ wealth of hood. In its wide array of vehicles, Maxus confirms the standard of quality and innovation everywhere and represents a niche line up.

Maxus adopts state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and integrates latest automotive technologies, thus confirming that only the best vehicles, starting from the ones that just came off the production line, reach the stores. Maxus has not only kept their commitment to quality but also created a community of discerning consumers who put reliability, performance, and longevity on a high value list.

Additionally, Maxus has always been on the forefront of trail in incorporating cutting-edge technologies and features aimed at enhancing driving. It has taken the driving to a new level of excellence each time. Whether it is the APS which improves driver convenience, or the EPT which is neat for the environment, Maxus is purposely at the top of developing highly innovative environmental-friendly technologies that makes Maxus itself among the top futuristic automobile makers.

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