Lifan Bike Price In Bangladesh 2022

Below you’ll find updated Lifan price in Bangladesh 2021, all Lifan Motorcycle Bangladesh showroom addresses, and all upcoming/latest Lifan Motorbikes specifications, images.

Lifan Motorcycles is the most popular Chinese motorbikes available in Bangladesh. Lifan KPR 150 bikes and Lifan KPR165 bikes offer the best value for money in BD.

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Lifan is a Chinese automobile brand that makes motorcycles, four stroke engines, passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Lifan is one the biggest Chinese motorcycle manufacturers. LIFAN, which combines R&D with manufacturing, sales and marketing, is currently present in over 117 countries around the globe.

Lifan Motorcycle began operating in Bangladesh in 2007 in partnership with Rasel Industries Limited.

Lifan KPR165R EFI: Lifan, a Chinese Motorcycle Manufacturer, has shocked Bangladeshi bikers by their low-cost commuter and sportbikes. Prior to Lifan, there was a small market for sportbikes in Bangladesh. There were only a few Chinese bikes and some Japanese sportbikes. After Life’s introduction, the bike market changed drastically and there was an increase in demand for affordable bikes.

Rasel Industries introduced Lifan KPR 150 back in 2015. Rasel Industries introduced Lifan KPR 150 R (EFI), after gaining great success and respect from the biking community. Lifan KPR 165R has been a strong contender since then.

The Lifan KPR 165R / EFI (EFI) may appear visually similar to its predecessor, the Lifan KPR 150R (EFI), but it is powered by a completely new engine. The engine boasts a new power and torque ratio. EFI is the engine, which is a major upgrade from the Carburetor Lifan KPR150.

The Lifan 165R (EFI), has a complete LED setup. It also features a projected LED headlight. This high beam can be seen clearly up to China. Both the rear and indicator lights are also LED. These LED lights are more efficient than a Halogen light and provide better visibility on night rides.

The Lifan KPR 165R / EFI looks strong and muscular. You might mistake the Lifan KPR 165R (EFI) for a more expensive bike due to its sporty design and sharp edges. You will also find sporty graphics on the bike. The bike is available in a cool, glossy, but not too shiny color. This gives it a retro feel. However, the bike’s disappointing feature is the plastic body.

Lifan KPR 165R EFI (EFI) has an EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection). This means that it is equipped with an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which regulates the amount of fuel required by the engine. This system improves fuel efficiency.

The 4-stroke single-cylinder engine is 165cc and liquid-cooled. The engine generates 16.8 BHP power at 8000 RPM and 17 Nm torque at 6500 RPM. While the engine’s power and torque numbers are not very impressive in the sportbike category, they are excellent in the commuter market.

The Lifan KPR165R(EFI) includes a basic wet multiplate clutch system. What is really exciting is the 6-speed gearbox. The 6-speed gearbox makes this bike a performance-oriented bike. 

Lifan KPT 150 ABS: Bangladesh’s adventure-loving population is growing rapidly. Motorcycles were originally used for commuting. However, the number and quality of adventure bikes are increasing slowly. There are currently only two adventure bikes that are available in Bangladesh. They are the Lifan KPT 150 ABS and Aprilia Terre. The Lifan KPT 150 ABS will be discussed here.

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Lifan. Lifan is China’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and has been in business since 1992. Two of Bangladesh’s most famous sportbikes are the Lifan KPR150 and Lifan KPR165.

The Lifan KPT 150 was Bangladesh’s first adventure bike. Initially, the Lifan KPT 150 had only disc brakes. Rasel Industries launched the Lifan KPT 150AB ABS in 2020. Since its debut, it has received much praise.

The Lifan KPT 150 Abs comes with a brand new engine. However, the power and torque figures remain the same. That is, 16.8 BHP of power at 8000rpm. And 14 Nm at 6500rpm. However, it includes NBF2 technology within the piston.

The engine’s power is delivered to the wheels with a smoother flow. The electronic fuel injection engine improves the bike’s fuel efficiency. The bike should achieve a fuel efficiency of 35-40kmpl. 

The Lifan KPT 150 Abs comes with an advanced transmission. This model still features a 6-speed gear shifter. What is new is the sensation. The new shifter is a lot more comfortable than the older version. The motorcycle shifts smoother, more softly and more linearly than it did before.

Victor-R Cafe Racer125: Many bikers dream of building a cafe racing machine or a scrambler from their garage, or even owning a quality cafe racer.

As most manufacturers don’t know much about Bangladeshi motorcycles, there have been few attempts to fulfill this dream. Victor R was however the first to launch a cafe racer in Bangladesh. Victor-R Cafe Racer 125, the latest version.

Victor R Classic 100 received lots of praise for its classic design. Victor R decided to launch another bike that was more focused on looking like a cafe racing machine. Victor-R Cafe Racer125 is now the Victor R Cafe Racer125.

Victor-R Cafe Racer125 features a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine and a 124.87cc motor. This engine is both carbureted and has an air-cooled system, which is normal for its price. The engine generates around 10.5BHP @ 8500 rpm and 8.8Nm torque at 7500rpm. It is comparable to other bikes in the same range. The average mileage is between 48 and 55kmpl.

The Victor-R Cafe Racer 125 comes with a basic wet multi-plate, multi-plate clutch system. The transmission features 5 gears. This means that the transmission will have more power for downshifting while overtaking. It is expected that it will reach speeds of approximately 105 kmph.

Before RIL officially distributed Lifan Motorcycles in Bangladesh, they were imported through unofficial individual or grey imports. Lifan motorcycles have been present in Bangladesh since the 2000s.

Rasel Industries Limited is currently the only distributor of Lifan motorcycles. They are able to provide full faze assembly as well as partial manufacturing.

Additionally, they offer full faze services, service, after sales support and spare parts via their dealer, company-owned showroom and service center, and authorized repair centers.

Contact: Rasel Industries Limited

Corporate Office
Road- 2/1, House- 7, 3rd Floor, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone: +88-02-8130318
Cell: +88-01971834488, 01971834499
Fax: +88-02-9141844
Business Hours: 9am – 6pm

Mirpur Service Center
252/1, Senpara porbata, Mirpur-10, Dhaka.
Khadda Ghoshpara, sanarpar, Siddirgonj, Narayangonj.

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. Where is the Lifan originated?

Ans- The Lifan is a Chinese motorcycle manufacturing brand.

2. Are there any other cruisers of Lifan?

Ans- No!

3. Is Lifan a good brand?

Ans- Lifan has been one of the top motorcycle manufacturers in China for quite a while.

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