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Lexus Car Price in Bangladesh

Lexus Brand History

Lexus, Toyota’s luxury vehicle division, embarked on a journey in 1989 to redefine the premium automotive experience. With the debut of the LS 400 sedan, Lexus offered a remarkable blend of performance, comfort, and quality, quickly gaining recognition for its attention to detail and exceptional customer service. Throughout the 1990s, the brand expanded its portfolio with models like the SC 400, ES 300, and GS 300, solidifying its position in the luxury car market. Lexus challenged established giants while maintaining competitive pricing and a distinct Japanese approach to luxury. Diversifying into SUVs and hybrid vehicles broadened its appeal, catering to diverse customers worldwide, propelling its success through continuous improvement and innovation.

The Dealer of Lexus Car in Bangladesh

Lexus is a top luxury car brand from Japan. In Bangladesh,. Their many gray market showroom showcases sedans like the Lexus ES and LS, as well as SUVs such as the RX and LX. Lexus is renowned for its refined cabins, powerful yet efficient engines, and cutting-edge safety tech. At TAA, customers can get their dream Lexus, be it an upscale sedan for business elites or a striking SUV for family road trips.

Most Popular Lexus Car Models in Bangladesh

Lexus Car Price in Bangladesh

Lexus RX 300

The Lexus RX, introduced in 1998 as a luxury crossover vehicle, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Initially offered with a 3.0-liter V6 engine, the lineup expanded to include more powerful options like the RX 300 and the hybrid RX 400h. Over the years, Lexus consolidated the RX branding globally and introduced efficient variants like the RX 270 and the turbocharged RX 200t/300. With each generation, the RX has embraced new technologies, catering to the evolving demands of luxury crossover buyers while maintaining its commitment to innovation, performance, and efficiency.

Lexus LX 570

The LX 570 is a premium SUV that exudes luxury and performance. Its striking 20-inch wheels and advanced four-wheel electro-hydraulic suspension system with six-setting height control provide a commanding presence and unparalleled versatility. The front air bag springs with variable rates and Adaptive Variable Suspension system deliver a smooth yet responsive ride, adapting to varying terrain effortlessly. With its innovative features and meticulous engineering, the LX 570 offers an exceptional driving experience that caters to the discerning driver seeking both style and capability.

Lexus Car Price in Bangladesh

Lexus ES 300h

The Lexus ES 300, launched in 1991, revolutionized the luxury sedan segment with its robust 3.0-liter V6 engine delivering 185 horsepower, enabling a respectable 0-60 mph acceleration of 7.9 seconds. While the U.S. market enjoyed this potent powertrain, Japanese consumers had the option of a slightly less powerful 2.5-liter V6 engine with 215 horsepower, marketed as the Toyota Windom. Offering both manual and automatic transmissions, the ES 300 catered to diverse driving preferences. Its production commenced on September 9, 1991, and it quickly became a popular choice in the American market, solidifying its position as Lexus’ best-selling model, with sales reaching nearly 40,000 units in its first full year. In 1993, the inclusion of a passenger airbag as standard equipment further enhanced its safety credentials.

Lexus NX 350 Hybrid

The Lexus NX, unveiled in 2014 at the Beijing Auto Show, is a crossover SUV that slots between the compact UX and larger RX models. With a unique styling language, tuned suspension, diverse powertrain options, and a luxurious interior, the NX set itself apart from its Toyota RAV4 platform mate. Production began in August 2014 in Japan, with sales following in November. A 2017 refresh brought exterior and interior updates, along with advanced safety features. Offering choices like a turbocharged 2.0L engine, a hybrid variant, and a naturally-aspirated model, the NX’s blend of luxury, performance, and practicality resonated strongly, becoming Lexus’ best-selling model in Europe and the top luxury vehicle in Russia.

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