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Land Rover Car Price in Bangladesh

Land Rover overview:

Land Rover symbolized years of travel on uneven and even rocky terrains. They started implementing the utilitarian principle in 1948 and they even have a type of Range Rover that conquers hilly trails. Uncompromising functionality and beautiful simplicity are the high points that linger behind the brand name Land Rover which is also the definition of adventure and exploration in the hearts of those who adventure and explore the world.

The Land Rover story:

One strand of The Land Rover tale is the off-road journey in itself. It was started in 1948 with the launch of an early utility 4WD, called the “Land Rover”. Designed for rugged land and practicality, these primary models were well-known for their solidity and “go-anywhere” capability making them popular vehicles for ranchers, adventurers and the army too.

A Turning Point: Land Rover launched the icon of class in 1970: the legendary Range Rover. With this upstart, the segment leader of SUVs obtained a perfect embodiment of versatility, ruggedness and driving comfort. With Range Rover, Land Rover went for the first time into the premium audience segment, appealing to these customers who enjoyed both the capability and luxury. 

Series Designation: When the Land Rover name began to be well-known, Series models, which had already been produced, were called the “Series” line.

Model Diversification: The brand proceeded with the creation of the Discovery (the mid-price-range car) and the Freelander (an entry model) in order to cover a larger market.

The Enduring Defender: The Defender, which was the Defender of the brand, stayed the legend of the brand , a symbol- of the brand’s unshakeable navigational capabilities in rugged terrain.

Shifting Gears: Frame and Skeleton

In Land Rovers usually one could find a rigid ladder-frame as the base structure in their vehicles. While the Range Rover spearheaded a more premium orientated direction with an all unibody design, the third-generation Discovery (2017) proved to be a milestone for the entire brand by switching to monocoque construction.

Changes Ownership:

British Leyland (1978-1986)

Rover Group (1986-1994)

BMW (1994-2000)

Ford Motor Company (2000-2008)

Tata Motors (since 2008)

Even during these takeovers, Land Rover’s abiding values of exploration, adventure and the pursuit of excellence have persisted.

A Global Force: Land Rover – Present

Currently, Land Rovers are produced by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), which not only takes care of procurement within regions such as Brazil, China, India, Slovakia, and Great Britain, but also manufactures the vehicles.

Land Rover Velar:

Recknown for its stylish design and the ability to conquer difficult roads, Land Rover Velar is a luxury midsize utility vehicle. With this 2.0L capacity turbocharging engine and 250 horsepower, it is made ideal for city commuting and highway cruising. Land Rover’s vast reputation Terrain Response System enables the drivers to select the appropriate settings for different surfaces ranging from snow and mud, to sand and gravel. The inside is pasted with quality materials such as leather and a large sunroof is also available. These systems include a driver-selectable digital instruments cluster and an infotainment system with modern technologies. This makes the driving experience outstanding. Although it is not the roomiest one in the class, Velar is definitely well-suited for a group traveling up to 5 and comes with a trunk large enough for weekend travels.

Land Rover Defender:

Land Rover Defender is the trusty off-roader made firm by its legendary toughness. It mainly runs on powerful engines, such as a 3.0L turbocharged six-cylinder with 400 horsepower, probably conquering any terrain type thrown at it. Select a bus configuration the best suits your needs by choosing from three different wheelbases: short (90), standard (110) or long (130). The permanent four-wheel drive mode provides traction for all wheels, and technologically advanced systems efficiently deal with any type of off-road situation. The inside focuses on the function, but comfort is there for ridgeways. It’s an adventure ride which those looking for luxurious features would find as a pass.

Land Rover Car Price in Bangladesh

Land Rover Discovery:

Land Rover Discovery drives the gap between an adventure and a family. With a spacious 7-seat inside and kerbside load grooming, it takes off both small and big journeys with absolute ease. An up-to-date engine, specifically, 3.0L turbocharger, yields reassuring power not only on but off the track. Land Rover’s Terrain Response System can adapt to various conditions whereas permanent all-wheel drive makes vehicle movement smoother. The interior is equipped with a range of amenities including heated seats and a sunroof for a lovely and comfortable cruise. An SUV fits the bill of families that value comfort and still can engage in thrilling experiences.


Land Rover Car Price in Bangladesh

Land Rover Range Rover Sport:

The sport range rover by Land Rover is a highly performing SUV with an outstanding luxurious off-road functionality. A powerful motor, supercharged 5.0L V8, that gives 525 horsepower, will bring a feeling of a speed of light. Not inferior is the standard all-wheel drive and Terrain Response from Land Rover that master even the strongest terrain. The interior takes driver-controlled advance to the next level by incorporating premium-grade materials and a superior infotainment system. First it is good for five people side by side, but cargo space is a bit less than some competitors. The exceptional off-road handling and driver’s desire for luxury are what are considered.

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