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Keeway Bike Price in Bangladesh: (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Keeway Brands History

Keeway, a brand that is a well-known participant in global sales, has created a unique place in the market that holds different dynamics for itself in Bangladeshi motorcycles. Keeway bikes that are produced today as the reflection of their European roots, however sacralize distinct riding styles, performance, and affordability for their riders.

From its inception in Hungary in 1999, Keeway has managed to establish itself as a major global player. The Keeway Group was under Dante Bustos’ leadership as the Global CMO. His vision was to position the brand as a manufacturer as bikes that are affordable to people regardless of their geography. This is the vision that has been driving Keeway’s growth for some time now. Thanks to this vision, anyone can become familiar with the Keeway brand everywhere on the planet.

Keeway’s head office is located in Wenling, Zhejiang Province though the company hails from in Europe. This move permits Keeway to involve China into its supply chain and benefiting from the economies of scale. This boils down to the end result of best class bikes at comparative prices; a rather strong point in the Bangladeshi economy, where people are always on the lookout for products priced more affordably.

Keeway Bikes in Bangladesh

Aftab Automobiles Ltd., a powerful brand of Navana Group, is the exclusive importer for Keeway motorbikes and so far has emerged as the leading distributor. Established in 2019, Keeway Bangladesh has provided hassle-free access and support in after sale for consumers interested in buying a Keeway motorbike in the entire country.

This cooperation is undoubtedly a key factor in our global brand building and making Keeway a brand name synonymous to the ride of Bangladeshis.

Popular Keeway Bikes in Bangladesh

Keeway offers a diverse range of motorcycles in Bangladesh, catering to various needs and preferences. Here’s a closer look at some of their most popular models:

Keeway RKS 100:

The Keeway 100 RKS is ideal for beginner riders looking for an ideal affordable and beginner-level MC. A small 99cc ogilvie-marce could fit in the smallest of the remaining parking lots. Unlike the other bigger displacement engines, the Keeway RKS 100 with smaller displacement is known to be a great fuel saving engine, and offers a comfortable experience while riding. The newly design for naked bike is aggressive and exciting, giving it a flair which made it one of the favorite bike among youth riders in Bangladesh.

Keeway RKS 100 bike price in Bangladesh

Keeway RKS 125 & RKS 150 CBS:

If you are looking to fill a small cubic and a medium powered gap, the Keeway RKS 125 and RKS 150 may be the perfect choice for you. These engines are 125cc in and 150cc their max, making them very good on fuel. And if you need more performance, they may be tuned to your liking and goals. Therefore both types of cycles are feature with CBS(Combi Brake system) which proportionately applies brakes in between wheels contributing to the safety of the rider. One of the most important advantages is that this feature will be particularly useful for beginners in riding or those who are browsing highways in rush hour.

Keeway RKR 165:

In wake of that, Keeway model seems to be next higher model in power and performance. What makes this sporty bike unique is that it has a 165cc engine and you always have a blast while operating it. Among all the roadworthy cars, Keeway RKR 165 undoubtedly boasts the most attractive appearance with a definitely streamlined design. There are thrill-seekers and there are cruisers. If you belong to the former group and are a highway admirer, this is the bike for you.

Keeway RKR 165 bike price in Bangladesh

Keeway K-Light:

The Keeway K-Light is a strong and functional scooter well suited for travelling around the city. Light and fuel-efficient scooter of the kind provides a pleasant experience in the course of traveling and gives a chance to move in a narrow environment to its user with ease. The K-Light serves its purpose really well for the riders who primarily look for convenient and practical commutes.

Reasons to Choose Keeway

While the aforementioned models showcase Keeway’s diverse offerings, several factors contribute to the brand’s growing popularity in Bangladesh:While the aforementioned models showcase Keeway’s diverse offerings, several factors contribute to the brand’s growing popularity in Bangladesh:

Value for Money: The strategic decision, Keeway motorcycles to get the competitive pricing, are based on this known Business reality. This cost-effectiveness is ever on the minds of budgets-minded riders coming from waves of deficit. It, in turn, is the very reason why motorcycling can be a better choice than owning a car.

Fuel Efficiency: The entire line of Keeway motorcycles feature fuel-efficient systems on its products. Using electric motor cars instead of petrol one in Bangladesh gives a great prospect for owners of such motorized transport due to rather high prices of fuels currently.

Modern Design: The contemporary and dare-devil look of Keeway motorbikes that is very attractive to the youth is coming from the style and design features of this bike.

Reliable Performance: Keeway motorcycles, designed to stimulate positive emotions of riders coming from the process of their riding and performing as best they can. They are quality umbrellas, both in strength and low maintenance requirements, thereby earning you the longevity you wish for.

Growing Service Network: The future editions of aftab Motors Ltd will be establishing its service points across every region of the country. We, in this way, give officials in the sanctioned distributors centers the mandate to sell Keeway original parts to the riders, who in return will enjoy services from the appropriately qualified and trained technicians.

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