Keeway Bike Price In Bangladesh 2022

Below you will find the updated Keeway bicycle price in Bangladesh (BD 2021) list with Aftab Automotives LTD all Showroom address & latest/upcoming Keeway motorbike specifications, images, and news.

Keeway Bike, a popular motorcycle brand in Bangladesh, is (Source). Keeway Motorcycles are a Chinese-owned corporation. However, bikers throughout Bangladesh have praised them for their quality, styling and engine durability.

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keeway rks 100 price in bd
৳ 99,900৳ 109,900

Keeway RKS 100 Price In Bangladesh

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Keeway, a European manufacturer of mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles, is the brand behind Keeway. Established in Europe by Q.J. China, the company.

This group is also the owner of Benelli, another Italian motorcycle company that operates around the world. The brand is multi-nationally R&D and produces multiple motorcycles. This allows it to be more accessible in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

From 2014, the Keeway motorcycle has been operating in Bangladesh. SpeedOZ Limited was once associated with Keeway Motorcycles official distribution in Bangladesh.

Keeway RKR165: The bike comes fully fitted and sporting graphics. While the graphics may remind you of other Keeway RKR bikes, they are very similar. However, the bike’s graphics are more edgy and less aggressive than other Keeway RK series bikes.

The Keeway RKR 165 has clip-on handlebars. Most clip-ons cause wrist pain and back problems for maximum riders. These clip-ons include handlebar risers.

Although the bike may not feel as comfortable as a commuter or crotch-rocket bike, it is still very comfortable. This allows you to take the bike out for a spin in Dhaka City, commute within the City, and show it off to your friends.

Keeway RKR 165 includes a dual-headlight setup (one for low beam, one for high beam). Although the headlights themselves are not LEDs but old-fashioned halogens, they still shine brightly. They were tested on a highway, and the results were acceptable. This means that the lights are just right for the highway as well as the city.

The EFI engine of the Keeway RKR165 is available. It features a single-cylinder with four strokes and four valves. The 164.7 cc motor produces 17.8 horsepower at 9500 rpm, and 14 Nm at 7000 rpm. It is more torquey than the other bikes, but it is still quite powerful.

Even though you may not be able to wheelie on the bike as often as you would like, you can still amaze other riders with your speed or linear acceleration. The triple sparkplug system allows for linear acceleration. The engine can run very smoothly due to the triple sparkplug system.

The Keeway RKR 165 has a regular wet multiplate clutch. The bike’s transmission was uncomfortable and stiff during our test ride. The clutch was also quite difficult.

Keeway K-Light 150: The Keeway K-Light150’s main selling point is its appearance. The Keeway K-Light 150 was inspired by Bobber riding. It is unique in Bangladesh. This design is eye-opening. It’s a head-turner thanks to its extended front fender and low seat, as well as the large tank. It will remind you of a Harley Davidson Fat Bob.

The Keeway K-Light 150 includes a complete cruiser package. The cruiser treatment was given to the switch gears. The bike is designed to be comfortable. The seat is very soft and has a large enough space to hold a pillion. For added comfort, the bike comes with foot-pegs that can be rolled up to accommodate a pillion.

The Keeway K-Light 150 includes a dedicated cruising engine. The engine features a 4-stroke, 2-valves, and a single cylinder. The engine can produce 11.2BHP power at 8500rpm or 10 Nm torque at 7500rpm. This engine has a carburetor fuel feed system. It is expected to get 40kmpl.

The Keeway K-Light 150 includes a wet multi-plate clutch. It also comes with a 5-speed gearbox. For better cruising comfort, you can also stretch the gear shifter to the front. Expect smooth power delivery across the gears.

Keeway RKS 150 Sports: This dashboard is the most important feature of the Keeway RKS 150 Sports. The dashboard includes everything a rider might need on a daily basis. The dashboard has a digital display and an analog speed gauge. It also includes indicator LEDs. The digital display displays time, gear position, odometer and amount of fuel.

The Keeway RKS 150 Sports has a second important feature: the bike’s light system. The bike has a well-designed front light, indicators, as well as a rearlight. The indicators are sporty, slim and minimalistic with LEDs, which is a departure from bulky ones. The rear light, which is quite small, is very lite. However, the headlight is reminiscent of the old Duke125.

The CBS version released revised decals for the Keeway RKS 150 Sports. The new bike has sporty, updated decals that are different from the previous one. The new decals give the bike a strong appearance and instill confidence.

The Keeway 150 Sports features a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine and a 148cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. The Euro-3 engine will reduce air pollution. You can kick-start the bike or self. The engine produces a maximum 13.8BHP power at 9500rpm. It also generates 12.8Nm torque at 7500rpm. The bike’s maximum power and torque kick in late, making it very fuel-efficient. It’s a carburetor engine so it uses 35-38kmpl for city driving and 40-42kmpl for highway riding.

The Keeway 150 Sports features a multi-plate, basic wet clutch. A 5-speed gearbox is included with the bike, which delivers linear power to the engine. To aid in shifting and prevent damage to shoes, the rear and front pedals of the gearshifter are included.

Keeway RKS 125: The Keeway RKS 125 was derived with the Keeway RKS 150’s DNA. It looks almost identical to its elder brother. Keeway RKS125 was created to be a sporty commuter motorcycle. The Keeway RKS 125 isn’t boring, it doesn’t shout “COMMUTER” as other boring commuter bikes. It looks sporty and interesting with its muscular design.

The Keeway RKS 125 includes basic, but very powerful headlights. Both the headlights and taillights are halogen bulbs. The taillight is stylish and very sharp. It’s also very stylish and sharp, which makes it less boring.

The Keeway RKS 125 has a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine and 125cc engine. The engine is carbureted and has an air-cooled cooling system. The engine generates 11.3BHP power at 8500rpm and 10Nm torque at 7000rpm. The torque kicks in very late, so the bike won’t be very aggressive. Instead, it will be smooth and have slow acceleration. It’s also extremely fuel-efficient with an average mileage around 50kmpl.

The Keeway RKS 125 comes standard with a basic multi-plate wet clutch. You can also get a 5-speed gearbox that increases power delivery at the top.

They were responsible for the distribution of Keeway motorcycles up to 2018. Aftab Automotive Limited, a concern of Navana Group took over the official distribution for Keeway motorcycles.

Aftab Auto is the company-owned brand that distributes Benelli motorcycles in Bangladesh.

AftabAuto (Motorcycle Unit), currently doing full faze service, sales, and spare distribution for Keeway Motorcycles, Bangladesh.

Their assembly factory is located at Fouzdarhat Heavy Industries Estate, Jafrabad in Chittagong.

Contact: Keeway Bangladesh

43-Shahid Tajuddin Ahmed Sarani, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Tejgaon
Dhaka1208, Bangladesh
Call: +880 1929988781

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. Where are Keeway bikes made in?

Ans- Keeway bikes are made in China

2. Are Keeway and Benelli Same brand?

Ans- Keeway and Benelli both are owned by the same company, thus they share many technologies.

3. Who is the distributor of Keeway in Bangladesh?

Ans- Aftab Automobiles Ltd. are the distributor of Keeway and Benelli motorcycles in Bangladesh

4. What are the latest Keeway bikes?

Ans- Keeway RKR 165 is the latest Keeway motorcycle in Bangladesh

5. How much is Keeway RKR 165?

Ans- Keeway RKR 165 costs 2,15,500 BDT

6. What are the commuter bikes of Keeway?

Ans- Keeway RKS 100, RKS 125, RK 125, these are the commuter bikes of Keeway in Bangladesh

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