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Kawasaki Bike Price in Bangladesh: 2024 (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Kawasaki Brand History

Kawasaki’s story goes back to the year of 1878 when an entrepreneur, Shozo Kawasaki, had set up the Kawasaki Tsukiji Shipyard in Tokyo. Marine-oriented Kawasaki, however, had a fateful journey where it expanded its expertise into other industries, such as rolling stock, aircraft and, of course, the motorcycle sector where we will be discussing now.

It was only in 1961 that Kawasaki came as a newcomer at the motorcycle arena, by the time it was building the highest performance cycles. They tended to be considered as brands that were breaking ground, with their products like the Z1 and Ninja series, which reached the heart of many riders from around the globe. Kawasaki’s involvement in racing reinforced the image of them as a trendsetter in technological research and a manufacturer which seeks to produce the never-ending desire to ride.

It’s through Kawasaki that we are leading the way in motorcycle engineering today. The inexhaustible pursuit of driving high-level performance in sync with aesthetic form is their prime forte. The result is the production of motorcycles that can satisfy the varied needs of riders in diverse categories.

Kawasaki Bikes in Bangladesh

Kawasaki’s involvement with Bangladesh is made possible by Asian Motorbikes Limited, a distributor that works under a contract. Through this agreement, Kawasaki will meet the genuine needs of its Bangladeshi customers for genuine bikes and first-rate after-sales support. With the dealerships all over the country, Kawasaki enthusiasts can explore the model lineup as well as find the perfect fit Kawasaki model they are looking for.

Riding a Kawasaki bike in Bangladesh renders many novel opportunities to explore the country and for pleasure. Whether you are an experienced racer whose ambition is to hit the road and conquer everything with a well built motorcycle or a new rider growing a liking for the two wheel machine, Kawasaki will ignite your passion.

Popular Kawasaki Bikes in Bangladesh

Kawasaki Ninja 125 2022: The Kawasaki Ninja 125 2022 is undeniably going to carry off the race for sport bike excitement since it has a unique taste of racing sophistication. Weighing only a few pounds, this high-octane beast exhales an aggressive design, rock-solid handling, and outstanding fuel efficiency, which is why it belongs to the urban battlefield to lead the way and own the corners. Its nimble and lively riding position; responsive controls packed with adrenaline from the Ninja 125 is an option for riders who need that thrill at every ride.

Kawasaki Ninja 125 2022 bike price in Bangladesh

Kawasaki KLX 150BF: the Kawasaki KLX 150BF that rules the streets for those thirty-some odd adventurers who are planning to bypass the asphalt jungle. This futuristic motorcycle gives the best of both worlds. It is ideal for crossing the city or getting through the difficult off-road areas with convenience. With its powerful engine, the KLX 150 BF, which is impressed with a tough design, a long travel suspension as well as knobby tires, can easily make tough terrains and provide an adventurous ride. This bike design was possibly made for no one in particular but for all of us with a craving for adventure and the need to knock off the monotony.

Kawasaki KLX 150BF price in Bangladesh

The Kawasaki Advantage:

Performance: While Kawasaki motorcycles are known for their great power, incredible performance, and advanced technology, one of its most distinctive qualities is our impressive range of motorcycles that can be tailored to fit anyone’s riding style.

Reliability: The Kawasaki brand places a high emphasis on quality, durability and reliability so your motorcycle remains a dependable travel buddy for the long-run.

A Passionate Community: The ownership of a Kawasaki opens you up to a larger circle of people assembled around the brand and creates the same bonds with them because there is a common “like”.

Exceptional After-Sales Support: A Kawasaki owner can have peace of mind that their bike is given the utmost care of Asian Motorbikes Limi6`+ted’s shared support network.

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