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Haojue Bike Price in Bangladesh: 2024 (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Haojue Brand History

Haojue’s story, 1992, has a story starting point. It aims at building motorcycles that have complete reliability as well as accessibility. Nowadays it is at the front in the field of motorcycle production in China with exports of its two-wheeler products to more than 80 countries. This all-round global presence depicts Haojue brand’s focus on quality, innovation, and over-meeting customer satisfaction.

The main office of Haojue is located in Jiangmen Province, China, where the associate and aesthetics team is endeavouring non-stop research to expand the boundaries of motorcycle technology. This devotion to research and development is what stands any Haojue motorcycles apart and ensures the ride is as smooth as it can be for the customers, making it a significant bike for the Bangladeshi riders.

A Haojue bike is now unique with its own niche being established on the rapidly growing market of Bangladesh. The model that compromises power, fashion and low prices is the answer for its customers. With the inception of Haojue in the year of 1992 at Jiangmen, China, Haojue has grown into one of the largest participants of the motorcycle industry and that is further encouraged by the Haojue Bangladesh, which comes under the Hoard of the Karnaphuli Group.

Haojue Bikes in Bangladesh

The case of Xin Haojue in Bangladesh is greatly attributed to Karnaphuli Group and its role as a strategic partner. The Karnaphuli Group, known as a notable corporation in Bangladesh is the official dealer of Haojue motorcycles in the territory. Such partnership will help ensure the ready availability OF Haojue motorcycles across Bangladesh backed By a reliable after sales network which supports genuine spare parts , routine maintenance , and expert services.

Popular Haojue Bikes in Bangladesh

Haojue KA 135: Haojue KA 135 is a ute designed for versatility. The 135cc air-cooled four-stroke engine of this scooter is exceptionally smooth- riding, an essential feature in congested city streets and long-distance-rides. The KH 135, in turn, has an excellent fuel efficiency and is one of the most budget-appealing ones for the commuters and everyday city riding. Adding to it the sleek design and seamless comfort, the product is provided with a vintage perfection.

Haojue KA 135 bike price in Bangladesh

Haojue DR 160: While those who desire the most extreme experience should definitely go for Haojue DR 160. It seems this bike is the category nude racing motorcycle without exception of the intensive and aggressive kind. A low-rise handlebar, a curved seat structure and a sporty futuristic design are what it takes to achieve its sporty nature. The DR160’s 160cc built-up engine is suitable for anyone looking for a balance between thrill and fuel efficiency.

Haojue DR 160 bike price in Bangladesh

Haojue TZ 135: The Haojue TZ 135 stands out for hitting the optimal spot between visual appeal and performance. The bike’s 135cc engine is cross-blend to make it smoother and efficient The lines of the TZ 135 explicitly display its contemporary design while the modern features are a highlight of its new-age version. Regardless of whether you are driving during rush hours or having a nice ride on the weekend, the TZ 135 will be trying to provide you with a smooth and trendy cruising environment.

Haojue TZ 135 bike price in Bangladesh

Why Choose a Haojue Motorcycle?

Reliable Performance: Haojue motorcycles are built in such a way that they can resist all the impacts mechanics of Bangladesh roads. These motors are famous for their durability and efficiency, and guarantee to give you a ride which has a smooth run and is economical.

Stylish Design: Haojue motorcycles featuring modern and sleek designs are appealing not only to bikers but also to the ones passing by. If you need something simple and popular, like the commuter bike or a more sporty one, Haojue has a machine that fits your unique style.

Affordability: Haojue motorcycles are famous for their cost competitive pricing, so reaching many riders in Bangladesh including the low-income consumers. With this comes the added benefits of economical running costs and ease of maintenance, which provides the people with very good value for money.

Safety Features: Haojue’s motorcycles are all designed with safety in mind first. They boast key security fixtures like disc brakes and halogen headlights guaranteeing a life-safer, seamless, and good ride.

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