Haojue Bike Price In Bangladesh 2022

Below, we list all the available Haojue bikes price in Bangladesh 2021, along with all Haojue motorcycles Bangladesh showroom addresses and the most recent/upcoming Haojue motorcycles in Bangladesh specifications and pictures.

Haojue is one of the most popular Chinese motorcycle manufacturers. Haojue was brought to Bangladesh through Karnaphuli Motors Ltd. Karnaphuli motors was the sole distributor for Yamaha Motorcycle in Bangladesh up until the year 2015.

They launched Haojue Motorcycles in Bangladesh all through 2014, and up to date they’ve launched a few well-built high-quality motorbikes in BD.

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Haojue is among the Chinese motorcycle manufacturers that manufactures as well as distributes Haojue brand motorcycles and scooters across the world. In addition to the Haojue brand, the company also has a relationship with the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki and manufactures Suzuki models of motorcycles. In accordance with the International Technical Quality Standard, the company has designed its flexible range of products for the global market for motorcycles. This is why Haojue products are available throughout the world, covering more than 80 countries in the world.

Haojue is one of Chinese motorcycle brands that are part of Jiangmen Dachangjiang Group Co. Ltd. which is an affiliate to Haojue Holdings (Grand River Group Co. Ltd.). The company was founded in 1992 and has been ranked as China’s No.1 manufacturing of motorcycles from 2003. The company has been leading the Chinese motorcycle industry in both sales and production over the past 17 years.

Haojue DR160: Haojue is a Chinese owned company that has been importing their motorcycles all over the world and is also a producer of Suzuki motorcycles in China. Haojue motorcycles are being imported in Bangladesh through Karnaphuli Group. Haojue DR 160 was first presented for the Bangladeshi public during the fifth Dhaka Bike Show. It took a while before it was available for commercial sale and then taking markets by storm just as quickly as it was released.

The most original aspect that is unique to this Haojue DR 160 is the headlight. The headlight features LED DRL strips on both sides, each with high beam and low beam. The low beam and high beam also have LEDs. The taillight that is nothing less than futuristic, is stunning. The taillight’s unit is illuminated. The indicators are clear, minimal, sleek, and LED.

The style that is featured on the Haojue DR 160 is another remarkable aspect. The body is full of lines and curves that make the look extremely alien, yet easily recognized. The tank is large, giving the appearance of a large bike. It is equipped with an open-back design that ensures privacy for the rider and the passenger.

The bike is equipped with an interesting instrument cluster. It includes a speedometer, the fuel gauge, an odometer as well as other essential items and, most importantly of this, it features an indicator for the position of the gear and an alarm clock. The instrument cluster has an illuminated display that is dark and blinking. It also comes with it’s “Haojue Immobilize System”, which means that the bike can not begin without the keys.

The Haojue DR 160 comes with an uni-cylinder, 4-stroke 2-valve as well as a 162cc motor. It is fuel-injected and air-cooled. The engine puts out about 14.8BHP in power with 8000rpm. It also produces a torque of 14Nm at 6500rpm. Thanks to the fuel injection system, this bike is likely to be extremely efficient. It is anticipated to achieve the equivalent of 42 kmpl when in combination.

The Haojue DR 160 has a wet multi-plate clutch system. It is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox, which isn’t suitable for a bike with a capacity of 160cc, however it can be used. It is predicted to reach a maximum speed of between 125 and 130kmph.

Haojue TR: Haojue TR 150 It is an all-round cruiser with top quality at a reasonable price. The bike is designed to provide a comfortable ride for the rider by having an adjustable seat with a split and foot-pegs. The bike is built with the TSR engine that successfully reduces the vibrations that come from the engine onto the bike’s chassis.

It is equipped with a full Halogen light set-up. The taillight, headlight, and indicator are all Halogen lamps. No matter if they are halogen or not the headlight will be enough to illuminate the way in darkness. This is because it provides an array of perspectives. The taillight is located on the tail end and looks stunning.

Haojue TR 150 Haojue TR 150 comes with saddle cases (also called saddle bags with hard shells as well as side luggage) available. The cases allow you to travel with ease and without concern about luggage or luggage. It also helps save a lot of money on expensive saddlebags from the aftermarket.

The Haojue TR 150 comes with a single-cylinder, 4-stroke 2-valve engine and 149cc capacity. The engine is carbureted , air-cooled and features TSR technology. The engine produces around 11.1BHP in power with 8000 rpm, and eleven Nm torque when it is at the speed of 6000rpm. Even though the bike is carbureted it runs very smoothly. It is anticipated to have an efficiency of 40kmpl when combined.

The Haojue TR 150 has a wet multi-plate clutch system. It comes with a five-speed gearbox, and is suitable for riding. The bike is anticipated to reach a maximum speed of 115 to 125 kmph.

Haojue KA: The first and most important characteristic for this Haojue KA is the design. The bike has an athletic style. The air scoops as well as the muscular tank make the bike look more than a bike of 150cc. The bike has plenty of curves and edges, making the look extremely attractive.

The Haojue KA has a full Halogen set-up. The headlight is an enormous lamp with a broad range of views. The indicators remain from the previous design, while the rear light is big enough to be seen from a long distance. The overall halogen set-up is enough for this model.

However, the colors might not be accessible at every dealership. The bike is sporty with decals. The colors of the decals are in line with the colors of the bike perfectly.

The Haojue KA is equipped with an extremely informative instrument cluster. The instrument cluster has all the information needed by a biker and much more. The instrument cluster includes an odometer, speedometer and fuel gauge. Additionally the bike includes an engine oil indicator as well as an indicator for the gear’s position.

The colors might not be accessible at every dealership. The bike comes with sporty decals. The colours of the decals are in line with the colors of the bike quite well.

The Haojue KA has an extremely detailed instrument cluster. The instrument cluster includes everything needed by riders and much more. The instrument cluster includes an odometer, speedometer and an oil gauge. In addition the bike has an oil indicator as well as an indicator of the position of the gear.

In 2002, Haojue Holdings started a joint partnership with Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan through its affiliate Changzhou Haojue Suzuki Motorcycle Co. Ltd. This means that Haojue also produces Suzuki brand motorcycles and scooters as part of the joint venture. At present, Haojue is the largest Chinese company with foreign investment in China. At present, the company operates globally covering more than eighty countries, regions.

Haojue Motorcycle entered the Bangladeshi motorcycle market in the second quarter of 2015. The Karnaphuli Group is the current and former official distributor of Haijue’s bikes in Bangladesh. As part of its distribution Haojue bikes are assembled, and then distributed across Bangladesh. This is why aftersales assistance and spare parts services are as well as spare parts are also available via those same channels of distribution.

Contact: Haojue Motorcycle Bangladesh
Haojue Motorcycles BD
HR Bhaban 26/1, Kakrail, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Call: 08 000 333 333

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. Where is the Haojue originated?

Ans- The Haojue is a Chinese motorcycle manufacturing brand.

2. Is Haojue a good brand?

Ans- Haojue has been the No. 1 motorcycle manufacturer in China for quite a while. It is also the manufacturer of Suzuki motorcycles in China.

3. Are there any other cruisers of Haojue?

Ans- Yes! The Haojue TZ is a 135cc cruiser of Haojue.


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