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Green Tiger Bike Price in Bangladesh: (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Green Tiger brand History:

Green Tiger beats out some market rivals with their high visibility since their establishment in 2009, which is not too much. The group has been very successful in this segment of electric bikes.

2009: The foundation for Electric Mobility diffusion is being set up.

Green Tiger EV Limited opens its working domain in Dhaka Their mission: to have a presence and at least a share of the Dhaka electric vehicle market, which is led by petrol motorcycles.

The company is involved in importing, assembling, and sales of motor powered cars and scooters. This brings the name of the green tiger for the ecofriendly means of transportation.

2012-2019: Achieving consumer recognition of the brand and brand expansion are key growth strategies. Green Tiger attaches to scale and exhibition in showrooms.

Green Tiger has successfully moved forward to serving the total electric vehicle market by the introduction of their Green Tiger Lithium battery in 2022. It may contribute to the improvement of their electric two-wheelers performance through increased production efficiency and range. Sustainability is emphasized in their company/corporate statements reflecting their effort to “produce products that are highly competitive in terms of quality, promote sustainability, and deliver better customer service. Green Tiger’s endeavor seems to be working as they are believed to be the fastest expanding electric bike company in Bangladesh that’s providing a broad range of electric two-wheel driving models.

Looking Ahead. Green Tiger’s journey till date has been that of the company since its inception the EV market of Bangladesh is the one to be reckoned with. As they concentrate on green mobility and innovate constantly on renewable transportation, they might turn out to be game-changers in the emerging electric motor market in their country.

Green Tiger Popular Model:

Green Tiger is one of the many electric bikes and scooter manufacturers from Bangladesh that concentrate on the export markets and do not produce gasoline-powered motorcycles. Claimed for their qualities like lightweightness and high-speed electric bikes.

Green Tiger GT-Vive and GT-Vive R: of Bangladesh. Green Tiger, a prominent Bangladeshi electric vehicle brand, offers two well-regarded models in their lineup: the GT-Vive and the GT-Vive R. Two of the models that were intended for the eco-friendly riders and could be ridden with maximum comfort and efficiency.

Green Tiger GT-Vive:

The Green Tiger GT-Vive comes as a 60-volt electric bike whose main target are passionate environmentalists of Bangladesh. Though the description is quite thrifty, we still gather that a good motor would be used for smooth ride and the enormous battery for extra mileage. Through GT-Vive, we are offering a range of comfort-centered features, such as wide saddle height and advanced stopping system. The Green Tiger defines this e-bike as an excellent partner for anyone who likes carbon-free miles and fun rides.

Green Tiger GT-Vive price in Bangladesh

Green Tiger GT-Vive R

Green Tiger’s GT-Vive R scooter is one of the fast electric scooters used by Bangladeshi riders with high performance. Although the precise details remain concealed, we can assume it’s built with a high-performance motor that delivers a delightful riding experience. As per the online sources, one needs to spend approximately 85 thousand taka to get this model which is the most competitive e-scooter as compared to the others available in the Bangladeshi market.

Green Tiger GT-Vive R price in Bangladesh

The GT-Vive R places particular emphasis on a balance between affordability and performance that could make it an option for different commuters needing such vehicles for everyday use in cities.

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