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GPX Bike Price in Bangladesh

GPX Bike Brand History

The GPX Motorcycles have firmly established the brand name in Bangladesh market as one which is standing for the outstanding performance and even more outstanding value for money. En route Thailand in the early 2000s, Chaiyos Ruamjaipattanakul took the step of establishing a startup company which he named GPX and whose mission was to offer machines that combine power with practicality and style.

The year 2008 saw an amazing progress in GPX brand with the release of the motorcycle first model, the motocross bike labeled “Panther Jumper. Thus, creating a kindling for the engineering progress powered by the need, agriculture gets more and more sold and attention from the customers. Today, all in GPX possess different models ranging from sport riding to urban riding.

GPX in Bangladesh

Award-winning company whose products are known for quality and trust, GPX Motorcycles, hasn’t yet opened the direct head office in Bangladesh, but through authorized distributor Speedoz Ltd, they are actively working in and around the country since 2002. They can be reached at holding #60 (ground floor) locates at New airport road, Amtoli, Mohakhali, Dhaka – The corporate office and showroom are here for committed customers to have a better experience by not only discovering the GPX range but also seeing the company’s pursue of excellence in services that they offer.

Thanks to their international partners, the GPS Motorcycle Company worldwide distributor network is built up in a number of countries. Such a commitment to accessibility contrasts with conventional concepts, and it means that whoever is that person, regardless of the place, and his or her desire to experience the delight of a GPX motorcycle can be satisfied. In Bangladesh, GPX is one of the few companies that manufacture motorcycles according to the needs of the local riders there. They cater to the diversity of road conditions and other needs of the localities and provide them with a range of motorcycles which are perfectly suited for the country’s roads and landscapes.

Most Popular GPX Bikes in Bangladesh

Among the plethora of GPX motorcycles available in Bangladesh, three models stand out for their exceptional performance and widespread popularity: Among the plethora of GPX motorcycles available in Bangladesh, three models stand out for their exceptional performance and widespread popularity:

GPX Bike Price in Bangladesh

GPX Demon GR165RR: A feast for the eyes, this warrior confronts every adversary with courage. The 165cc engine has that power which is unbeatable. It gives riders that soul-stirring trip to the heaven for those whose heart are thumping for more adrenaline. The new car`s design comprises of sleek and aggressive figures, which are sure to shock many and sharpen streets where you drive. GPX Demon GR165RR is the ideal machine for powerful riders seeking a hardy bike that encapsulates allure not just beauty.

GPX Demon GR165R: A variation of the same style as the GR165R, the GPX Demon offers slight alterations in angle without sacrificing the electrifying performance of the GPX Demon GR165R model. The bike has a power and style characteristic and on the other side these riders may like if the ride is also nice and comfortable.

GPX Bike Price in Bangladesh

GPX Raptor 165: GPX Raptor 165 is the name of the product; this machine is well designed for any adventure. Furthermore, it bears all types of terrain. the 165cc engine provides you enough power for driving though the city and exploring the light track or trails. The ergonomic ergonomic seating position and friendly features from us will make the Raptor 165 an ideal partner anytime, from daily commuting to weekend tours.

The GPX Experience in Bangladesh

The GPX motorcycle is not only about having a means to move around, but it encourages riders to grab hold of the life of freedom and adventure. With Speedoz Ltd., the flight authorized distributor, guaranteed to provide extensive after-sales support, the journey towards a pleasant ownership experience is in full view. The crew of competent tech persons in their unit is able to produce servicing and maintenance requirements exactly just to ensure your GPX motorbike runs smoothly for many years to come.

The side of Bangladesh GPX community which is a homogenous group of hard zealous riders, who can boast about having a love affair with exploration and road trips and operating beyond set limits. Being part of a local riding club GPX or a forum can help you get in touch with your biker host or with your biker friend and learn new riding routes basing on their experience.

Why Choose GPX?

Instead of sticking to the ordinary, when you pick a GPX motorcycle model for yourself, you are essentially choosing to ride a brand that’s all about performance, steadiness, and cost-effectiveness. GPX offers a compelling proposition for riders in Bangladesh:GPX offers a compelling proposition for riders in Bangladesh:

Uncompromising Performance: GPX motorcycles are designed to deliver an adrenaline fueled experience of power, precision, and excitement as you as you tackle roads one bend at a time.

Everyday Reliability: Having high quality components and jointed by good after-sale service, GPX mdotorcycles are products which will be travelling with you in daily life.

Exceptional Value: The GPX motorcycles are the epitome of affordability without compromising quality, bringing an ultimate riding experience with its top-notch features that every rider deserves while at the same time, going easy on the wallet.

A Thriving Community: Be a part of the growing and enthusiastic on the road by merging with those motorcyclists who are struck by adventure like you.

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