GPX Bike Price In Bangladesh 2022

Below, we will present the latest GPX bike prices in Bangladesh 2021 with all GPX motorcycles. Bangladesh showroom and the forthcoming GPX motorbikes in Bangladesh specifications and pictures.

The GPX is a well-known motorcycle manufacturer located in Thailand. GPX Bikes are very well-known throughout the south of Asia because they make extraordinary bikes that distinguish themselves from the rest by their design and distinctive features.

GPX currently has two motorcycle models for Bangladesh Both are 150cc. Check out the GPX motorcycle showroom in Bangladesh and GPX motorcycles specifications and images below.

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GPX is a Thai motorcycle manufacturer under the company that manufactures motorcycles GP Motor (Thailand) Co. Ltd. GPX is one of the most popular manufacturers of motorcycles across Asia that was famous for making dirt motorcycles and ATV’s.

The company is currently involved in the production of high-end small-capacity street and sportbikes. This is why GPX is recognized as one of the most successful motorcycle manufacturers in Asia.

GPX Motorcycles entered the Bangladeshi motorcycle market in January 2019. Hafsa Mart Limited bringing the GPX motorcycles into Bangladesh under the company KR Industries Limited.

GPX Demon 150R: The GPX Demon 150 R is the aesthetic clone of Ducati Panigale V4. Ducati Panigale V4. It is however not a monster of 1100cc like the Ducati Panigale V4; this is a bike with a 150cc capacity which is also known as an equivalent to a miniature Panigale. We will provide an overview of the GPX Demon 150 and we will also go over the specs of the bike.

GPX is a Thai motorcycle brand. The GPX brand motorcycles are currently in the process of being imported into Hafsa Mart under the concern of KR Industries Bangladesh. The bikes struggled initially to establish a name for their own in Bangladesh and are getting more and more attention due to their superior quality and style. They are also known as the GPX Demon 150R has also been gaining a little attention throughout the years because of its uncanny resemblance with that of the Ducati Panigale V4.

The GPX Demon 150R is a mini sportbike with the complete ergonomics for sport and specs. The bike comes with a complete race-ready setup, which includes the body fully-faired, the colors, sporty clip-ons to handlebars and an inverted suspension, commonly referred to in”USD suspension. “USD suspension” which inspires riders to race every chance they get. But the main issue is that we don’t track facilities in Bangladesh.

The sole Red and the only white model of this bike has virtually no special decals, just as those on the Panigale V4. However this version is Red and white as well as the Black and White versions of the bike come with white decals specially designed to provide the bike with a sporty appearance.

The Demon 150R GPX comes with the full LED set-up. The head part of the bike has the two LED Day Running Light (DRL) which makes the bike appear premium. The headlight on the bike is fully LED, with two distinct sections for high-beam and low-beam. The headlight of the bike is the primary reason it looks similar to it’s Panigale V4. The taillight as well as its indicators are LED, which makes the bike appear attractive and distinctive.

The Demon 150R of GPX is a uni-cylinder, 4-stroke with 149cc capacity engine. It is carbureted and is air-cooled. It is not clear the torque and power numbers of the bike however, it could be predicted to produce the power of at minimum 13BHP, and torque of 13Nm.

The Demon 150R from GPX is equipped with a basic wet multi-plate system and a gearbox with six speeds. The gearbox with six speeds will be enjoyable to ride as the bike has power even in six-speed gear. The bike is anticipated to have an average speed of 130kmph.

GPX Legend 150S: GPX is an auto manufacturer with its headquarters in Thailand. GPX is mostly known for its sports bikes and scramblers. The bikes made by GPX are available from 125cc to 300cc. But because of the limit on cubic capacity (cc limit) the company can only offer bikes that are less than 165cc in Bangladesh. There are two models of GPX which are readily accessible in Bangladesh and they are GPX Demon 150GR and the GPX Legend 150S.

The GPX Legend 150S scrummer that includes full ergonomics for scramblers and specs. The bike features an upright, wide and spacious handlebar, making the bike extremely easy to move. The bike comes with a small and comfortable seat that is extremely scrambler-like. It is also agile in its design. The bike has been registered with two different Thai industry standards.

The Legend 150S GPX comes with a Halogen as well as a LED mixed lighting. The headlight comes with a Halogen light that is adequate for city use however, it is not suitable to be used on the highway. The headlight has been designed to ensure that the bike has the classic appearance. The taillight LED is created in a circular fashion to enhance the classic appearance. The bike also features LED indicators that are rather bulky.

The GPX legend 150S features a semi-digital instrument cluster. The instrument cluster includes an odometer, speedometer and a gear position indicator as well as a fuel gauge, an RPM counter and other essential indicators. The indicator layout is minimalist and makes the instrument cluster very appealing.

The GPX Legend 150S features a uni-cylinder, 4-stroke as well as 149cc engine. It is carburetor and air-cooled, which is what you would expect for this price. The power output of the bike isn’t specified, but it is likely to be in the vicinity of 12BHP or 13Nm since it’s a 150cc motorcycle. Its power will be sufficient for the bike and also be sufficient for trips away from the town. The bike should be able to reach an average mileage of 35 kmpl.

The GPX Legend 150S comes with a standard multi-plate wet clutch system. There are six gears in the transmission, meaning that the motor’s power is evenly distributed and very vigorously. Its GPX Legend 150S top speed could be guessed to be in the vicinity of 120kmph.

GPX Demon: GR165R GPX is a Thai manufacturer of motorcycles. GPX began by manufacturing motorcycles for motocross. They gradually expanded their offerings to include sports bikes. They first introduced a sports bike as their GPX Demon 150R was called the direct replica from the Ducati Panigale Series. But, they introduced a variety of bikes after that, among them one of them being that of the GPX Demon GR 165R. GPX motorbikes were imported from Speedoz Limited. Speedoz Limited is also responsible for brands of motorcycles like Keeway and Benelli They also import helmet brands like Origine as well as Torq.

The GPX Demon GR165R is a full-on sport bike. It comes with handles that clip on. The position of the saddle on the bike is similar to the sports bike. The style of the bike appears athletic. While the front of the bike may be reminiscent of its predecessor, the Yamaha R1 2018, it is quite different from the R1 2018. The rear may also be influenced from its predecessor, the Ducati Panigale V4. However, the characteristics that the motorcycle has are individual and incredibly good.

The GPX Demon GR165R has a fully Digital instrument cluster (source). The instrument cluster contains every detail available to Bangladeshis. The instrument cluster contains all the fundamental information like speed and RPM, trip, ODO, fuel and various other important indicators. In addition the instrument cluster includes an indicator of engine temperature and a clock, gear location indicator, and more.

The GPX Demon GR 165R comes with a complete LED setup. The headlight segment comprises what appears to be the two projection LED units as well as two DRL units. The taillight section of the bikes are split segments of LED. The indicators on the bikes can also be illuminated by LEDs. The overall setup for the lights on the bicycle is of top quality.

The GPX Demon GR165R comes with the GPX fuel injection engine. It is a 4-stroke engine two-valve, liquid-cooled and 164.6cc. It pumps out 17.8BHP from power with 9000RPM. However, it produces 16Nm in torque when it is running at 6500 RPM. The torque and power of the bike allows it to achieve very high acceleration, as well as a high top speed.

The GPX Demon GR165R is a basic wet-multi-plate clutch system. It also comes with the 6-speed gearbox. The bike is expected to be very quick. The top speed of this bike is predicted to be between 120 and 125 kmph.

They are also importing GPX versions and selling them in the motorbike market that is concentrated in the major cities of Bangladesh.

So, it is not an all-faze distribution across the country. However, the importer provides aftersales, sales, and spare support via their showrooms and service centers. Therefore, the limited support is available in Dhaka city, and a handful of other cities that are major in Bangladesh.

Contact: GPX Racing Bangladesh

House: 3, Rosabella, 2nd floor, Suite: 2C, Road: 17, Block: D, Banani

Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh

Call: 01753-919191

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. What is the origin of GPX?

Ans- GPX is a Thailand based motorcycle brand.

2. What is the fuel economy of the GPX Demon 150GR? 

Ans- The GPX Demon 150GR is expected to have a fuel economy of around 30kmpl.

3. What is the GPX Demon 150GR top speed?

Ans- The GPX Demon 150GR top speed is expected to be around 130kmph.

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