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GMC Car Price in Bangladesh

GMC brand History:

General Motors Acquisition (1908 – 1911): Important for GM’s founding were William C. Durant, the man behind the wheel. He acquired Rapid Motors in 1908. Such a decision made the way for GM to be erected. Alongside this, he acquired Reliance Motor Car Company, too; an automotive maker that provided vehicles to the construction industry during that era.

Birth of GMC: In 1911, General Motors from now known as General Motors Truck Company which will eventually become GMC. The launch of the first GMC product was therefore to be marked as the pregnancy period of the GMC brand.

Early Success and Innovation (1912 – 1940s): The GMC came up at the New York Auto Show by 1912, highlighting its pickup truck models. Being a reliable and a durable brand, it gained fast recognition and was mostly used in heavy-duty equipment in businesses.

GMC trucks had a big impact on the war effort of the US military, which they supplied with a total number of around 8,500 vehicles. In the 1920s and 1930s, GMC added several more models to its line-up, from lightest 1/2-ton pick-ups to the rather heavier 10-ton trailers.

In 1912, among several projects GMC initiated the production of electric trucks, demonstrating the company’s willingness to adopt new technologies.

GMC in Bangladesh:

In addition to GMC’s own dealer network, its products remain attractive for certain customers in Bangladesh as well.

No Official Distributors: Instead of many car brands, GMC doesn’t have authorized dealers in Bangladesh. Grey Market Imports: A few GMC vehicles may be accessible through illegal imports, but one should be ready to face warranties issues and possible costs that are higher than expected.

GMC Car Price in Bangladesh

GMC Yukon:

While the GMC Yukon can handle the task of conquering the highway with style, it can also comfortably seat the family of a king. The trim available in several versions provides you with a spacious cabin for the seating of up to eight passengers and also has enough space to keep your luggage or sports equipment. Redeeming the day, features like heated and ventilated seats, a panoramic sunroof as well as a tri-zone climate control system now have the full control.

Hidden from your view, there are gains of engines that are at your disposal. The base model is equipped with a 5.3L V8 producing 355 hp; in the option with a 6.2L V8 you will have 420 hp to enjoy amazing dynamics. Both motors are mated with an effortless and flawless 10-speed automatic transmission which produces a beginner’s driving sense. Hauling a trailer with a maximum towing capacity of more than 8,000 pounds is a breeze. Consequently, opting for the Yukon is perfect when one may need to do this kind of work.

Safety at top of every Yukon user agenda, with the car featuring advanced driver assistance systems which include, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and blind-spot monitoring. The GMC Yukon’s power, comfort, and capability type make it a very inviting choice for those in search of an SUV with luxurious seats, plenty of room, and the ability to cope with any situation, whether for daily driving, weekend trips, or adventures.


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