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Ford Car Price in Bangladesh

Ford Car Price in Bangladesh

Ford Car Brands History

Founded in 1903 in Detroit, Michigan, USA by Henry Ford, the American automotive company is a well-known and trusted brand across the globe. Established in 1903 by a pioneer Henry Ford and his remarkable production techniques, Ford introduced the automobile industry to a mass market.

The international site of Ford is in contrast placed in Dearborn, Michigan – the city which has over the years become connected with the brand and the continued success. With this nerve centre, Ford helps to steer the company’s operational systems, research and development, and every automobile proudly wearing its blue oval logo is guaranteed of the highest quality and performance.

Being present in the majority of the places on Earth, Ford can be considered as a really worldwide phenomenon. The automotive company’s vehicles are a representative of a dependable vehicle that gives joy and fun of driving anywhere in the world, recognizing diverse customer’s needs and preferences.

Ford Car in Bangladesh

With the distributorship of M&U Motors Limited, known as the authorised importer of Ford cars in the country, Ford has established its solid position in the country. Through this strategic alliance, Ford can now gain access to the growing automotive market in Bangladesh, and local consumers will have the privilege of a chance to own one of Ford’s world market vehicles.

Most Popular Ford Car:

Ford Car Price in Bangladesh

Ford Mustang: 

The Ford Mustang is the epitome of an automobile icon that cannot leave anyone indifferent among car aficionados all over the globe. The modern Pony has an impressive look with different engine options, providing every car enthusiast with the speed and power of a dream car. In Bangladesh, the Mustang’s claim holds passes on frontiers, attracting driving aficionados with its head-turning looks and earthy power.

Ford Ranger: 

The Ford Ranger is undoubtedly a very versatile and reliable pickup truck that has garnered a devoted community of owners in Bangladesh. By sheer strength, exceptional payload and towing capabilities, and being master of off-road, this truck should be in the lead for the ones who need a truck that can go into the deepest terrains and haul the heaviest loads with ease.

Ford Car Price in Bangladesh

Ford Everest: 

In case you are looking for an SUV that blends capability with refined comfort, you can’t fail with the Ford Everest as an option. The rugged seven-seater SUV has a compelling appearance, lots of space, and up-to-date safety features. This car would be perfect for families or enthusiasts to explore. In Bangladesh ‘Everest’ is perfect if i want a car which explores the city commuter and off-roading adventure.

Quality Assurance and Development are the priorities

Ford success is an embodiment of tireless dedication to quality and innovations. Whether it is the use of the most advanced technologies in its vehicles, or its impeccable quality control during the manufacturing processes.

The firm’s passion for innovation is viewed in implementing sustainable mobility decisions that have electrification and other alternative fuel choices as their major focus. Coming up with various ideas, Ford is able to bring its vehicles ahead of automotive advancement, to tackle the rising needs of people now and be a part of the sustainable future.

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