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Foday Car Price in Bangladesh

Foday cars are popular not only in the streets around the world, Bangladesh also is no exception. Covering both reliability, affordability and practicality, Foday has established itself as a household name for people looking for a valuable travel means for their everyday life.

Foday Car Brands History

Foday’s story in 1988 had its origin in Foshan, China. Hence, it has become an international brand, still innovating and updating the products in consideration of the customers’ versatile requirements. Higher quality and modern technology are reflected in the use of up-to-date manufacturing techniques and Foday’s compliance with International safety requirements.

Foday Car In Bangladesh

Foday cars are specially manufactured to cope with the challenging nature of Bangladeshi terrain and environment. The high resilience to wear-and-tear and extended service confirm the longevity of the build quality, whilst engine power ensures efficient performance even in the harsh conditions of uneven terrains and jam-packed streets of the city.

In Bangladesh, Ma Enterprise, which is the exclusive importer of the Foday car brand, brings life to the regular usage of the vehicles, which are known for their dependability. Sympa Trade – Enterprise alone has many representatives in the country making Foday cars easily accessible, with sales support and after sales services, among other services to customers.

Most Popular Foday Cars Models

Foday Car Price in Bangladesh

Foday Lion F22:

Sleek and stylish, this sedan is ideal for city commuting. The F22 is designed to give a very comfortable and spacious interior which is what families and individuals like who have a preference for comfort and style. Our F22 model features a highly fuel-efficient engine for a safe and cheap drive.

Foday Car Price in Bangladesh

Foday Landfort:

This state-of-the-art SUV is just what you need to nail both the urban and off-road adventures. The Landfort is equipped with a powerful engine, plenty of space for passengers and cargo, and that’s why it is a great option for families, business people, and outdoors lovers. It is due to its great ground clearance and solid construction that this car feels confident and comfortable while driving on any terrain.

Why Choose Foday Cars?

Affordability: Foday brand cars precisely stand out for providing remarkable value for every dollar spent. These products give the same performance with modern features which are available to many customers at a lower price rate as compared to other competitors.

Fuel Efficiency: Foday evolves its cars towards greater fuel efficiency which not only reduces operating costs but also brings a healthier planet.

Safety: Features like airbags, ABS, and ESC in Foday cars, make them not only safe, but also comfortable for the driver and the passengers.

Spacious Interiors: Foday cars are known to have increased interior space which provides an enjoyable and convenient environment for the driver and the passengers.

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